Resident Evil 7 How To Guide: Shake a Dummy's hand and solve Lucas' happy birthday videotape puzzle

Resident Evil 7 represents a return to form for the classic series, ditching over-the-top action to bring back all the tense atmospherics, terrifying exploration and nail-biting gunplay.

On a quest to find his missing wife, Ethan winds up at the Baker family homestead, only to find it teeming with mutant horrors. Video cassette tapes offer an interactive glimpse into past events, giving the player an opportunity to explore different characters' motivations. Most of these scenarios are straightforward, but the optional "happy birthday" videotape found in the attic above the Kid's Bedroom is a little more complex. Here's how to solve this puzzle.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

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Dive into a toilet, clean a dirty telescope, and celebrate your birthday!

  1. At the beginning of the tape, you awaken in a series of rooms similar to those found in the SAW movies. Take the candle to your left and then to the right, where you should see a birthday cake.

  1. The object of Lucas's twisted game is to get a lit candle onto the birthday cake, but water douses the flame as you enter the room. The lights should now be on, so return to the first room.
  2. You should see a weird robot, a sink and a toilet. Turn the sink faucet on.
  3. You should now be able to loot the toilet for a dirty telescope. Gross.

  1. Use the telescope in your inventory to view the lens, and then walk through the water shower to clean off the ... filth.
  2. Exit to the right of the birthday cake room and look at the monitors with the telescope for a code.
  3. Use the code to unlock the wall cupboard in the birthday cake room.

  1. Take the straw doll from the cupboard, and burn it on the oven found after you exit to the left from the birthday room.
  2. Use the finger on the robot next to the toilet.
  3. Light the candle on the oven, and then burn the rope on the door next to the TV monitors.
  4. Retrieve a deflated balloon from the floor of the balloon-filled room.
  5. Place the balloon on the pipe directly opposite the exit to the birthday cake room. You should now have a quill.

  1. Go to the birthday room and retrieve the clockwork key from the keg on the table.
  2. Power up the robot with the clockwork key, and then place the quill in his hand. You will "receive" a password.
  3. Take the password to the balloon room and retrieve the valve.

  1. Take the valve to the birthday cake room and turn off the water, to the left as you enter.
  2. Light the candle at the oven, and then celebrate your birthday!

Like many of Resident Evil 7's videotapes that offer glimpses of upcoming areas, this one is no different. You'll also want to remember the method in this puzzle, because it will help you survive what's in store.

Resident Evil 7 is a tremendous horror game for Xbox One and Windows 10, and as a Play Anywhere title, you'll receive a copy on both platforms with a single purchase. Check out our review below, and let us know what you think.

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