Resident Evil 7 runs at 4K 60 FPS on Xbox One X [updated]

Many months ago, Capcom promised that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard would receive an Xbox One X upgrade relatively soon. Unfortunately, news tapered off and the company provided no estimate as to when the title would receive the long-awaited patch. Then, suddenly, an update hit the console which increased the resolution. While the textures remained rather blurry, the resolution received a substantial boost. Until now, we weren't sure what the new resolution was on Xbox One X, but an analysis by Digital Foundry provided the answer.

Updated March 7, 2018: Instead of the analysis by VG Tech which focused on PlayStation 4 Pro, we've updated our information with the data provided by Digital Foundry. The article has been modified to reflect that.

Despite some confusion over whether the game utilized checkerboarded rendering due to heavy post-processing effects, the outlet determined that it ran at 1800p on PlayStation 4 Pro and 2160p on Xbox One X. It's great to see Capcom pushing Resident Evil 7 to 4K 60 FPS on Xbox One X given the machine's 1.8 teraflops advantage over the PlayStation 4 Pro. Hopefully this trend will continue in the future for the publisher's other titles.

We reviewed Resident Evil 7 many months ago and gave it a perfect score. If you haven't experienced the title's revival of the classic survival horror formula yet, be sure to check it out at retailers. This is the game that Resident Evil fans have been waiting for because it successfully reinvigorates the franchise.

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  • From what I can tell the PlayStation 4 Pro version uses checkerboarded rendering due to the increased artifacts and the Xbox One X version isn't checkerboarded that's why it looks blurry with the heavy anti-aliasing and post-processing effects.
  • Digital Foundry in no way confirms this game is running at native 4K on the Xbox One X. They actually state that it likely uses the same checkerboard solution as the PS4 PRO version.. which VGTech also reported. DF is awaiting a response from Capcom on the matter... so this update is BS until it's proven.
  • The Xbox One X is assuredly running the game at 4K via checkerboarding. Much more powerful hardware is required to run the game at native 4K60. Digital Foundry did not confirm a native resolution. Please do a better job of reporting the facts next time.
  • I don't think there's a single Xbox One X game that actually uses checkerboard rendering. I doubt it's the case here. Either ways, if Capcom responds we'll let you know. This seems to be a similar situation to Assassin's Creed Origins where Digital Foundry mistook post-processing for checkerboard rendering and it turns out it was native 4K all along.