REDFLY Mobile Viewer Beta gets update

The folks at Celio, makers of the REDLY Mobile Companion, just dropped a note in our forums saying that they've updated the beta drivers for the Mobile Viewer. For those keeping score at home, Mobile Viewer basically lets you hook your Windows phone up to your desktop PC and control it from there, monitor, keyboard and all.

Build 192 brings the following:

  • A new feature called Event Notification is now available. If you have your phone connected to your laptop and RMV running and connected to your phone, any phone call or SMS text message you receive will pop-up a small dialog in your system tray with that notice.
  • A new feature called Network Sharing is now available. This feature is not yet working for all smartphones we support, but when it is enable on many phones, you may choose via a setting in the Options dialog whether to use your PC network connection in the Mobile Viewer or instead isolate that connection and communicate outward through your phone's data plan.
  • Several small issues with scaling the viewer console window have been corrected.

Learn more about the REDFLY Mobile Viewer here, and get the new drivers here.

Phil Nickinson

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