Report: Nokia mentioned the most on social networks during Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress has been and gone for 2013, and it's now time for reports to blossom to reveal both insightful and useless (but interesting) data. Lissted specialises in Twitter accounts that are most influential to followers. The website has published a blog entry showcasing which brands were most discussed while Mobile World Congress 2013 was underway. The results aren't too surprising.

So what was the social universe conversing about? According to the report, Nokia came out on top and was tweeted most by journalists, bloggers, analysts and media outlets. We mentioned before MWC kicked off that Nokia's presence would be huge and the results appear to be positive with the Nokia and Lumia brand names spending more time in the spotlights than both Microsoft and Windows Phone.

Lissted also included a handy tag cloud, which shows the brands that were mentioned most in a glancing view - Android and Samsung weren't far behind the Finnish manufacturer. So Nokia performed well, but what about Microsoft? Redmond came in 50th place, while Windows Phone failed to make an appearance in the top 50 list.

Lissted MWC

What's also interesting is the amount of attention Mozilla's mobile OS Firefox received. We'll not go into any depth as to why Microsoft found itself in 50th place, since we're sure you all are already up to speed with what's going on, and how Nokia is taking the lead when it comes to marketing the mobile platform. The Lumia brand is developing strong social awareness with consumers even referring the platform as simply their "Lumia smartphone."

The data covered in this article consists of 7,260 tweets by 619 journalists, bloggers and analysts, as well as 419 media outlets. Lissted monitored multiple hashtags - "MWC", "MWC13", "MWC2013" and "Mobile World Congress" and also took into account tweets that were published during the week prior to the event.

Source: Lissted blog, via: WMPU

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