ReCore's free trial for Xbox One and Windows 10 lets you play its first 30 minutes

Microsoft has launched a free trial for ReCore, its recent sci-fi action-adventure game for the Xbox One console and Windows 10 PCs. The free trial will let gamers play the first 30 minutes of ReCore for free.

Xbox Wire (opens in new tab) states:

Players will meet Joule, her Corebot companion Mack, and begin their adventure in the beautiful and mysterious world of Far Eden. If you decide to buy the full game afterwards, you can pick up right where you left off, as your progress (and Achievements) in the trial will be reflected in the full game.

The full version of ReCore costs $39.99 (opens in new tab), and people who purchase the digital Xbox One version will get the Windows 10 version for free, and vice-versa, under the Xbox Play Anywhere program. Microsoft also plans to release a new patch for the game today that will offer decreased loading times, audio and visual improvements and more.

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See free trial and full game at Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Excellent, really wanted to try this before buying. Feels like the gameplay needs to be experienced rather than watched to get a true idea of it.
  • Great!!! I'll get it asap :)
  • Awesome. One of the bigger disappointments I have found about the XB1 store is a lack of demos, especially in the arcade like games.
  • Been holding back because of the load times, but I'll check it out today!
  • They're greatly improved in yesterday's patch. Still a bit longer than I'd like but not terrible
  • Wish I would have waited for this before I bought it. Most of game is fun and I like the concept/story behind it, but I'm horrible at jumping in games. In some games this is just a disadvantage, but in Recore it leads to frustration and an inability to move forward in the game because I can't make 10 or so linked jumps to reach a necessary area or item. In some other games I could save after each jump, but that isn't possible in Recore. Miss a jump and you have to start the sequence over. This won't be an issue for more skillful gamers or people without my odd jump issues, i.e. most people, but I'm probably done with this game.
  • Practice helps a lot! I was pretty awful to begin with, but got the hang of it after a couple hours.
  • Ah thank you for mentioning the jumping.  I suck at it as well - so would have mightyly pissed me off to buy the game only to put it aside.
  • You can both join the club with my wife. =P
  • >Miss a jump and you have to start the sequence over. Yea, and wait 3-4 min for it to load back up...  Heard the same complaint from all 7 reviews i checked out on this game.
  • Just played it and got like half a dozen achievements in that 30 minute spell. Weirdly my PC wouldn't let me go above 720p, that a thing for anyone else?
  • Wow, your getting achievements on a demo? Awesome. That certainly is a way to sell a game, make everyone OCD kick in with an uncompleted game.
  • Oooo! Thanks for the tip. Imma have to try it out today.
  • Glad I bought it last week. I bought the digital version... I have not played it on my PC yet... I wonder if it syncs progress. The game has been fun for exploring. The platforming has not been bad at all... Double jump plus jet pack. There are secrets/power ups everywhere so exploring outside of the mission is rewarding. $40 should be standard for all games... Yeah, especially cod and games. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • >$40 should be standard for all games... Yeah, especially cod and games. Nice to dream but, that will NEVER happen... Although I would love it too... I would buy more games..
  • So, is it a limited time demo or can i just play the first few levels for as much as I want?
  • Maybe I will try this one... Reviews were questionable on this game... VERY long loading time, not a great game over all, repeated too much (battle x guys, move, and battler more, rinse and repeat). There was a lot of hope from me on this one but, after reading/viewing 7 reviews on this game (getting information from different reviewers) and pretty much all said the same... it was OK, not great...
  • Awesome enjoyed it, completed the first mission.