Released: SPB Mobile Shell 3.0.1

We've mentioned that SPB Software was working on Mobile Shell 3.0.1 Beta and it appears that the Beta is now the current version. The update is free to those who have already purchased Mobile Shell 3.0 and all you need to do is go here, download the .cab file (trial version) and install it over Mobile Shell 3.0.

Version 3.0.1 makes minor additions and fixes issues discovered in version 3.0. Such modifications include:

  • Saving unknown phone numbers from the call log has been added
  • Showing/hiding SIM contacts has been added
  • “Show Today” widget has been added
  • “Remove All” option in call log added Performance of portrait/landscape switching has improved
  • Some issues with “Edit Profile” dialog box on Treo devices has been fixed
  • Contact matching in call log has improved
  • Performance of hardware accelerated carousel has improved

In using Mobile Shell 3.0.1, the screen rotation from vertical to horizontal is almost instantaneous and the overall performance appears to have improved. Some users reported a power drain with version 3.0 but it doesn't seem to be present with 3.0.1.  Overall, the modifications included in 3.0.1 have made a very good application a little better.

Phil Nickinson

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