Rdio is closing down next week, releases personal archives for subscribers

Rdio is shutting down next week, but before the music service is completely removed from the Internet, they're offering users the chance to login and download an archive of their history with the Rdio. After December 22, there will be no more Rdio and those who rely on the service will have to take a look at alternatives like Groove Music who will gladly sign them up to their respective plans.

Pandora spent $75 million to purchase 'key' assets and technologies from Rdio, and the company even offered staff a role at its own building. Be sure to head to the Rdio website for more details, some interesting statistics on the company, as well as access to your personal archive.

Source: Rdio (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • Not fun :-\
    Rdio was a good music service, not the best, not even exist the best, but it was respectfull.
  • If they had to close down then why did they acquire Dhingana?! I used to love it. You could even download mp3s from that site due to poor encryption :P
  • Well they got acquired by Pandora.
  • MS hit the build 586.29 once again .. Those stuck at 0% can now download the update specially 950/xl phones
  • Take the off-topic posts elsewhere, please.
  • Not sure about anyone else but Groove Music is problematic on my Lumia 635 running 10586.11. I have to reboot the phone several times just for music to play. The way I found around that was using MixRadio.
  • Make sure to have he latest update and do a clean install
  • Groove is horrid on the 635.
  • Mm mm it's a real shame. Because the Rdio service was able and open to subscriptions here on Chile, not the case with Pandora. I'll miss this service so much, it helped me to find out more groups and other styles like mind.in.a.box, pride and fall or Covenant. Rip Rdio.
  • Eh Rdio not used often I won't miss the service
  • I was a monthly subscriber and I will miss it.
  • & cause Pandora wants to lowball Canadian artists they will never be available there
  • Rdio has a really great app for Windows Phone, and I tried it since it came to Thailand. It's really decent app so far compared with Deezer and KKBox (which sucks). RIP Rdio...
  • Rdio was available in India. One more music service gone from India.