Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Cart

Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift is an endless runner game where you pilot, well, a Razor Crazy Cart through a perilous obstacle course filled with just about everything but the kitchen sink. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, this game of survival has modest graphics and challenging gameplay that tests your skills at timing and concentration.

The Windows 10 game has potential but is severely plagued by laggy animations and unresponsive controls. If the developer can fine-tune things, Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift could be a fun game to spend a little time with. As is, though, be glad it is a free game.

The main menu for Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift offers you the option to jump into gameplay, visit the game's settings, view the gaming tutorial and visit the game's store. The main menu also displays your high score, razor count (gaming currency) and a daily bonus challenge.

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Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift

Settings include options to mute the sound and pick a gaming control option. Control options include swiping the screen to steer your Razor Crazy Cart or use your device tilt sensors.

The object of Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift is to navigate your cart through an un-ending obstacle course that is filled with boxes, dumpsters, orange traffic cones and more. Along the course are razor logos that can be collected and used in the gaming store to upgrade your cart or buy power-ups that enhance your chances of survival.

The gaming screen displays your score across the top of the screen and your gear count and gaming lives displayed along the left side of the display. Each game provides you with three lives (represented by the battery on the gaming screen) and crashing into an object costs you one of those lives. As you approach obstacles, you swipe or tilt your device to steer the cart around the dangers. And here lies the biggest problem Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift faces.

Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift

No matter which control option you choose, there is a horrible response delay between swiping or tilting and seeing the cart steer accordingly. I have to admit there were a few occasions when the controls worked fine and the game was hitting on all cylinders, but that did not last for long.

I tried to anticipate the delay, but there was no rhyme or reason on the delay's duration. I tried frantically swiping at the screen in hopes that the cart would avoid the dumpster, but that often resulted in the cart flying too far across the screen and slamming into another obstacle. The bottom line is that there is no workaround for the terrible responsiveness of the controls.

There is a way to drift during gameplay by synchronizing your moves with a meter on the gaming screen. I tried to drift several times, but the unresponsive controls make this feature impossible to use.

Graphics aren't terribly shabby with Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift but could use a little more depth. There are a series of power-ups that can help you survive the racecourse a bit longer. These power-ups can be purchased in the gaming store or collected as they appear at random along the track.

Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift should have some potential. If the controls responded as they should (like they do in the above marketing video) and the graphics had a little more pop, I could see Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift being a fun game to spend a little down time with. As is, though, be glad that it's free so you're not wasting your money.

Download Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

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