The popular third-party Reddit app Readit has been updated once again for Windows 10 for PC and Mobile. It includes some new image features, the addition of moderator mail to the hamburger menu and more.


Here's what's new and improved in version

General improvements

  • Swiping on the last/first album image will no longer cause the swipe view to engage
  • When zoomed in on an image in a post or in the album viewer, panning the image will no longer cause swipe view or the album's swipe view to engage
  • Moderator mail has been added to the hamburger menu and to the inbox dropdown. Only visible/available to mods of reddit obviously. Supports toasts (you will not get duplicates). If you have both new notifications and mod mail, you will receive a toast that says you have "new notifications and moderator mail". If a single mod mail message is received, the username in the title of the toast notification will have [mod] in front of it
  • will now display natively as an image instead of in a browser
  • Clicking the share button from comments view will now share the permalink to the comments instead of the post content url

Bug fixes

  • App slowdowns should be actually fixed this time. Unfortunately there is still a deadlock crash but rarely occurs and I can't catch it when the app is in debug mode. Only occurs when running a "release" build. This actually may be an OS bug as the entire phone will probably restart and crash. Overall performance should be better in this build
  • Fixed some markdown link bugs where text would cutoff
  • Fixed shortlinks not navigating properly for subreddits/users
  • Fixed a bug with certain imgur links where they would not display in the post viewer
  • Fixed back buttons returns to post content setting causing a black screen when using the back button in the comments section

Readit is one of many third-party Reddit Windows apps available for fans of the website. Reddit itself has confirmed it has no plans to launch an official app for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile.

Download Readit from the Windows Store

QR: Readit

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