Review 12: Arrow

Review is our movie, television, and general geekery podcast where we talk about everything from 80s flicks to the latest blockbusters to classic and modern shows. On this week's episode Serenity, Guy, Dan, Rene, and Dave get all up into the CW's Arrow. Based on DC Comics' Green Arrow, we discuss the first 2 seasons of Oliver Queen lost on the island of Purgatory and the city of Starling, the characters, arcs, and themes. Subscribe and listen along!

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Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie has been covering the personal technology industry for almost a decade. Editorial Director at Mobile Nations, analyst at iMore, video and podcast host, you can follow him @reneritchie on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter.

  • Love this show. I'm not saying I do. I'm telling you to... Kidding. The first season started strongly in my opinion then tapered off. I am looking forward to the second season though whenever I find time.
  • I find the second season was pretty damn awesome, personally. You should find the time soon :)
  • I liked the first season way more after re-watching it following the second season. It's a slow burn of a build. Love this show. Indeed.
  • Slade doesn't always play chess but when he does he kills the Queen first!
  • The ending and last three episodes of second season haven't seen muthn yet boy...
  • Ok, Ok! I will find the time. Totally stoked for it since everyone is saying I must be LOL.
  • How long have you guys been reviewing TV shows on here? Feels so out of place. That being said, I LOVE Arrow. Especially season 2. 
  • We have two entertainment shows currently, Review which tackles movies and whole seasons of TV shows, and The TV Show which talks about the last week of current TV.
  • When the Halo TV show comes out, do you guys think you'll talk about it?
  • They HAVE to talk about it!!!!
  • Yeah, how could we not?
  • Agreed a bit odd. And also agreed its an awesome shoe!
  • same, much better than previous CW attempts (aka smallville..) kind of psyched for Flash...
  • Oh, yeah. Arrow is nailing the "Batman Begins" concept but over years rather than hours.
  • Is it time for this to return yet? hahaha Arrow and Hannibal are some of the best shows I watched this season(and last).
  • Yep, definitely following in that treatment.  Sadly, DC Comics is tossing their franchise in the trash with the Superman vs Batman movie.  There is just NO way in ANY universe I'll waste my money to watch Ben Affleck in anything, worst of all playing Batman.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Basically, DC is totally screwing their franchise anyway.  You look at Stan Lee and Marvel....they have that so brilliantly intertwined.  Meanwhile, DC can't figure out what character to do what with.  While I thoroughly enjoy Arrow, I also liked Smallville.  They rebooted Oliver Queen to go darker and then are embarrassed to call him GREEN Arrow.  And, naturally, Black Canary is just "Canary".  Sigh.  Of course, they have no problem introducing The Flash.  Meanwhile, back in Marvel world, Agents of Shield has maintained a consistency with the movies that DC will never see.  It's frustrating since I've always been a DC guy (with the exception of Iron Man).
  • Yes, I am really excited for The Flash. Particularly after watching the 5 minute extended preview. I wasn't too thrilled about what they chose to tease during the commercials of the Arrow season 2 finale
  • I couldn't get into it, but then again I only watched two episodes. Someone wanna convince me to continue?
  • The show and action is good but my biggest problem is the cliché part. Many times it gets predictable. So audience wise I think people who have not read a lot of comics or watched many super hero movies/shows should enjoy it. I watched it with my kid and wife, they loved it. I liked only parts of it. Not everything can be Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad :)
  • I know several people who watch this show BECAUSE they are into comics and superheroes, one in particular who watches Arrow because he's such a fan of that kind of stuff, even though it's re-imagined quite differently than the Green Arrow comics (of which he is completely familiar). I myself can't get enough of superhero shows as long as they are good, and this one most certainly has caught my interest (Hoping The Flash is as good if not better) All superhero/comic book shows are a bit of a cliche, or at least they play into that a bit. But those comics also started that cliche so :P
  • The first half of the first season was when the show had yet to find its footing...once they moved to the long arc, it became really awesome. Season 2 was consistently mindblowing.
  • Season starts slow and shaky and gets way better. Some of the acting isn't so hot. But by season 2, its way better. It also helps to be a comic nerd, that's what kept me. From major character revisions, like The Royal Flush Gang to little Easter eggs, like a lawyer named David Finch... It has tons of winks and nods for comic fans. Its not a great show compared to, say, Breaking Bad or True Detective... But its probably one of the best comic book tv shows made. For reference, I hate Smallville
  • Second season was awesome.I am looking forward to The Flash. They are kind of stealing characters from Batman. Deathstroke, league of assassins. Who knows maybe be Ra's Al Ghul will himself come to fight Arrow in season 3.
  • Yeah, they've mentioned Ras many times. I wonder if they'll actually bring him in or leave him as an off-screen menace. Also wonder who the big bad for season 3 will be...
  • Trying to stay away from spoilers for anyone reading who may not be done with Season 2... But there was one person in particular whose story was very comic book like in how they finished that one up in the finale (it involved getting in a Limo at the end). I feel a setup for a villain-like return.
  • last three episodes of season 2 will blow your mind. just one word AWESOME!!!!
  • Well, thanks to you guys... My next is Arrow.
  • You should review Hannibal.
  • That's my favorite tv show! I'm fanboying now.
  • Marvels: Agents of shield season 2?
  • Hoping it solidifies. Season one was hard to get through at the start. Fingers crossed for a big season 2.
  • Hoping they will bring more superheroes in the second season too, that packs more action into the show.
  • Love that show but, I feel like they tried to pack too much into the last episodes. That and the season finale was just goofy. I saw a hostess donut\convenience store commercial last night with agent Coulson that was awesome.
  • Arrow is an awesome TV show. Season 1 was nice. But season 2 was awesome ! Slate acted really well as the villian. I like the way they relate Olivers past on the island with the present. For those of you who haven't watched this show and are actions fans I would suggest you give it a try.
  • Slade*
  • Arrow is amazing. Makes me want to start archery training.
  • Ha! Georgia and I are scheduling some classes this year :)
  • This show is FANTASTIC. Can't wait for The Flash to start in October!
  • Couldn't get into Arrow but, I blame that in part to scheduling and didn't want to miss other shows.
  • This show is great I can't wait for the flash show to start if this is any indication as to how it will be..
  • I love this show. Waiting for the flash :)
  • Aren't they altering the original story line. Slade was a part of military experiment. In the identity crisis comic series he nearly defeated the team of flash, green lantern, arrow and others but in Arrow TV series Oliver easily beats Slade without anyone's aid.
  • They've remixed everything. Consider it an ElseWorld. I remember Deathstroke the Terminator from Teen Titans. We've come a long way! (Robin kicks his butt on the Teen Titans cartoon, so everything varies :) )
  • You are a bit right and a bit wrong there sir. Although Slade was a military experiment, in Arrow the Mirakuru drug that gives him his Super abilities WAS the military experiment. It was a nice twist that plays nicely with the original canon.
    Also defeating Slade was difficult in Arrow. Oliver had ALOT of help. Oliver literally gave up twice B4 defeating him. Now I'm the sort of person would prefer them to stick to canon, but arrow is the only comic adaptation where they strayed from the original source and I like it as much or better than the original. The introduction of Slade although mostly connected to Robin and his mentor Batman, was trained by a man who eventually trains Oliver. So Slade training Oliver in the show to me works.
  • Wait I'm confused I thought this was a podcast?
  • It is!
  • Can't find it in the WP podcast app....
  • Love this show!   Weirdest part of the show was when Diggle using Bing on a WP UI even though the phone clearly has Android physical buttons in season 2's Russia episode, LOL.
  • They've been using Windows tablets lately!
  • I wish they'd done it in a more discreet manner. The way the camera lingers on the start screen everytime Felicity opens her tablet is way too ads-y IMO. (Though this seems to be the case with all Microsoft-sponsored shows, such as Elementary.)
  • The second season was fantastic. The last 6 episodes were top notch. Hell all of second season was. As great as the first season was, the second eclipsed it by a mile.
  • "My name is zhris. After two seasons of hellish flashbacks...." Seriously, my only complaint with the show. You get into the flow of the show, something cool is about to happen, then MEANWHILE, FIVE YEARS AGO...
  • Totally agree with you, that is just insufferable. Seriously they need to change the prologue. The only good thing about is it when it ends and the show begins.
  • Seriously? Tv shows here? I dont care about this.
  • Judging by the comments, you're the only one! :) Like I said last time, we review apps, we review media. They're all just stuff available on our phones and tablets. Looking for something great to watch on your Lumia or Surface, we'll watch Arrow with you. Don't hate, participate :)
  • I really hope this same actor and the Flash actor gets the part for any Justice League movies. DC needs a persistent universe if they are going to compete
  • Agreed!
  • Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine.. What else?
  • Real stupid series for dummies,my wife doesn't miss an episode of it, I can't stand it,can't understand why it didn't end after the first season.
  • It did not end after season one because CW renewed it for season 2 and why would they do that cause it was welcomed by 2.77 millions viewers.
  • I really like it, it could be partially because of Felicity, but still Arrow has seen its stongest narrative yet towards the end of second season. I liked how surprising was the scene of Moira Queen's death. Sword stab thorugh the heart is a great way to go on a TV show. Still you guys should find time to review Person of Interest, nothing like that on TV right now.
  • Thank you for including Xbox Video, the last one of these posts didn't even though I knew personally that some, if not all, the movies/skies were on there.
  • Really? I thought the WP community had better taste...
  • I loved Smallville. I watch Arrow as well. Liked season 2 better.
  • Love the arrow
  • Just awesome :D