Report: Nokia mentioned the most on social networks during Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress has been and gone for 2013, and it's now time for reports to blossom to reveal both insightful and useless (but interesting) data. Lissted specialises in Twitter accounts that are most influential to followers. The website has published a blog entry showcasing which brands were most discussed while Mobile World Congress 2013 was underway. The results aren't too surprising.

So what was the social universe conversing about? According to the report, Nokia came out on top and was tweeted most by journalists, bloggers, analysts and media outlets. We mentioned before MWC kicked off that Nokia's presence would be huge and the results appear to be positive with the Nokia and Lumia brand names spending more time in the spotlights than both Microsoft and Windows Phone.

Lissted also included a handy tag cloud, which shows the brands that were mentioned most in a glancing view - Android and Samsung weren't far behind the Finnish manufacturer. So Nokia performed well, but what about Microsoft? Redmond came in 50th place, while Windows Phone failed to make an appearance in the top 50 list.

Lissted MWC

What's also interesting is the amount of attention Mozilla's mobile OS Firefox received. We'll not go into any depth as to why Microsoft found itself in 50th place, since we're sure you all are already up to speed with what's going on, and how Nokia is taking the lead when it comes to marketing the mobile platform. The Lumia brand is developing strong social awareness with consumers even referring the platform as simply their "Lumia smartphone."

The data covered in this article consists of 7,260 tweets by 619 journalists, bloggers and analysts, as well as 419 media outlets. Lissted monitored multiple hashtags - "MWC", "MWC13", "MWC2013" and "Mobile World Congress" and also took into account tweets that were published during the week prior to the event.

Source: Lissted blog, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
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  • First
  • *first idiot with nothing to contribute
  • Because that comment is so much better right?
  • Yes, it is.
  • I took it that he was saying Nokia is in First place at MWC.
  • LOL
  • Well let's put it this way "Nokia is Back".
  • +1 to that
  • Seems like to me tht MSFT is letting Nokia promote the platform.
  • You don't say?
  • why do you think that? all the "me" commercials that you see on t.v on a daily basis for cam newton, jessica alba, gwen stefani,etc etc are MS commercials. The commercial that shows phone for each specific person liek music lover, movie lover etc etc is an MS commercial.
  • Well that's TRUE but I think if you compare, Nokia is promoting WP more (moreover like Lumia WP's). Most people in India are going after Lumias not WP's.
  • Microsoft isnt stupid, they know its better be Nokia promoting Windows Phone but Microsoft will still be helping other devs jumping on board.
    This seems like what is happening with Samsung and Android, you know Samsung dominates Android and Nokia will Dominate Windows Phone.
    Nokia has bilions of old users that will jump sometimes into their phones again like i did, they keep selling milions of Non SmartPhones.
    So Nokia will soon be selling a shitload of Lumias, helping Windows Phone sales and will dominate just like Samsung with Android.
    Problem is, what if Samsung drops Android and Nokia WP ?? Google and MS are screwed.
  • You're saying what if Samsung uses another OS besides Android, and Windowsphone?? Well, Samsung would be the one screwing themselves!
  • There bringing tizen to emerging markets
  • good luck with that
  • yes you said it well. Consumers are buying Samsung and Nokia Brand not the operating systems they run on. If they changes their operating system such brand will take its loyal costumer with her.
  • Nokia is taking over the world...Sweet
  • I for one admire nokias tenacity to defy peoples expectations and come out shining despite using an OS that is not widely accepted.
  • +1
  • It's a bit of a shame people don't associate Lumia with Windows Phone... Android gained strength because all everyone heard being uttered was Android, Android, Android. When you hear it enough, it's perceived as popular and gains even more popularity - even old fogies have heard of Android. Android is known on both mobiles and tablets, but if people see "Lumia" as the mobile and "Windows" as the tablet, they may not realise they're closely related. I suppose Nokia's strength also strengthens the WP platform... At this rate it's going to become a one-horse race with other OEM's giving up on WP and leaving only Nokia. The strength of Android is in it's overwhelming selection of mobiles... We need everyone going apeshit for WP so more OEMs come onboard and more choice is available.
  • If the other OEM's would put as much into the Windows phone handsets the story might be a bit different.  I have not seen, nor heard anyone push the Ativ, and HTC 8x has a bad wrap at least around here for the lack of support HTC gives it.  Nokia is really pushed here for the quality of the phone as well as the outstanding support for the products.  If the other producers fail, its not due to the sucsess of Nokia, its for the lack of support for the handsets the other manufacturers produce. 
  • Yeah, the problem is that OEMs don't want to sink a lot of money promoting it until it becomes popular... So it's a bit of a Catch 22 - it won't become popular until OEMs promote it, but OEMs won't promote it until it becomes popular. Nokia is doing wonders for the platform, no doubt. It'd just be good if WP recognition went hand-in-hand with Lumia recognition.
  • At first I would have agreed but akin to what the other said, this is good all around. I was bit upset but then I realized Microsoft probably is not. They are breaking into what most see as an unbreakable market and often, this takes time. MSFT knows what they are doing. The re-rise if a power house is excellent for anyone, and MSFT gets the benefits of brand name recognition with plenty if room for growth. I don't think it will go unnoticed by anyone that windows is the platform that compliments everything about the lumias. Especially since they have worked so hard to integrate the OS into the phone, the design, and the hardware.
  • I agree, Samsung is promoting android and Nokia is supporting Windows Phone.
  • I would say today Samsung like old day nokia
  • You can't really say that, Nokia never was a crowd pleaser. it always forced its perspective on its users , cutting features off or adding strange ones , never was a perfect Nokia where everything was just right , it was always missing sthing.
    Samsung was the other way around always listening to annoying requests , the problem for Nokia is , there strategy worked out great when they were on top not so much once they weren't , I think the Lumia 920 and 720 were the first Nokia phones that are CROWD pleasers ...
  • Its true i only see commercials by manufacture Motorola,HTC,Samsung never actually seen a google commercial about android
  • Those Droid DNA commercials only talk about how sweet there phone is not the os
  • Same with HTC just seen one
  • Nokia doin good job
  • And so is windows phone them selves
  • Last two commercials I seen about wp8 was a windows phone commercial not a Nokia ir HTC commecial
  • Microsoft is all over the walking dead episodes on AMC.
  • Well I can understand Nokia getting the most traffic. That would be because the MWC sucked and no one of importance was there. The little mid-range phones are cool in poorer countries but the fact is, Nokia isn't taking over the world right now. As for Microsoft promoting Windows Phone, I see them doing it everyday on TV and the internet here in the US. And they are doing it with HTC devices as well.
    WE BACK!!!!
  • Techies may be talking about Nokia, but the ms commercials are working, three people just this week when seeing my phone said"oh wow, you have the Gwen Stefani, Jessica alba phone?" They are finally seeing "windows" as something new and different and frankly, cool, with two out of three saying "man I gotta get a windows phone". This isn't a sprint, its a marathon and let the best OEM win!
  • Yes Nokia really is pushing the phones more than Ms. Nokia has the best phones by far always have and always will have the best.
    Nokuas always inventing well done Nokia.
    See you in the future.
  • Msft should sell Windows Phone division to Nokia and let them work on this system!
  • dont you think they work on that together already
  • I really think a lot of what made Nokia and android the top were all the tweets about wishing Nokia made android phones...which is lame.
  • I've been a big supporter of Nokia teaming with Android. The more choices the better.
  • HTC didn't do very well there, especially since they decided that marketing was where they failed the year before (which I do believe was a key difference at least between them and Samsung).
    A booth full of Android devices, releasing their key product for the year and still getting a fraction of the coverage Samsung achieved, thats really bad.
  • HTC got the coverage they needed on their own press conference for the HTC One. MWC matters less every year.