Resident Evil 7 guide: How to beat Jack Baker's wife, Marguerite, in the Greenhouse boss fight

We're here with awesome guides to help you survive this twisted (and glorious) game. The next boss battle in Resident Evil 7 is verifiably insane, and it will be burned into your memory for days, maybe even weeks. Taking place in the Baker family's decrepit greenhouse, you're on the hunt for a very creepy customer. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Marguerite is just plain nuts. Up there with The Witcher 3's crones. #ResidentEvil7— Jez (@JezCorden) 31 January 2017

Marguerite is the matriarch of the Baker family, and she's pretty angry with you. The Marguerite boss battle takes place in a much larger area than previous fights so far and will require a lot more ammo. Thankfully, there are tons of pick-ups scattered around the Greenhouse to help you, but you should try to go into this fight with as many items as possible.

By this point, you will have cleared Marguerite's Old House, which is ripe with all sorts of ammunition. You'll want to search every corner, every windowsill, and drawer you can find.

  1. Head into the Greenhouse via the side stairs. There are a couple of items to your right and a hole to your left. Once you drop into the hole, you're locked in.
  2. Search the immediate surroundings for items. There are some psychostimulants on the couch to the left of the stairs. Move through the first room to the back stairs. Marguerite will burst through the window, triggering one of the weirdest boss battles in recent memory.

  1. Marguerite has mutated into what can best be described as an insect-spewing spider-monstrosity. She now has the ability to climb walls and ceilings. Marguerite also leaps away at damage intervals, and attacks from gaps in the ceiling, windows and cracks in certain walls. Stay vigilant and listen for her location, she can pop up without warning. Ideally, stay on the second floor when fighting her.
  2. Use the shotgun at close range on the festering insect hive in her stomach to deal the most damage. Doing so will cause her to stagger.
  3. Use the pistol to knock her from walls and ceilings. Note: If you knock her from a wall, stay out of range. She will thrash around, dealing a significant amount of damage.

  1. Occasionally, Marguerite will flee and begin making moaning sounds. This means she's attempting to spawn an insect hive on a nearby wall.
  2. During these sequences, you can use the opportunity to scavenge for items, but ignoring her will add an insect hive to the wall she's attached to, which can be a huge nuisance.

  1. Use the flamethrower (found in the Old House) to burn any insect swarms she spawns.
  2. Use the knife to take out larger, single insects.

  1. Keep Marguerite at range, because she is fairly slow on the ground but can deal huge amounts of damage. Heavy bursts with the flamethrower will stagger her, as well as well-placed shotgun hits to her abdomen. Ideally, you should save the flame thrower for dealing with insect swarms, but that might not always be possible.
  2. If you run out of ammo or you simply need a breather to heal, drop down to the ground floor. It's easier to escape Marguerite by dropping down versus simply sprinting.
  3. Use the psychostimulants you looted earlier to find items. They are quite literally everywhere. See further below for a gallery of item locations.

  1. Repeat this process until Marguerite is defeated, and then loot her lantern. At this point, you can exit from the same room you entered, through a crumbling wall.
  2. Sweep the greenhouse for any forgotten items once more before leaving.

Here's a gallery of the locations of just some of the items you can grab in this fight:

Note: Using the Crow Key you looted earlier from the Old House, you can head back to the Supply Room (in the main house, next to the room with the stuffed deer) to pick up a Grenade Launcher. You can wield this weapon in a similar fashion to the shotgun, up close to deal large amounts of damage. I defeated her without the Grenade Launcher, but if you're having trouble, this might give you an advantage.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is a stunning return to form for the franchise, which diluted its survival-horror formula to chase a broader, action-oriented audience. Capcom is working on a remake of the PlayStation 1 classic, Resident Evil 2, as well as DLC for Resident Evil 7 season pass holders.

Resident Evil 7 is available now as an Xbox Play Anywhere title on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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