ReCore Xbox One X update arrives with 1440p resolution support

Unlike a number of other recent Xbox One X enhanced updates for other games, ReCore's won't bump the game up to push its pixels to a full 4K resolution. Rather, the ReCore team says, the Xbox One X patch will allow owners to play in 1440p. That's in addition to the game's HDR support, which adds greater contrast on compatible televisions.

The bump to 1440p means that ReCore won't appear as crisp on 4K displays as some of its contemporaries, but there should be a noticeable bump in clarity. For anyone playing on a 1080p display, supersampling should make for a sharper image as well.

ReCore initially released as an Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive title in 2016. Taking players to the world of Far Eden, the game follows protagonist Joule and her mechanical companions on a mission to explore the downfall of a human colony. While ReCore offered some solid game mechanics and platforming action, it initially caught heat for excessively long load times and other bugs. The problems were eventually smoothed out with the ReCore: Definitive Edition update, which arrived earlier in 2017 alongside new content for the game.

If you already own ReCore, you should be able to pick up the Xbox One X Enhanced patch now. Otherwise, you can snag ReCore: Definitive Edition for $19.99 now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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