Nokia Tones

If you've been a fan of Nokia smartphones and other products in previous years, you would have experienced the wide variety of loaded ringtones. To relive those special moments, Aleksi Eeben from Nokia has compiled thousands of ringtones into a single Windows Phone app. What's more is you can even save these classic tunes as ringtones for your own Windows Phones.

It's really easy to get started, simply load up the app once installed, select the track you wish to either preview or set as your ringtone and hit the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You've got tunes ranging from Caprice all the way to Dance Floor. It's a strange feeling hearing notes that bring back some fond memories.

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Nokia Tones

We're sure many of you Nokia fans will enjoy this app, looking back at hardware previously owned and installing some vintage content on your modern Windows Phone. Because this is a rather large collection of ringtones, the app size is 350MB, so be prepared to remove some games and personal media to make room.

You can download Nokia Tones from the Windows Phone Store for free. Be sure to check out the Nokia design team's SoundCloud page for more.

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