Review: Body Glove Landmark Horizontal Universal Case

Body Glove has been making quality cell phone cases for some time now and their latest offering, while the Landmark Horizontal Universal Case may qualify for one of the longer product names it also may be one of the better cases on the market. At $19.95 it might also be one of the best buys out there. I was able to take the Landmark Case out for a test drive recently and all you need to do to find out how it measured up is to follow the break.

In general, there are two broad types of cases. Those that are cut/designed specific to a phone and those cut/designed to a broad range of phones with similar dimensions. The Body Glove case falls into the latter being listed as fitting Windows Mobile devices such as the HTC Touch Pro, LG Incite, Treo Pro, Xperia X1 and Samsung Epix to name a few. I was able to test this case with both the AT&T Fuze (a Touch Pro by another name) and the Palm Treo Pro.

Build Quality

The Landmark Case made from an "executive, durable material" that feels a lot like soft leather. The case is only available in brown. Stitching was solid and the case is lined with a soft, felt-like material. The large flap secures nicely via a magnetic closure. The sides incorporate a "stretchy" fabric that helps it accommodate such a wide range of phones.

The case latches on to your belt with a sturdy, material wrapped clip. The clip is long enough to rest securely on the belt with very little wiggle. I never felt as if the case would "pop" off my belt. The bottom of the case has a large cut out to help you push you phone up and out of the case. While the cut-out helps with removing the phone, it does expose a lot of the phone. I had to make a conscious effort to place the Fuze and Pro in the case in a manner not to expose a side button.

Construction of the Landmark case is as good as I've seen in a case. My only concern with build quality is that the material is so soft, it might be easily scratched. However, in the few days I've use the case, the Landmark case held up nicely.

Fit and Feel

The AT&T Fuze fit the Landmark Case a little on the snug side. The flap did stretch closed and in time the case might stretch a little to loosen the fit a little. The Fuze gives the case a little bit of a boxy feel to it as well. If you're looking for a case for the Fuze/Touch Pro series, the Landmark will do but I found the Body Glove Side Case to fit a little better.

The Treo Pro on the other hand slipped into the Landmark Case very nicely. The Treo Pro is a little longer than the Fuze so there is a little snugness with the fit length wise but not enough to complain about. I could see this case being just about perfect for the HTC Touch Diamond but a little too big for the LG Incite and snug for the Samsung Epix.

Either phone rode really well on the hip. As mentioned, the Fuze felt a little boxy but the Pro matched up nicely with the slim profile of the Landmark Case.

Overall Impression

I liked the Body Glove Landmark Horizontal Universal Case($19.95). I'm partial to brown cases and even if the Landmark was dyed black, I would still consider it a very good case. Construction is good, the case rides well on your belt and with at least two of the phones listed as compatible, it fit well.

Keep in mind that this is a "universal" case and is designed to fit a wide range of phones with similar dimensions. If you are looking for a case for any of the listed devices, the Landmark Case is definitely one to consider.

Overall: 4.25/5 (slightly higher when used with the Treo Pro)

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ProsWell ConstructedComfortable fitConsBottom Cut-out a tad too large
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