Resident Evil Resistance roadmap detailed with more updates coming

Resident Evil Resistance Beta
Resident Evil Resistance Beta (Image credit: Capcom)

What you need to know

  • Resident Evil Resistance is an asymmetrical multiplayer game included with the purchase of Resident Evil 3.
  • Capcom has revealed a roadmap showing the monthly updates that will be adding more to the game.
  • The contents of most of these updates are currently unknown.

Resident Evil Resistance may not be getting the same attention as the Resident Evil 3 remake it's included with but Capcom isn't leaving it high and dry. Today, Capcom shared a roadmap of updates that players can expect over the next few months.

Jill Valentine, the star protagonist of Resident Evil 3, is coming as a Survivor on April 17. Beyond that, it appears another Survivor will be added in May and something is coming in June, though there's not even a silhouette to guess off of. Beyond that, more updates are coming in July and beyond though again, they are sans-details.

If you haven't picked up Resident Evil 3 yet, you can check out my review here. In it, I wrote that "While a couple of things could've been tweaked to provide a longer experience, Capcom provides a fantastic survival horror remake that carefully balances the action with the terror. You will fear Nemesis."

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