Razer to sell its Blade Windows 10 gaming laptops in Europe starting Dec. 10

Razer has sold its high-end gaming laptops in North America for some time but now it will finally expand to Europe in a couple of weeks. The company announced today that its 14-inch Razer Blade notebook with Windows 10 will be available for European customers starting on December 10.

Razer stated:

"The new 256 GB QHD+ Razer Blade slated for release next month features a backlit, anti-ghosting Nordic-layout keyboard. Additionally, customers in Europe will be able to purchase 256 GB and 512 GB QHD+ and 256 GB full-HD Razer Blades with English (U.S.) keyboard layouts."

Pricing for the Razer Blade in Europe has not been announced.

Source: Razer (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Really glad to see this. But very halfassed that they're not even changing the keyboard. 
  • Aye. I live in the UK. Wen in England? Though, tbo I'd rather something else. Those razor blades throttle.
  • I see what they did there! Razer - blade ahaha
  • Looks great!
  • This is my day to day laptop for work. Haven't turned my MacBook Pro in months now. Great to type on, awesome quality screen. The only thing I wish it had was a mini display port.
  • I feel like this thing is kind of overkill to be using for work, unless you work as a QA taster for some games company.
  • This is also my day to day laptap for work. I have a PC, but this thing is fast enough that I don't miss my faster PC. I took this to my month long vacation and told employer that I'll work for my unpaid week. This PC did not dissapoint. I work in Gaming industry.
  • absolutely killer laptop.
  • When. In. India? XD