Can you reproduce the iOS 7 Home screen using Microsoft Word? Absolutely

How does a team of talented personnel come up with a revamped UI? You'd imagine there'd be planning, special software and other techniques involved. But what if you could actually create a mobile UI in a word processor? That's exactly what Vaclav Krejci has managed to achieve, by reproducing the iOS 7 Home screen in Microsoft Word. You have to see it to believe it.

Watch the above walkthrough as Krejci shows you exactly how it's done. Kudos where it's due. Our Rene Ritchie is correct; it's insane.

Source: YouTube; via: iMore

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • He Excels in his Word skills...sorry had to Powerpoint that...
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  • Saw this on 9gag the other day. Good word skills.
  • Not to mention POOR design 'skills' on the part of Team Apple.
    I was perfectly content with my iPhone 5 before this iOS7 'update' and now not only do I abhor looking at this 'Power Puff Girls' inspired excuse for a UI with its lethargic/nonsesical animations strewn all about, the darned update has decreased my battery life by around 25%!
    Good thing I have my trusty (very long lasting) Lumia 928 (and now Galaxy Note 3) to pick up the slack.
    NEXT To Purchase: Lumia 929 and Lumia 2520.
  • WP is not that difficult to reproduce it's actually simpler so take it easy...
  • Windows phone is much more difficult because they are live tiles not static icons
  • Compare the rest of the detail in animations other than te startscreen and IOS is suddenly leaps beyond WP. MS need to improve the UI, not talking about the startscreen.
  • What the hell were you doing on 9gag? You might wanna get yourself checked up for mental retardation.
  • Well that's your opinion, I on the other hand have more respect not to call other people retarded.
  • +1 @Jason_JS_G I agree
  • Reddit is where I saw it.
  • Me too lol. A friend was explaining me what reddit was (since I don't use it) and teh first thing I saw when I went in was that video. I laughed so badly  hahaha
  • Next step for Apple: iOS8 to be designed using Paint.
    And I mean traditional W95 paint not the fancy new Fresh Paint.
  • Please... They wont make any more design changes for like another five years.
  • Agreed. I don't see any design changes from the 5 to the 5s/5c other than jacking bits and pieces from WP.
  • Kinda like "rotate"........ Just funny!
  • they might revert backwards or their users will end up developing Stockholm sydrom and loving iOS7
  • Not paint but notepad
  • Definitely pull in all the minecraft fans
  • My daughter's leap pad looks more advanced that iOS7
  • Hahahahaha
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  • ^this. '%')
  • Rofl
  • So what? Pretty sure Windows Phone would be even easier to create in Word.
    That said. You know how people automatically put on their resumes that they know Microsoft Word, just because they changed fonts once? This should be the new standard for knowing Microsoft Word. This guy is good!
  • If you ask a few people who do software development for a living (myself included) there have been more than a few UI designs created in Word, Powerpoint or Visio over the years and many, many report, reciept and other paper forms designed in Micorosft Excel.
    These might as well be considered standard design tools especially for many smaller development shops.
  • Agreed. Is it really surprising that you can use what is arguably one of the most advanced content creation programs in the world to create a user interface? I would be shocked if lots of people didn't use Word for that. This is pretty asinine.
  • Haha exactly, it'd be a million times easier. Black/White background and some colored squares/rectangles.
  • You right, if it had static icons like Apple!
  • That was my exact response. If you know what you're doing in any program, you can pretty much reproduce anything. This pot shot at Apple can just as easily backfire.
  • Amazing...
  • This is word? I'm still using 2007 :)
  • yeah thats the new word. 8 dollars a month you get skype minutes and the entire office suite.
  • Or if your work takes part in the Microsoft scheme it's only a one off payment of 9 GBP ish for a full version of office professional.
  • Yeah. A lot's changed since 2007 :) I'm still on 2010 myself, and this new version is still quite different than my version.
  • Word2003 is where its at
  • 2002 here.  Ribbons blow!
  • +1 I loved my toolbar world where everything I used was on screen! on 2007 currently
  • I loved 2003 before upgrading to 2010. Its like 2003, but subtle and good changes.
  • Microsoft office 2013
  • The SkyDrive integration is enough for this to be the boss of of all Offices.
  • The skydrive intergaration is the most useless feature, and pisses me off when the damn thing wants me to log in. Not everyne needs or wants their files on someone elses servers.
    Many proffesions can't use skydrive even if they wanted to, because there are strict policies about file handling, e.g. in a law firm.
  • Well for my schoolwork and collaborating on documents for group projects its behaves as no other. Always the one negative Nancy who has to slag on the cloud features which are best in class by the way. I've used other solutions and they are not up to par.
  • Nowhere is it required for you to save to SkyDrive. Logging in with an account allows all your settings to be synced. Off to extinction, whiny dinosaur.
  • +1520 just laughed a lot..."Off to extinction, whiny dinosaur"
  • Even though I'm still on windows 7 with my old laptop, I installed Office 2013 just because it looks so damn sexy!
  • Seriously I think the icon design and the menu UI that now flashes over the whole screen has completely screwed up the beauty of Office 2010. Not to mention you now only have white and gray color schemes and no blue or silver ones. Its like Microsoft is going backwards in UI design.
  • They need get their own design
  • Wow... lol... that guy is crazy good at that. I couldn't even follow what he was doing.
  • this is insane lol
  • Lol.
  • word, Level: Czech.
  • WOW
  • No thanks
  • That man has some serious Word skills. 
  • He is awesome :D he did some great of work do demonstrate this to us :) thumbs up (y) 
  • impressive work
  • C'mon, who really cares about this
  • People with sense of humor.
  • Lmao this is gold!
  • That has to be the most assinine thing I have seen on this site in quite some time, and ironic given it is presented by the people who post device renders as if they are real.  Ever bother to look up render?  Obviously not.  You could also create the IOS 7 UI in Illustrator or Photoshop or most any other program you wish to name.  Given its simplicity, the WP8 UI can probably replicated in the most simple of programs.  Wow, someone can create a UI in the top of the line word processor.  So what?
  • Here, take this sense of humor. I think you dropped it somewhere ;)
  • What's funny about it?
  • You're awfully wound up. I personally thought that this bid wad pretty awesome. Great Word skills.
  • Whoah
  • I got that the guy is awesome (and IOS7 is shitty).But the nagging question is:
    Does he have a life?
  • Word
  • ...while he is making money from YouTube hits.
  • So, people who are very skilled using a tool dont have a life?
  • Not it that sense. That was a time lapse video, he must have invested a truck-load of time to do all that (hence the no life part).
    I'm still amazed by his prowess on Word. Meanwhile it takes me around 5days to write up a report on Atomic Force Microscopy.
    I'm sorry, if that struck you on a wrong note.
  • The guy is a graphic designer, he tries to teach people to design without using expensive software but with a software everyone is familiar with, Word.
    This iOS 7 probably is one of his tutorial project. At least go search up on him first? Thanks to this and the book he wrote I discovered another world of what Word can do.
    His book :
  • That must have taken some time!!!
  • That's hilarious! Did everyone see the new ipads will have a click on keyboard? Hmmmmmm.
  • sounds awfully familiar........huh..hmmmm.....Surface like
  • is it wonder?
    Apple is one of the least innovative company.
    Now they don't know, what to do next.
    So, they are simply copying others
  • I am so glad, I trashed my iPhone when the Lumia 920 became available! WP8 and Win8 make progress every day. Apple soon will need another couple of 100 Mio in cash from Bill Gates to survive.
  • It took 2 years to introduce a screen rotation lock...
    And before anyone says that "apple took x years" or "android took y years", they were introducing a new feature. WP8 is adding a feature that is two years old. 
  • Apps had their own rotation locks. Not once did I feel WP was rotating when I wanted it to stay put. Now, that is progress, not placing an option for universal lock that I didn't bother to turn on (even when I like 'em vertical except in photo and video).
  • Same here, the only pet peeve i have is the search key!. Somehow i manage to press it while playing survivalcraft (totally blows minecraft out the water - it even has sharks and other animals lol) or watching videos. I hope they add a setting where you can disable keys when in full screen mode that would be handy.
  • Mamma mia
    Is he designers god ?
  • More like god's designer.
  • OMG!!! Microsoft Word is very powerfull for a text editor
  • But can he type a paragraph?
  • Now this is a power user! Incredible.  How many people feel foolish for dropping a grand on Photoshop?
  • Illustrator, actually, is the right comparison, and it isn't that expensive either.
  • Well with Microsoft Publisher that would have been a alot easier... Word is just for writing long texts, Publisher is more for designing and handles forms and textboxes much better.
  • Wow.....nice work.....
  • I never even looked at word for this kind of design work
  • Big time power user
  • The iOS7 design is as sad as the isheep, well all the iOS's are sad.
  • LAWL
  • Hahahaha! Awesome!
  • WOW! So proud to this czech guy.
  • Holy. Cow. I had no idea you had that sort of capability in Word.
  • Apple makes a good looking OS even more beautiful and gives Microsoft in the face. So much win for Apple. :D
    MS should learn how to use thldnt go beyeir own tools. Seems like they couldnt go beyond 'Paint' to design their own OS.
  • Here, have a real apple for a change. It's healthier.
  • Hopefully they will never add a feature that has been around at Apple for much longer: content censorship. For missing out on this, I could even sacrifice on screen rotation lock.
  • It's already here. Until the Linux phone, Android might really be as open as it gets, I'm afraid.
  • Hahah,, he is doing a good job
  • This is great! Nice work! Has anyone seen the ios7 app in WP store? The description talks about how "superior" the ios7 interface is and how you can now have it on your Windows Phone... what a waste! If you want an ios7 interface, get an iPhone! But this video is just great fun!
  • what a waste of time
  • So what platform was WP/Metro designed on initially? Wait for it.......................Apple :) Go check the facts on the lead designer in the beginning stages of Metro. Are we grown up now?
  • Well that was crap
  • Too funny! And quite ironic!
  • Amazing
  • Ok now lets do WINDOWSPHONE 8
  • Ohhh the irony!! Love it...
  • Was Windows Phone 8 created in iWork Pages? Haha! :D
  • He just iPhone.........appear :~|
  • brilliant!! is he the part of MS Office team?? :D
  • Personally I find iOS 7 UI to girlish
  • +2520
  • Good god, that is,one crazy Word ninja! If he really wants to impress me he needs to do a video showing page numbering with section breaks and linked table of contents in Word!
  • So you're saying that all the footage NASA captures is a home grown animation. Well kids if MS Word can make it the of course Apple's Pages app can do it much better. ⌒.⌒