Review: HTC Multifunction Audio Adapter

If you haven’t heard of HTC, you must be new here. If you haven’t heard Dieter complain about HTC’s apparent apprehension with putting a 3.5mm audio jack on their devices, you should start listening to our Podcast. One solution that has been mentioned before is HTC’s Multifunction adapter that gives you a slew of options for connecting all manner of devices to your device of choice. If you want this additional functionality on your phone, you know where to get all the details.

Concept & Ports

The idea is simple, and it’s something that HTC has been doing since the Stone Age it seems. HTC builds their ExtUSB port into almost all of their devices (head over here if you’re the curious type). Their evil plan for this port is that they could do a number of things with one connector what most devices do with two or even three. The ExtUSB port allows for you to Sync and charge your device, as well as supporting HTC headsets and (with this adapter) audio out using both 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio jacks (some of HTC’s newer devices like the Touch Pro support video out, which requires a different, slightly more expensive adapter).

Value Added

Whether you prefer the ExtUSB port or would rather have the jacks broken out into industry standard form factors, the fact is that HTC makes most of the best devices in the Windows Mobile world; and we’re pretty much stuck with what they give us when it comes to ports. As stated, this Multifunction adapter adds ports for 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio. Additionally there are ports for HTC’s headsets as well as a standard microUSB jack (for syncing and/or charging).

The obvious value here is that you can plug your headphones (or other audio system) into your HTC phone. Additionally, you have the ability to use an HTC headset while also syncing or charging your device. How much these features are worth to you personally depends on what you use your device for.


If you’re an HTC fanboy like many of us here, this is a must have accessory for any phone that supports extUSB. One thing worth noting is that HTC doesn’t seem to be moving away from the standard they have set with this connector; as the Touch Diamond2, Touch Pro2 and the Snap are all destined to continue this precedent. The adapter can be purchased from the WMExperts Store for $15.95. 

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Ratings (out of 5)Concept & Ports: 4Value Added: 3.5Overall: ProsMust have if you listen to audio with your HTC deviceWorks with almost all HTC designed devicesConsWould've been nice to have these ports built into the device itself
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