Is Razer Turret for Xbox One good for left-handed people?

Is Razer Turret for Xbox One good for left-handed people?

Best answer: No, the Razer Turret is a poor choice for left-handed gamers since the mouse pad can only attach on the right side of the device. However, there are some excellent, and more affordable, alternatives available to Xbox One users.Southpaw-friendly pointer: Razer Lancehead ($58 at Amazon)Southpaw-friendly keyboard: B945 Light Strike ($150 at Amazon)Better for righties: Razer Turret ($250 at Microsoft)

Razer Turret is an interesting option .... for righties

The Razer Turret is a wireless mouse and keyboard two-in-one accessory for Xbox One that's expected to come out March 31 of this year. It features a special magnetic mouse pad, a built-in board that makes playing on your lap a breeze, and the mouse has top-notch features such as Razer's 5G optical sensor and 16,000 dots per inch (DPI) while the keyboard uses Razer mechanical switches, which offer excellent performance. Both the mouse and the keyboard make use of Razer's famous RGB lighting, which can be heavily customized to suit your preferences. At $250, the Turret is pricey, but it's looking like it will be worth the investment ... at least for some people.

However, if you aren't right-handed, the Razer Turret isn't too great since the mousepad can't be swapped to the other side, and the mouse isn't built ambidextrously. Alternative solutions for left-handed players do exist, however, and while you'll have to sacrifice wireless functionality, you can also save a big chunk of money.

Why get the B945 Light Strike keyboard?

Sadly, "left-handed keyboards" don't exist.

The closest thing is keyboards with the number pad on the left of the device, but most of these aren't designed to be used for gaming. However, there is a keyboard that breaks this trend: the B945 Light Strike. The location of the number pad can help make gaming more comfortable for left-handed people, and the keyboard itself features advanced optical sensors for the keys that are completely digital, removing the need to worry about metal-on-metal friction or other issues.

The B945 Light Strike is also quite durable, as it is made out of anodized aluminum, and it even comes with an attachable wrist-rest mat if your hands get tired while playing. As if that wasn't enough, the keyboard also comes with a water-resistant coating and has built-in liquid drainage holes. The former lessens the chances of damage from spills, while the latter means you'll still be able to finish a moment of gameplay following said spills. Finally, it comes with RGB lighting, and while it's not as advanced as what you'll find with Razer products, it's still nice. It can be configured by using the manufacturer's KeyDominator 2 software.

Why get the Razer Lancehead mouse?

The Razer Lancehead is a great choice for left-handed players because the mouse is designed ambidextrously, meaning that it works equally well for both left-handed and right-handed players. In addition, it's incredibly well-built, meaning that there's very little risk of accidental drops (or intentional bangs against your surface, if you're a hothead) causing damage to the mouse. It also has a top-tier optical sensor with a maximum of 16,000 DPI, offering a huge range of sensitivity options for players.

In terms of looks, the Lancehead is sleek and stylish, and like all Razer products, it features the trademark RGB lighting that can be customized using Razer's Synapse software.

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