Rdio introduces Rdio Select for $3.99 a month, gives you 25 downloads per day

If you stream music from your mobile device, and want to avoid listening to ads without spending $10 a month, Rdio's new plan may be the one for your. Rdio Select is the companies latest tier to their streaming plans, which falls between their free plan and the Rdio Unlimited plan. Unlike the unlimited plan, the select plan is only for mobile devices, meaning you won't have ad-free music on your desktop with this plan.

Rdio Select includes the following features:

  • On Demand: Download 25 songs and replace them up to once per day
  • Ad-free Stations: Listen to Rdio's expansive range of feature-rich streaming radio stations including curated and personalized stations without the interruption of ads
  • Unlimited Forward Song Skips: Skip through songs in Rdio's streaming radio stations as often as you like
  • High-quality sound: Enjoy music at a pristine 320 kbps
  • Playlists: Rdio will create and continuously update multiple 10-song playlists that will be genre and mood-focused, including playlists curated by artists and influencers, so that Select listeners can easily update their 25 downloads with new tracks

With the addition of Rdio Select, customers now have four plan choices with Rdio. The free account is ad-supported with a limited number of skips, while the Select plan offers an ad-free experience on mobile with unlimited skips for just $3.99. Rdio Unlimited sets you back $9.99 but gets ad-free music on the desktop as well as mobile, and finally the Family Plan starts $14.99 for two users, up to $29.99 for five users. Rdio is currently offering a free 60 day trial of their service and you can sign up at the link below.

Try out Rdio Select free for 60 days (opens in new tab)

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Jared DiPane

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  • That's actually pretty nice
  • Yeh like hashtag whoa...
  • What does download 25 songs per day and replace them once mean? Do you keep a max of 25 songs at all times included in this subscription? What happens when you cancel this subscription?
  • Normally you have to listen to a genre and wait for a song you like to come on. If you want to listen to a specific song then you can download it, up to 25 in a day. New downloads start to replace old ones, from how they describe it.
  • Thanks, that makes sense.
  • WP app?
  • They have a WP app but the subscription doesn't seem to support the app. They only offer the $9.99 subscription for WP...
  • The app also doesn't have AAC playback.  Still using MP3 at whatever locked low-bitrate quality unlike on Android where it sounds fantastic.  Still love Rdio though.
  • I can't remember if I liked Rdio or not since its been a while. How does it compare to Spotify?  I didn't care for Spotify when it first made it to America but now I have a paid subscription its improved so much.
  • Fun fact: Person who founded Rdio is also a founder of Skype.
  • How about $1 per month? More music steaming services are good news. Take no tw spotify, tidal, mixradio.
  • Even if it was 1 dollar per month, you'd be back screaming for 6 month free trial.
  • My Zune pass is the same thing. 149.99 a year unlimited song streaming on 5 devices and 10 songs per month to download drm free. And Microsoft killed that. Like the idiots they are. And now look some one else is doing something similar. I hope it takes off.