Review: Covertec Vertical Premium Case

Vertical or not to be vertical? That is the question and Covertec might have the answer in their Covertec Vertical Premium Case. I’m more of a horizontal kinda guy but some will prefer the “straight up and down” appearance of a vertical case. The problems I see with vertical cases is that they can be so large they swallow up the phone or hang off the belt so far that you have to avoid sitting on your phone. Covertec isn’t new to the dance and has produced some quality phone cases. Read on after the break to see how the Covertec Vertical Premium Case measures up.

Out of the Box

First up, the case is a 'generic' in the sense that it will fit a wide variety of smartphones, including the following for Windows Mobile: Alltel PPC-6800, Touch Pro ; AT&T Fuze, Tilt ; Cingular 8525, 8125 ; HTC TyTN II, S620, Titan, Touch Pro ; iPAQ 910 ; LG Incite ; Motorola Q, Q9m, Q9h Global, Q9c ; Treo Pro, Treo 800w, Treo 750 ; Samsung Epix, Ace, BlackJack II, BlackJack, Saga ; Sprint Mogul, Touch Pro ; T-Mobile Wing, Dash ; and Verizon XV6800, Touch Pro.

In testing out the Vertical Case with the AT&T Fuze, out of the box the Covertec Vertical Premium Case ($24.95) feels like a quality leather case. The Vertical Case is well packaged and once you are able to free it from the cardboard and plastic, you see that you have a nicely constructed leather case. The beige stitching is solid, accenting the black leather nicely and I couldn’t find any loose or frayed seams.

The case is lined with a soft, felt-like material that helps protect your phone from scratches. The phone is secured by an adustable leather strap that is held in place by a magnet. A leather lined belt hook appears to be rivoted into the back of the case. The clip is positioned low enough on the case so it doesn’t ride too low or too high. The clip has a little wiggle to it and may be the only weak point in the cases build quality. There is just enough padding in the case to offer a level of protection to the Fuze but not too much padding to make the fit of the case too tight.

The Fuze fit snugly in the case and sat low enough to leave enough room to grab the sides of the phone to pull it out. The leather strap can be pulled out of the back of the case to accommodate the width of the Fuze and your personal tastes. The case has enough ‘give’ to it that I imagine it would accommodate the Fuze when (or if) and extended battery is produced requiring a larger battery door. When and if that should happen the secure strap is long enough to extend as well.


The Covertec Vertical Case rode very securely on the belt. The belt clip has a bend towards the end that lets it grab hold of the belt for a more secure hold. I had no concerns that the case was going to "pop" off my belt. As I mentioned, the clip is positioned just about right to avoid having the case ride too low on your hip. I didn't feel as though i would be sitting on the case or that it was dragging the ground.

The AT&T Fuze was easily placed and removed from the case and while the fit was snug enough to hold the case in place, the strap gives you the added assurance that the phone isn't going anywhere. Personally, I prefer horizontal cases and was pleasantly suprised how comfortable the Covertec vertical case was to use.

Overall Impressions

I was impressed with the Covertec Vertical Premium Case. The Vertical Case is well made, holds the AT&T Fuze securely with a good bit of protection, and rides comfortably on your hip. The only downside I could find with this case is that it's cut a little too tall for the Fuze. The leather panels extended about a half an inch, creating a gap. The sides of the case are cut just right, exposing just enough of the Fuze to hold onto while removing the phone.

It's hard to describe this as a downside because, as with most cases, they aren't custom built for a specific device but rather a range of similarly sized devices. It's not uncommon to have the height, width or length a tad too long. Looking at the bright side of this gap, you can place the Fuze in the Covertec case top-side down and have plenty of room for a headphone jack.

If vertical cases are your style, the Covertec Vertical Premium Case ($24.95) is a worthy contender.

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Ratings (out of 5)Protection: 4.5/5Build: 5/5Comfort: 5/5Overall: 4.5/5 ProsLeather ConstructionSolid StitchingSecure FitConsA little wiggle in the rivot holding the belt clip
Dieter Bohn