Ready, Steady, Bang! a wild west shoot out for Windows Phone and our myAppFree Deal of the week

Ready, Steady, Bang! isn't exactly a complicated Windows Phone game, but it still challenges your reflexes in a fun wild west shoot-out. In the game, you face off against a series of desperados to see who has the quickest draw and the steadiest aim.

Graphics are minimal with a pixelated style that suits the game well. Animations can take on a humorous side of getting shot (if there is such a thing) and there is a slightly addictive pull about the game. There isn't much to Ready, Steady, Bang! but what is in place is nicely drawn up and a fun time waster of a Windows Phone game.

The Windows Phone game is normally priced at $0.99 and through the myAppFree campaign you can pick up Ready, Steady, Bang! free over the next twenty-four hours.

The main menu offers you the options to play a single- or two-player game, view the kill gallery, view additional games from the developer, access a brief help screen and visit the game's social media pages. The kill gallery is a collection of your computerized opponents where you can view their death animations (some with a humorous twist).

The game has you facing down your opponent in a quick-draw gun match. Computer matches are the best of five, and you have the option with the two-player games to choose between the single games or best of three or five games.

Ready Steady Bang

Your gunfighter will sit at the bottom of the screen, just above the match scoreboard. The two-player mode has your opponent controlling the top half of the screen with your player at the bottom.

The mechanics of the game have "Ready", "Steady" and "Bang" appearing on the screen and when you see the "Bang" you have to tap the screen to fire your gun. Tap too soon and you miss, tap too late and you've already been shot by your opponent.

Games are decided by fractions of seconds and as you defeat the computer opponents, you have the option to move up the ladder to challenge gunmen with a slightly faster draw. Along with more capable opponents, the game will also mix up the cadence of its commands. One instance may have a few seconds between commands while the next may have the commands spoken without delay.

Becoming the fastest gun in the West

Ready, Steady, Bang! is a Windows Phone Game that is fun to play in short bits when you only have a few minutes to pass or simply need a break from more feature-rich games. Graphics are pixelated but nicely presented with animations that can take on a humorous twist. When you miss, a pixel-sized bullet hole will appear on the screen and your opponent will gleefully get the upper hand.

The only nit I have with the game is that the smaller screen of a Windows Phone is a little cramped for the two-player version. If you are tempted to challenge your friend or significant other to a match, I found it was best played with the Windows Phone laying flat on a table. It just felt cramped holding the Windows Phone between the two players.

Overall, we found Ready, Steady, Bang! to be an entertaining Windows Phone game that can be rather consuming due to the addictive draw the game has. I kept finding myself saying playing one more game just to prove to myself that my reflexes weren't that bad. All of which ended up being six or seven more games. Don't be surprised if you end up in the same boat.

Please keep in mind that it may take a while before the myAppFree deal is reflected in all markets. At time of posting the deal is live in the U.S. Market.

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