Review: H1-Touch from Luxa2

One benefit of the heavy competition in the Smartphone market is the number of accessories that are designed to be generic, making them work with many products even if they were designed for one specific device. With offerings from Apple, Google, Palm, Nokia, and Microsoft; it behooves accessory manufacturers to be generic in their designs.

The H1-Touch phone holder from Luxa2 (a division of Thermaltake) does more than simply fit the description of an accessory that will work with a multitude of devices, it is designed to work flawlessly with handhelds of all shapes and sizes.

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Thermaltake is known as a hardware manufacturer that makes its living on the backs of their product designs (to get an idea go check out their Level 10 computer case). The Luxa2 H1-Touch is a perfect example of their excellence in design. Most of the attributes that make up the H1-Touch are functional as much as they are aesthetic, the one exception being the Swarovski Crystals that accent the face of the product.

The more functional design elements include the scissoring rubberized pegs that grip your device on three sides, holding it in place without concern for slippage or scratches. The back of your device rests against a rubberized surface that both grips your phone and protects it from scratches. The dock itself rotates and swivels, allowing you to place your device at a number of different angles without falling out. Portrait and landscape views are possible by simply twisting and turning the device without having to remove it from the holder. This makes it perfect for holding your device off of a desk or table surface for extended media playback.

Build Quality

The body of the H1-Touch is predominantly Brushed Aluminum; making it durable, lightweight, and stylish. The bottom of the holder is also rubberized, preventing slippage and protecting your desk surface. The vertical face of the holder also contains a cut-out portion; reducing weight and providing a convenient place to run a cable to charge your device.


While this isn’t an accessory that is designed and built specifically for the device that resides in your pocket, the functional design elements are just astounding. Like their Level 10 computer case however, these design elements come at a premium price. Retailing for $59.99 at the Luxa2 Store, the H1-Touch can be had for half of that number ($29.99) from a site such as Amazon or

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