Razer Phone tech specs

The worst-kept secret is out: Razer has made a smartphone. It's quite the piece of hardware, too. The company is promoting the phone partly through Microsoft Stores in the United States, which is a pretty big deal. You know, considering that it runs Android and all that.

But it's also the last major portable hardware segment Razer had yet to enter. Buying Nextbit meant it was inevitable, and here it is.

Everything you need to know about the Razer Phone

Feast your eyes on all that is the Razer Phone specs.

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Operating SystemAndroid 7.1.1 Nougat (Android 8.x coming spring '18)
Display5.72-inches Sharp IGZO
2560 x 1440 resolution
120Hz refresh rate with UltraMotion sync
Wide Color Gamut (WCG)
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 835
Storage64GB internal
microSD card (class 10), 2TB max
PortsUSB Type-C
Headphone adapter included
Audio24-bit THX certified DAC (headphone adapter only)
Dual front facing speakers with individual amplifiers
Dolby Atmos
Dual Rear Camera12MP AF f/1.75 Wide
12MP AF f/2.6 Zoom
Dual tone, dual LED flash
Front Camera8MP f/2.0
Battery4,000 mAh
Qualcomm Quickcharge 4.0+
Wireless ChargingNo
Wireless802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.2
BandsGSM: Quad-band GSM | UMTS: B1/2/3/4/5/8
LTE: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/19/20/25/26/28/29/30/66
TDD LTE: B38/39/40/41 | TD-SCDMA: B34/39
BiometricFingerprint scanner (side power button)
Bootloader UnlockableYes, directly through phone
Dimensions158.5 x 77.7 x 8 mm
Price$699 / €749.99 / £699.99

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  • Don't think I like it, who is Razer.
  • World's most known gaming accessory maker.
  • You are wrong. 
  • Umm no! Razer makes some of the most overpriced gaming-branded junk. Their build quality is subpar and they have terrible customer service.
  • That's like asking who Ford is. 
  • Those are some tasty specs
  • And now we've come full circle. Slap the Android Central logo on this URL too and call it done. We're now promoting Android phones on the Windows site full time.
  • You have a very loose definition of "full time" considering 99% of our coverage is not Android phones.
  • Microsoft sell it and Microsoft support it with all their services. It would be unusual for WC not to cover a phone from Razer no matter what the OS. They don't cover 99% of Android.
  • Thank you. We have some of the smartest readers around, just need you folks to comment more :P
  • I thought this is Windows Central, not Microsoft Central.
  • What a drama queen
  • Lol well i didn't know gamers did not want quick charging.
  • It has quick charging...4.0+ the first phone to have it. You mean wireless charging?
  • Yea that's what i meant
  • Unfortunately with wireless charging you can't have a metal back, and I personally I quite like metal phones, they feel sturdier (although the old polycarbonate on Lumia's was good for that too). I also haven't used wireless since my last job when I had the pad connected to my workstation, not really sure why I haven't set it up here.
  • How do you play games on it while it is wirelessly charging? The quick charge 4.0feature is much more welcomed.
  • I'd rather both to be honest.
  • Only Gorilla Glass 3? And 1.75 apature but no OIS?
  • Gorilla Glass 3 is sad, but I tell you now, gamers don't care about the camera. They will be more likely to complain about it having an unnecessary dual lens system at the back, something that doesn't contribute to the gaming experience and will most likely complain about how its presence will just bog down their phone and cause it to drop frames in games.
  • Too bad it's still Gorilla Glass 3.
  • Who did they go with for the camera?
  • They should have just ditched the dual lens system and put a cheap "adequate" lens in place and save us all the $50. Dual rear cameras are totally unnecessary here.
  • Nope
  • Seems cheap for the price/specs. Anybody had an experience with the software?
  • They should've used better screen protection, 3 is old now.
  • Is it that much less effective in protection?
  • "Seems cheap for the price" Not sure you thought that through ;-) For the specs, yes.
  • What is the purpose of this phone? I have android flagships and rarely find a compelling game title in play store. If it offered remote play of my steam, Xbox and ps4 games maybe....
  • Was wondering the same thing. Is there some mobile game out there that needs the specs? What in all hell is the purpose of this thing?
  • Go watch a preview of the device on YouTube. It's super smooth. It's smoother than the iphone. Heck, it's even smoother than a pixel phone and it's running older software. 120Hz screen.
  • And no Windows Launcher for it to sell at MS Store. Instead a Nova Launcher.
  • looks good although i was hoping on technical specs. Only thing keeping me from it is that I don't want to touch a damn thing "google"
  • You are a real Microsoft fan, 
  • If you use all Microsoft services, does Google actually make any money on an Android phone? (if you buy apps, yes, I am referring to the phone itself)
  • Glass 3 was a winner from what i recall, 4 had issues, 5 dunno yet... this was a deliberate choice and not just a cost cutting measure, as much as I dislike razer personally, this seems legit.
  • A "gaming" phone with no headphone jack.... Ok, razer.
  • Yes exactly, because a gamer would rather use the DAC than a typical 3.5mm jack.
  • I really don't understand how these prices are set. I'm European and I'm astonished by the fact that this phone GBP price is equal to its USD price. And the EUR price is higher than the USD and GBP price. I would invite any american to come to Europe and try to exchange 100 USD for 150 EUR or 100 GBP.
  • Why Satya loves screwing MS fans dropping windows phone and adds more salt to the wound selling android phones instead..
  • He will be gone soon enough. Hang tight.
  • Things are looking up for Microsoft. He's making the shareholders happy by making them money. That's all that matters.
  • Highly doubtful
  • 8GB ram for 1,6 GHZ ? I don't understand...
  • I don't know why Microsoft doesn't just sell the Google Pixel Book as well and sell a Microsoft edition with all their software
  • I wonder if it will get some waterproof case? maybe from a third party?  
  • No wireless charging? No purchase.