Readit now syncs your redditing between your Windows 10 Anniversary Update devices

The popular third-party Reddit app Readit for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile has been updated yet again. People who have the Anniversary Update on their phone or PC will be able to open the same post on another device in the same app.

The developer's post on Reddit describes the feature in the new version:

  • Can launch Readit and open the post on another device with your MS account linked to it and logged in
  • Supports Xbox (when they let me release Readit soon), Windows 10 desktop/tablet, Windows 10 Mobile Phones
  • Again, requires the Anniversary Update on the casting and receiving devices
  • The option that allows it on desktop is Settings > Privacy > General > Let apps on other devices open apps and continue experiences on this device
  • The option that allows it on mobile is Settings > Privacy > Continue App Experiences > Let apps on my other devices open apps and continue experiences on this device

Keep in mind that Windows 10 Mobile users don't have the Anniversary Update yet; Microsoft says it will be rolled out "in the coming weeks".

Readit has also added a new tap to reveal its NSFW design, which again is only available to Windows 10 Anniversary Update users. In addition, there's a new "Storage" setting page which shows local and roaming storage, along with adding live tile support for unsubscribed subreddits. There are also several bug fixes, including one that was causing Cloud Sync to fail for some users, along with another that was causing comments with multiple markdown links to be cut off.

Download Readit from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Readit

  • More "hopeful" things to look forward in the update... Can we just have it already???
  • Just get on Insider Preview the latest version is the anniversary update
  • How does this work exactly?
    I tried doesn't open same post when i open readit on my phone and vice versa.
    I'm on 14393 on both devices.
  • When you load an article, the ellipses button below the article has an option to open it on other device. When you click, it shows the devices available and the app launches with that article in the device you selected.
  • Yep found that. I though it automatic that where i leave app on one device continues from there on other. But is a bit different, still loving it and future prospects of this.
  • We have to hope that it is the beginning of full-pledged continuity function. At this state, it just a Gimmick. I don't understand in what scenarios I may find it useful.
  • Its actually quite useful if you think about it, xbox cannot have a good UI for browsing apps like reddit but it can be used to show what is currently running on phone. Or just think about possibility of using it as remote to play/control media on Xbox.
  • Thanks I was wondering how that worked
  • While you are at that, MS Poweruser app has implemented Chaseable Live Tiles in its latest update. They work well with their UI.
  • Sounds interesting
  • With device syncing this is now THE best Reddit client on any platform, period.