Razer's new $90 BlackWidow Lite keyboard strikes balance between work and play

Colorful, clicky keys are what likely comes to mind when you think of Razer's BlackWidow mechanical keyboard lineup, but the company is looking to break that mold with its latest entry. Called the BlackWidow Lite, Razer's latest keyboard manages to merge tame but stylish looks fit for the office with the same feeling that gamers have come to expect from the rest of the BlackWidow cast.

In lieu of RGB lights, the BlackWidow Lite is decked out in a black exterior with white LED backlighting for each key. The components doing the heavy lifting, however, are Razer's Orange mechanical switches, which promise to give a tactile feel while remaining relatively silent.

The whole package is rather compact, making for a slim and silent keyboard that should blend in on your desk but still provide a solid feel for some quick gaming breaks. Rounding things out are added o-rings to further dampen any sound produced by the mechanical keys, along with a matte aluminum top and a detachable braided cable.

The Razer BlackWidow Lite is available now from Razer's online store for $90.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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