Regarding Instagraph clearing the Windows Phone Store...

Enough said.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Good news!
  • Bad news! People will still complain its not an official app. Just let the ratings speak for themselves to see if people like it or hate it. Being the first to do something you're taking a risk. I'm just glad you can upload, who cares about browsing, use the app of your choice for that. Who knows what will be in the future updates of this app, it might be all in one. Upload/view.
  • You can't share to social networks. Upload is good if you want to keep it in Instagram but if you want to post to Facebook than this app doesn't cut it. It will take you two apps on Windows Phone and still only get 66% functionality versus 100% functionality with only 1 legitimate Instagram app. This app leaves a lot to be desired. We need Instagram to open up their APIs and that is the only way Windows Phone users will have a real Instagram experience. This app is wack.
  • If you have ur accounts connected, it will automatically post on ur other networks if u have it set that way. Instagram that is, not the app itself.
  • Will you be able to share photos to Facebook?
  • If I understand correctly, from the app, no. But if you go online and connect ur FB account with ut Instagram account. Whenever u post a pic it shud show on FB. So when u pist on Instagraph (the app) it shud post to FB on Instagtams end.
  • This post reads like you are totally pist. Second or third pint?
  • Ummmm....what? I don't understand where u get that and I'm not sure why ur asking about pints.
  • I beleive he is infering that you have had a couple of beers as your spelling in your post is atrocious.
  • One misspelled word, and my spelling is atrocious? That's pretty harsh. Damn. No room for error with you, huh?
  • Only one misspelled word? "If I understand correctly, from the app, no. But if you go online and connect ur FB account with ut Instagram account. Whenever u post a pic it shud show on FB. So when u pist on Instagraph (the app) it shud post to FB on Instagtams end.?"
  • Really, jerky? U never heard of text-short hand? Its what u use when ur typing on ur phone or an IM client to send messages faster. I thought u guys were referring to when I wrote "pist" instead of post. I didn't think u guys were being that anal. Or maybe ur just pretentious enuff to look down on people who use short hand. Either way u've both derailed the fact that I was just trying to help the guy understand that his pics will post to FB. And I fell right into it. And for that I apologize to him. Now that I know u guys are just wipes, I will comment on this, no more. Besides...when rebel_yell (awesome song, btw) tried to heckle me in the first place he mispelled "pissed" as "pist" and u didn't tear him down....just saying.
  • Oh, I've heard of it, doesn't make you look like any less of a dumbass though. Seriously, how much extra effort is it to write 'you' instead of 'u'. Proper short-hand is the use of acronyms, like  AFAIK, or BTW, or LOL, not cutting out vowels to appear stupid and/or lazy.
  • Dude, get over it already...i get who u r. We all get it now. And fyi, its more of a pronunciation thing than an acronym thing. Like "wassup" or "gonna". I can see why u chose yr screen name. U have "Vanity" down pat. Just love to hear (or in this case, see) urself speak (type). Ok. Now I'm officially done with u. Reply if u like...ull just do what we've both been doing....wasting precious minutes we'll never get back.
  • Seriously what a waste of comment space. Where don't you see typos in the comments section? Please take the pettiness somewhere else.
  • I don't see it as a waste of comment space. Not everyone who reads the articles/comments has English as a first language. For those that don't, comment's like his look like gibberish and his original point is lost.
  • FYI, Vanity isn't one of the seven deadly sins, Pride is though, and vainglory does fall under Pride. Yes, I do take pride in being able to spell correctly and formulate a paragraph that doesn't look like I dropped out of high school. Funny thing though, you have wasted more time defending your 'text speech' then the time you saved by using it. 
  • That was quick
  • 24h
  • My apps took way longer, and some were just updates!
  • It was probably submitted before then.
  • Ya, probs.
  • Cool :)
  • Party time.
  • Boom
  • Excited to try it out, but still hoping Nokia or Microsoft has something more official up their sleeve.
  • Exactly , they will need the official app to bring more people on board. This is a start though, a very good one.
  • Nuahahahahahah!
  • So excited ;) good news 
  • Yay! But sadly it doesn't come with the whole package ...viewing commenting liking ...but this is a great start!
  • Harlem Shake time
  • +1
  • Con los terroristas!
  • Lol!
  • +1 LOLZ
  • What about 7.x users
  • A version for 7.x users is on the roadmap, not forgotten.
  • Great news about 7.x! Thank you sir, and let's hope it happens quickly!
  • I second that. All this hub bub about it makes me want to try it.
  • LOL me too! Even when I was fully an Android user, had it in my phone but never used it. But now, because of all the "hub bub", I'm excited to try it!
  • what the hell, why does it take forever for an older version?
  • Resources are spent on the wp8 version, like any intelligent leader would do. If you were a programmer would you target windows XP and forward port or windows 7/8 and backport?
  • Not a good analogy at all. Targeting 7.8 in the newest version of the SDK is essentially making both a 7.x/8 app at the same time. No need to "focus" on 8 only unless you need the newer APIs.
  • I prefer the official app
  • Too bad.
  • LOL
  • Instagram man must be angry. lol
  • haters gonna hate
  • Baby steps... =P
  • Linkkkk
  • Up to the developer to publish, could be sometime tomorrow though. No worries, we'll have it as soon as it's live ;)
  • Thanks Dan! Now to finally open an account or do I hold out for it to officially come to windows so that they don't get my business until then?
  • Download Android Bluestacks to your computer, install Instagram there, and create the account, done.
  • 7.x version and fast, please!
  • +1
  • I want Mint (just emulating all the Instagram desperate who hijack every thread)
  • LOL.
  • +1000
  • Really hoping for Instagram People Hub integration with Blue.
  • Could that be a reason they are taking so long to bring something official? Or no?
  • Sure would be nice if that was the case. Here's hoping?
  • cant wait to try it out! hopefully its llive soon!
  • I like this, but official would be great. Especially if designed by Nokia. But I may try this. For now, until maybe Microsoft launches their rumored version.
  • I bet this is getting approved for a single reason, to get a cease and desist from Instagram within a week or so and make the top news item on all the tech sites. Tie this in with #2instawithlove and the platform is proving to the world that it is passionate and would support an official app.
  • Or they go the BBC way. Shut everything down and do nothing. :D
  • ..would be another BIG Instagram FU to Windows Phone users. Instagram are the biggest tech asshats in the business for this. Somehow this has got to do with the proliferation of Windows Phones.  I know my neice would have jumped at a Windows Phone, had Insta been available - instead she had to get an iPhone 5.
  • Can't wait!!! Ahh gosh *dies*
  • It says Instagraph!
  • Yes, yes it does.
  • lol ^_^
  • And the BUTT KRAKENS! (sorry, sorry. Couldn't contain myself. Fucking off now)
  • Mr. Rubino you've always had a way with words
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  • Bam said the lady...
  • Probably the best video ever!!!! "The man shoots....and Boom Goes the Dynamite"
  • I'm still questioning it getting taken down. Because so far, Nokia hasn't been able to get an Instagram app or Microsoft mostly due to permission issues with Instagram.
  • That logic is so flawed.....
  • In other words, Instagram API doesn't allow uploading.
  • WooHoo!
  • When it will be available in the store? Can't wait!!!
  • How much is it going to be?
  • It's probably cost enough to cover the cost of the servers.
  • I made an instagram for this. Im ready just need the link when ready
  • Not said, typed! >.<
    In all seriousness though, this is awesome! Now my friends can move on to bitching about some other app!
  • not 100% app - not official so whiners are still gunna whine. I wish this was progress but its not really is it. I wouldnt use Instragram anyway but I want it so i dont have to keep hearing babies bitch and moan. Sadly I suspect they will still be here in their 1000s complaining about a lack of apps.
    For me I just want voicemail in Skype and I have 100% perfect phone - ho hum
  • Speaking of whining.....
  • Don't mean to sound like I'm whining, I love WP but not instagram.
  • Awesome news! =D Dont care about the other features, just wanna be able to upload.
  • I still don't see the point of instagram - the play by play on the progression of instagraph (or any client) is overkill (for me). On the other hand, I'm glad this will silent at least a few of those people that think an instagram client is so essential to WP. Personally, I'd prefer an app with an actual purpose.
  • What you don't like pictures of peoples food, teenage girls, or places you don't care about?
  • What I want to know is what does instagram have that fb does not, other than the much derided filters? Why do I need it? Serious question, I've never used it.
  • I've never used it either, but I can tell you the answer. It is an incredibly popular social network that WP will need if it hopes to get more people in. Some people will not switch without it, they want to stay connected to their friends. It may not be important to us, but it is important to them, and if it keeps them from switching, then that is less people for WP. Yes it is just filters and pictures of food and such, but it can be much more than that as well. It is like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Flickr all together.
  • My little brother switched without it. That is just an excuse, the truth is we need more than instagram. Go use a nexus device, connect chrome, look for an address on PC, leave to said address with phone in hand, and when you're almost there look at google now, what is that? The address is on your phone? Wow. Also runkeeper, Nike running, mint, wells Fargo, Temple run 2, dozens of apps that we still need. Don't hang on this one, the verge will still find a way to talk crap about windows phone. I love my WP, but I'm looking to buy a nexus 4 or iPhone 5 to not let myself fall in the protective bubble that I was in with WP7. I would sell this to all my friends, I just smoked your iPhone, my phone is better. It never was.
  • I did not say it was keeping me from switching. Or everyone from switching. I said it would keep some from switching. And that some is a big number. I have apps I would like more than it too, like tumblr. We NEED Temple Run 2? Really? That game is important too, but it is just a game. I agree though that the Verge will find a way to crap on WP though. Also, I hope really like your Nexus or iPhone.
  • Again, I'm asking what are the features that it offers?  I'm not asking why the platform wants/needs it (I fully agree and understand that well), I just want to know why do people use it?  The only descriptions I ever see here are that it is a social network and offers filters and effects for photos you take.  I'm asking what are the features that have made it a must-have for people?
    I'm not even deriding it.  I just have no reason to use it at this point... why would I want to?  Can someone tell me what it offers?
  • Why do people use any social network? Because their friends are on it, or for advertising reasons, etc. Instagram offers a way to communicate through pictures. That is precisely what it offers. The must-have feature? 100 million people are on it, most people have several friends that are. If you go to a phone ecosystem that does not have Instagram, and you want Instagram then you can't use it to communicate with friends.
  • I would think logically that since it came about after Facebook, there must be some reason that people started using it and it became popular.  I was just asking what those reasons might have been... what does it offer that FB doesn't?  I don't know anyone on it, and certainly not anyone on it that is not on Facebook.  So if that's the only positive it has then I guess it offers me nothing personally. 
  • The appeal of Instagram over Facebook is that it is just photos. I use Instagram because it is a dedicated social network for sharing and viewing photos taken by people I know or just by others that I've found to create interesting content. 
    With Facebook, you also have to deal with the cruft and crap that I would not want to see. If I want to see someone's photos, I just see their photos. I don't have to see the crap about what the guy behind them in line behind them getting coffee said, that they didn't want to spend the weekend with family over the holiday, etc. Their Instagram posts tend to be more artistically and creatively created content. It will often be something interesting, and not just a photo of them at a party they were tagged in.
    Sure, there is a lot of crap on Instagram, but you'll find that with any social media network. Most people I know that use it also upload and share their photography through Instagram--they'll bypass using Instagram's own camera or filters.
    Is there a reason for everyone to use Instagram over Facebook? Of course not. If you get your art or have friends that share their photography trough other channels, and you likewise, then it would be largely pointless.
  • Lmfao Dan is the best
  • Alright that means there is a link somewhere, get that link Daniel and post it now! :D
  • When you say a WP 7.X version is on the roadmap. Is the roadmap a couple days behind the WP8 release or like a week.. Or a month ?
  • Excellent work. Still waiting for the official app.
  • I hope there will either be NO ADS or a way to get this app without ads. Ad blocks jacks up the asthetics in any WP app.
  • Wank.  I mean, "This is great for the platform!"
  • No 7.x version? WTF, like we've been waiting on the Sinatra lifestyle and I'm just being Frank with ya.
  • 7.x version is coming later.
  • all i need for my windows phone is just orientation lock.thats'll be perfect phone for me. 
  • Preach!
  • the one feature I miss the most. And Mint.
  • The waited 3 days for approval, that it is normal. 
    Nice app, WP7X owners, don't worry, they will release APP FOR US TOO. They said soon ( better than Photoplay that said to me that will need 3 months). So don't worry. 
  • Doesn't look like Instagram is a fad anymore, definitely a real social-network and media hub, like YouTube. I have a gut feeling that we may end up relying on 3rd parties to offer solid native experiences for the long term, akin to MetroTube.
  • Some of them are better then the official apps that they put out.
  • Always nice for an official app.
  • from wmpoweruser:
    Unfortunately it is not as we hoped an officially sanctioned app, but apparently uses a Windows Azure-based server which presumably spoofs an iPhone or Android handset to upload the pictures.
    This apparently makes the hack difficult to block, and Venetasoft, the developers of the software, apparently plans to launch the app as a commercial offering.
    We cant help but think however that the likely outcome will be a cat and mouse game which will eventually end in those who purchase the app losing out.
    man, that's a risk to make.
  • I'm willing to lose a dollar for it. Maybe even $2. Why not, I lost $10 when I bought a geocaching app that a year later turn free.
  • Advice: don't read or take advice from WMPU.
  • I can't agree more with you Daniel Rubino.
  • Too true.
  • Who is wmpu ? They should suffer from inferiority complex...
  • Honestly, this isn't a good thing for windows phone. Basically it comes across like Windows Phone is a gimic. Instagram is needed for its following to come over, but in truth, the platform won't seem relevant if we have to hack pictures on the network. An open API is one thing, but if im Microsoft, I'd shut this down before the bad PR gets going. "Windows Phone couldn't hack it with Instagram, so they let their developers do it for them". Come on, its just a matter of time before Instagram comes with the takedown request anyway. Lets just focus on spreading the word about the platform. Sales will do what no hack can; get developers to release apps for windows phone or become irrelevant.
  • It definitely isn't a good thing. The only thing worse then not having it is having it & then it disappears at a future date.
  • I think you're over thinking.
  • #2instawithlove
  • So let the cat and mouse game begin..
  • TMany presuming that is a hack. So if you consider that as a Hack, you should consider all the OS emulators to devs as hack too. An official hack. Let's stop about complain about what Instagraph is. They did a nice job, they don't even get support from MS, Nokia or Instagram. Instagram never answered their questions, like most of the third parties that tried to reach the social network. They like to live in their own world. But now, Vendetasoft after researching found a way to our wishes.  Then, I guess we should stop all this complain, all this haters threads, posts and etc. Let's support the app, and peharps they will improve it every day more. For example, MS and Nokia support Camera 360, I got an e-mail from them saying so. Vendetasoft dit it alone, a nice and great effort. Then, if we really wanna attract more startups to our OS, let's stop this stupid comments, and say Thanks. Peharps you could start right now to ask for Vine..
  • Good News, great dev!!
  • Hell of this hack comments. There is no hack, is there any hack using a virtual machine in BB10? Hell , is there? So is there any hack using a virtual machine in a server to upload photos in a social network?
    Stop this stupid comments about hack.....
  • No one says that Instagram for BB10 is a hack. What hell the keep saying this thing to this application? Is it hard to catch? The difference for what BB10 do and Instagraph do, is that instead of having virtual android machines to upload our photos in our phone, they did it in a server.
    NO ONE CATCHES IT? STOP this hack comments.
    Damn it.
  • ^ TY...for sharing what i was thinking outloud,too many stupid ppl on forums is why never bother to comment...
  • I comment because I AM stupid. Kind of a Yin and Yang thing.
  • Great news! Looking forward to try it!
  • This is a great news
  • I wish Joe Belfiore could tease apps like Daniel Rubino...
    Last time I got BELFIORED with an old buggy Temple run 1.
  • So you like being rubino'd more than being belfiore'd? lol
  • surely less expensive than to be Elop'd ;)
  • BRAVO MrHeckles85! Brilliant! (think Scottish accent Brilliant).
  • I know a girl named Candy down on the corner who gives rubino's for $15 and belfiore's for $25
  • I never were into Instagram but people should give it a chance anyway. If it succeeds, it wouldn't be the first time a third party app is better than the official one.
  • Second actually, don't forget about MetroTube.
  • 3rd. GMaps.
  • doesn't count, gMaps is evil! :) (competes with HERE) *troll grin*
  • I would like to try this out but with no ability for first time users to create accounts, I would still have to wait anyway.
  • Use BlueStacks
  • This is actually sort of a bad thing. If instagram opened the API up to uploads I'm assuming that must mean that they have no intention of building an app and just wanted to let third parties do the work. Since IOS and android are basically the only other os's and they both have apps I assume they did this primarily for windows phone which again means they must not be building an app of their own. But on the bright side at least we'll have some sort of app, even if its not first party.
  • Instagram did NOT open its API to uploading.
  • Which is better: Youtube or Metrotube?
    Flickr or Pixl?
    Foursquare or 4th and Mayor?
    I guess you know the answer. Aviary always has nice filters. Twitter choosed Aviary to made their filters. Then stop complain about Instagram, if one day the Devs there take their butts from the chair and taste the world like it is, peharps we will have an official app. Until that, I am glad with an app like Instagraph and I really enjoy Aviary filters.
  • Woo I'm excited!!! Woop woop! ^.^
  • how long does the process of seeing it on the store after certification usually take? assuming they either had it on "auto" or sent it right after they got this message
  • 24 hrs.
  • So, when is the official Instagram coming?
  • Shut up, this is what your getting for now, be greatful for what you've got, not what you MIGHT be getting.
  • I was trying all 3 instagram viewing apps in preparation for this; they are all pretty faulty, crashing upon logins, not having many profile changing options, and being very basic. :/
  • Try "wpgram" its great!
  • I think there's more than three. Try metrogram.
  • Tried Mehdoh? Has searching, viewing profiles, commenting, likes etc.
  • Good news. Hope we can get snapchat next. Of course an official instagram app would be ideal, but this will work for now.
  • People will still not stop complaining unless the app title says "Instagram"... no matter how hard the developers try. That's just the way it is, unfortunately!
  • Photoplay!
  • No way!
  • love it
  • is it going to be free of charge?
  • NO.
  • Really? Where'd u hear that? And in capital letters to boost! U must be very sure... ^^
  • Azure costs a fortune and with the amount of traffic this is going to see there's no way they could put it out for free. I'll be amazed if its less than £1.99.
  • My guess is that instagram will allow this work around for long enough to gauge demand from windows phone users. A month is probably a good bet, which is just as well, because Instagraph's Azure bill is going to be bonkers. Personally I'll not be using it. I'm only interested in Instagram to see what all the fuss is about, certainly not to use a 3rd party app that uses a hacked together work around that already takes up to 5mins to upload an image when the app isn't released yet. It might satisfy some fans of the service but its certainly not going to attract new customers to WP. Having to have a work around like this, and having people so excited about it is, in my opinion, more damaging to the windows phone platform than anything else because it highlights a lack of official apps and the desperation of the user base for them.
  • If u wanna know what the fuzz is about u can check out metrogram or wpgram. They work just as good as the real app except the upload feature.
  • a month would be good enough, since, as the rumors said, Instagram is due sometime in May... kinda makes sense
  • Unsure how Instagram could ban it considering the images would be going through an official instagram client acting as a proxy. What will they do, ban all instagram clients and thus shut their whole service down?
    Issue is, Instagram has full control, they could effectively stop people using 3rd party apps IF they pulled their finger out and developed an official app for Windows Phone or allowed either Microsoft or Nokia to do it on their behalf, much like how Microsoft develops the official Facebook app on Facebook's behalf.
  • Instagram is so cruel
  • So, this is like how MetroTube is to YouTube. And I bought and use MetroTube every day.
  • yeah but your precious WP8 will not let you select MetroTube as the default Youtube player,  so everytime you click a youtube link on it will open the mobile site.  so whats the point.
  • I use "watch later", then MetroTube, at work even from a PC ;)
  • where can i download it?????????????!@!@!
  • another half baked , poor attempt to make WP8 relevant.  If is not the official app it does not count. 
  • Tell all of your iPhone and Android friends that it really is Instagram. They just don't know how to use a spell checker.
  • I guess Instagram can't issue a C&D until the app is actually available to the public.
  • Post with a tag? To show how many are posting from a windows phone.
  • Any ETA?
  • Sure we want to be able to post pics and as long as it lasts, that will be accomplished, but the worst thing you can do is force your way in. It wreaks of desperation. Its like trying to date a girl when she already told you she has a man and she's not into you. Move on, become relevant then watch that attitude change. Windows Phone via Nokia is starting to become relevant. Verizon is outselling the premier customer (At&t) and they don't have a premier windows phone handset yet. Go about your business, sell some phones, and then this will become a non issue.
  • I think I'll edit all my photos using lomogram and post them all over instagram just to be an ass.
  • Which alot of people do anyways, eschewing the built in filters.
  • I do not understand  what is the whole existent or the big deal for??
    This App Clearly violates Instagrams API and its only a matter of time until it's API call requests gets completely blocked from Instagram...
    The only positive aspect from my point of view is that such a moves, puts even more pressure on Instagram to release an official solution.
  • They explained the other day that this is a work around that wouldn't be affected if the API were to change.
  • Whatever method they are using, by either taking advantage of Instagram's API "hole", a hack, or anything else, is against Instagram's API Terms of use and policy, which is very loud and clear. No posting using their API and services on third party apps. 
    Personally I will be very surprised if Instagraph, does not get blocked shortly after its released. The API hole will be fixed or Instagraph's API key will be blocked completely.
  • I don't think it has anything to do with API.  It looks like your data gets handed off to a server which then emulates a legit client/source (terminology might be wrong).  So instagram gets the data and for all intents and purposes its coming from a legit source.  They can't alter their API to block it I don't think.  They'd have to stop it by sniffing out more info on where the data is coming from and then block it at that level.  At any rate I'd imagine instagram would issue a take down notice before they tried to hack the hack.  All in all this is an interesting story to follow.
  • There is no way to interact with Instagram's services without using their API (or similar solution), and every API has its limitations and specific rules and policies of what you are allowed to request and post. Instagram is not allowing posting to their services from NO ONE exept their official APP. Instagram's official website is not even supporting posting, only viewing, there. Of course nothing is unbreakable and there are work around methods, which is exactly what happened here with Instagraph.
    I do not want to be negative but generally this is how such stuff are working, in fact as I already mention such moves puts even more pressure on Instagram to offer an official solution sooner than later and as you said this is going to be a really interesting story to follow.
  • Since instagraph will integrate with wp8 I suppose you can edit your photo with any app u want and share it thru the OS itself.
  • People really need to stop hating and complaining....the app isn't even released yet. If its going to cost money there should be a trial version. I think something like this deserves a trial. My advice to everyone....think of this as a "Lens". Because that's basically all it is. So download the other great Instagram clients...and use this as lens app for uploading. And there you go...a full instagram experience. When the official app does will probably be a half-assed port any way. I prefer a 3rd party metro design client than some bullshit port over...(talking to you Words with Friends).
  • My only or main problem with this app is that we don't know for how long it's going to work, they're using a workaround to upload pics, what if Instagram finds a way to block it?
  • Again, good marketing for the dev who is developing and releasing this app as well as for WPCentral. WPcentral makes out good too with articles that include headlines for popular names of apps. More traffic to the site.
  • Any word on ETA?
  • sooooooo...when can I download the app? -.-
  • This is very cool and all. Ideally, the developers make some money off this and Instagram users have a solution. And... This causes Instagram developers to see the light and create and native app. That's in the ideal world. What will probably happen is that the app gets released, the developers make a ton of money and Instagram figures out a way to close the loophole - pissing everyone (especially WP customers) off. But that's the world we live in where companies play mind games with customers... like some dysfunctional relationship where they treat you like shit then do what amount to saying "sorry, my bad" and everything is cool. lol  As an outsider that doesn't participate in Instagram and Facebook (for many reasons, this debacle being one), I'd love to see Molome or some other "like" service take off and challenge, but I just don't see it happening
  • Instagraph is perfectly compliant with Instagram terms and conditions. It does not hack, spoof, emulate or reverse engineer anything.
    We don't use their API.
    We had to be creative, but legally!
    And no, they can't technically stop Instagraph.
  • That's good news, but of course they can find a way to stop what you are doing be it technically, change in terms and conditions...whatever. They'll just have to decide where their "best interests" lie at a point where it matters. Great job though and wish you success!
  • Do release it plz!!!
  • When are you guys releasing!?
  • Only problem is that the app has been approved for DAYS yet you have not made it available. A bit silly really....
  • Guys, c'mon! release it now!!! we need it!!
  • Still can't find it in the store... :'(
  • I heard instagram and temple run 2 come out in may
  • My question if it hasn't been posted about ks whether the upload options will be the same, for instance adding tag functions and whether those will transfer over. Instagram uploads and tags are big for me. As well as notifications. Do any of the current or will this app have notifications?
  • Where is it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Yah, where is the app?? It's been like 24hrs already!
  • Come on, release it already ^^
  • Give it at least 1-2 weeks
  • Hurry up and release
  • How long til they release it? It's been a couple days. Shouldn't it be already when they submit it?
  • WHERE IS IT?! Im twitching of excitement over here! RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
  • guys!!!!!!! come on!!!!! we want it now!!!!!
  • Totally lost interest in this app, and I was prepared to pay for it. But I'm not going to keep searching the Windows Phone Store everyday for it so whatever.
  • So... Where is it?
  • Can't wait anymore.. why the hell does it take so fucking long?
  • Yeah, the excitement really died down. I was prepared to buy this app, but since the developer is taking its sweet time making it available to the store, and It's not giving us an explanation as to why, I might as well wait for an official one. Will be very pissed off if I buy this app and one or two days later the official free one come out.
  • it says in the screenshot that the app could have been posted at the time of approval if they wanted it to, so i dont understand the hold up