Razer's pink Quartz Edition accessories make you stand out — in style

When it comes to PC gaming there's a definite "look" these days. It includes a lot of black accessories, RGB lighting, aggressive designs and usually stronger colored accents, like red. Many of Razer's products follow some of this, the majority is black with RGB thanks to the company's Chroma lighting system.

But there's now a (very) different way. The Quartz Edition range is not black but still has Chroma. Some will no doubt assume that the color scheme is targeting females, but that's a pretty closed-minded approach.

Yes, the Quartz Edition products are pink. They're also extremely well done, include some of Razer's best products, and are a unique approach to what can be a pretty stale market.

We've already reviewed these products in the past, and functionally there's nothing different about them. But they sure are different, and I like different. So when Razer offered them up, I figured a little photo shoot was in order. I think the pink and grey looks fantastic, and the Chroma lighting on the mouse and keyboard takes on a much subtler effect against this brighter, softer base color.

Razer BlackWidow TE Quartz

You can grab the BlackWidow TE Quartz for $140.

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Razer Invicta Quartz

The Invicta mousemat is also available in the Mercury white finish, and it sells for $60.

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Razer Kraken Pro v2 Quartz

The Kraken Pro v2 Quartz is available now for $80. And if you're so inclined, there's also a set of matching kitty ears for $20.

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Razer Lancehead Quartz

The Razer Lancehead Quartz is available for $78.95

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I like the look of these a lot more than I thought I would, and even though it's mostly a paint job, it's a paint job done well. The pink and grey work really well together, and there's also credit to Razer for not just slapping this on its cheaper accessories. If you want the high-end stuff and you want it a little different, here it is.

Richard Devine
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