Review: HTC Multifunction Audio Adapter

If you haven’t heard of HTC, you must be new here. If you haven’t heard Dieter complain about HTC’s apparent apprehension with putting a 3.5mm audio jack on their devices, you should start listening to our Podcast. One solution that has been mentioned before is HTC’s Multifunction adapter that gives you a slew of options for connecting all manner of devices to your device of choice. If you want this additional functionality on your phone, you know where to get all the details.

Concept & Ports

The idea is simple, and it’s something that HTC has been doing since the Stone Age it seems. HTC builds their ExtUSB port into almost all of their devices (head over here if you’re the curious type). Their evil plan for this port is that they could do a number of things with one connector what most devices do with two or even three. The ExtUSB port allows for you to Sync and charge your device, as well as supporting HTC headsets and (with this adapter) audio out using both 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio jacks (some of HTC’s newer devices like the Touch Pro support video out, which requires a different, slightly more expensive adapter).

Value Added

Whether you prefer the ExtUSB port or would rather have the jacks broken out into industry standard form factors, the fact is that HTC makes most of the best devices in the Windows Mobile world; and we’re pretty much stuck with what they give us when it comes to ports. As stated, this Multifunction adapter adds ports for 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio. Additionally there are ports for HTC’s headsets as well as a standard microUSB jack (for syncing and/or charging).

The obvious value here is that you can plug your headphones (or other audio system) into your HTC phone. Additionally, you have the ability to use an HTC headset while also syncing or charging your device. How much these features are worth to you personally depends on what you use your device for.


If you’re an HTC fanboy like many of us here, this is a must have accessory for any phone that supports extUSB. One thing worth noting is that HTC doesn’t seem to be moving away from the standard they have set with this connector; as the Touch Diamond2, Touch Pro2 and the Snap are all destined to continue this precedent. The adapter can be purchased from the WMExperts Store for $15.95. 

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Ratings (out of 5)Concept & Ports: 4Value Added: 3.5Overall: ProsMust have if you listen to audio with your HTC deviceWorks with almost all HTC designed devicesConsWould've been nice to have these ports built into the device itself

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  • the 1 that came with my touch pro broke after like a month. i cant listen to music with it cuz it will bring up voice command & or start dialing a number if the cord moves a lil bit & if im on the phone it will click over then hang up on the person so i cant use it for anything unless everything is completely id give it a 1 start cuz it broke & because when it did work it is so big i looked like a fool listening to music with it unless it was in my pants, but even then it felt weird
  • I had one of those old headphone to FM transmitters sitting around. I last used it to broadcast my old mp3 player to my car stereo. I'm pleased to report (since I'm too cheap to fork over $$ for a bluetooth solution) that using it and this adapter provided a hands free solution for both phone and listening to tunes from my Touch Pro in my vehicles.
  • This thing comes unplugged way to easily due to the nature of USB connection.
    Then there's problem with it breaking or getting lost.
    How are you to listen to music when that happens?
    This adapter is a fail.
    Give me 3.5mm anyday in addition to the ExtUSB and I'll be happy.
  • I agree that there are times when a 3.5 mm jack would be convienent. On the other hand, there are even more times where I'm glad that I only have to plug one adapter into my Touch Pro to both charge the phone and get the audio out (e.g. everytime I get into or out of my car). Also, where do you draw the line with these "standard connectors"? Should the Touch Pro also have a standard 2.5 mm jack for a handsfee kit, and a standard yellow RCA jack for composite video out? At some point that gets pretty ridiculous, does it not? I think the perfect solution would be to keep the ExtUSB port on the phones to keep them small, but in addition to the multifunction adapter, maybe also include with the phone something smaller for times when you only want to plug in headphones - similar to the Seidio Mini USB to 3.5mm Adapter.
  • Good comments all. Don't misread this review as an indication that I'm somehow endorsing the use of extUSB. I would greatly prefer having a 3.55mm jack on my device (if you care I'm using this with an AT&T Tilt). As far as the fit of the adapter goes, I haven't experienced any issues, but I agree that having an extra piece to get lost or broken is a pain.
  • "(some of HTC
  • Very good to know! I stand corrected. Thanks dave!
  • IIRC correctly either the blue wire, internally, needs to be cut or a registry entry needs to be changed for this to work.
    I cut my wire. Did you do either?
  • Tim: Thanks for an informative review. Do you know if both audio jacks can be used at the same time -- one for audio in and one for audio out? (If not, maybe you know of another adapter, compatible with the 8125, with separate jacks for headphones and microphone?) Thanks!
  • Question: The 3.5mm jack does not work on my adapter. When I plug in a headset, the phone still plays the audio over the phone speaker. Am I missing a step, or is my unit defective? The adapter works fine with the HTC headset while simultaneously charging. I do enjoy that feature. I have an HTC G1.
  • From my experimenting with my own G1, it seems as if the problem is that the Android OS separates between media and phone audio, and that the HTC multifunction adapter reviewed here only passes along phone audio-- not the audio from the music player, YouTube, etc. I could be wrong, as I have not yet finished experimenting. If someone finds a workaround, I'd love to hear it!
  • I'm working in a Radio Station... Can I plug a MIC into this device?!
    Do you know if extist a kind of adapter to plug a mic to de HTC Magic? Thank's alot!
  • I tried using 2.5mm for microphone, and 3.5mm for stereo out and vice versa....each one works fine on their own...but when I have them both plugged in, only the microphone Thanks
  • I'm having the same issue as the 1st comment. I had an adapter before this HTC one w/ a button for voice command/redial which did the same thing. I thought I'd solved the problem with the purchase of this HTC model. It's worked fine for about 8 months then today the same issue. Just as the 1st comment described, I'm listening to music and the voice command initiates repeatedly interrupting the music and often redialing my last call. Has anyone had this happen and found a solution? I don't want to disable voice command, as my Tilt 2 is set up to announce incoming calls which is one of my favorite functions (phone-wise) of the device.
  • I love this adapter and would have given it five stars until a week ago. Then I received the Android firmware update on my G1 (version 1.5 aka Cupcake). Now this adapter doesn't work. I had two of these and tested them both, so I am sure it's not a malfunctioning adapter. I wrote HTC and they were totally unhelpful. Be forewarned!
  • I had a problem with the adapter on my, My Touch 3G original white.. it had a short in the cable i used it until it went out, completely! so I ordered a new one from t-mobile, and it turned out to be the wrong one! It was for the updated model, the my touch 3G with 3.5mm jack, so I returned it.. then they said they do carry the headset for my phone.. So they gave me the number to a place called, so I found the HTC multifunction audio adapter, but I just got it today, and it didn't work on my phone..!! this is a new phone so I know the EXT-USB port's not damaged..!! Mann I don't know..!!