Review - Inateck Felt Surface Sleeve for Surface Pro 3

Tablet sleeves are a dime a dozen, and most of the ones you come across are pretty similar to each other. You know the ones I am talking about; the familiar zipper-top neoprene bag that may or may not have a side pocket. There's nothing wrong with them. In fact, I use one myself for my Surface Pro 3. They dutifully do their job, eliciting neither fanfare nor disappointment.

Inateck ( (opens in new tab)) set out to veer from the norm with their Felt Surface sleeve.


The main body of the Inateck sleeve is constructed of soft, yet durable, synthetic felt that gives off more of an appearance of a light wool. It measures 33cm x 23.5cm, which easily accommodates any generation of Microsoft Surface, among other devices.

Inside you will find a central pocket for your Surface, as well as a smaller pocket that can hold a book, accessories, or even a smaller tablet. Both pockets are lined with wear-resistant flannel to prevent scratching and scuffing of their contents.

Both compartments are covered and kept closed by a flap that folds over them and velcros to the body using vegan-friendly synthetic leather fasteners.

On the back side of the Inateck sleeve, you will two additional pockets. These two are smaller and can be used to hold your headphones, wallet or mobile phone.

And if that weren't enough, Inateck also includes a separate small bag that you can use for a mouse.

How is it?

From a utilitarian standpoint, Inateck's Surface sleeve does exactly what you would expect any sleeve to do. The felt exterior seems to be padded enough to absorb a bump or a drop, just like any of its neoprene brethren.

The additional pockets allow you to take just about anything you need with you whether you are heading to a meeting or a coffee shop.

The Inateck sleeve has a classic, unisex aesthetic that can fit a variety of styles. It could also just as easily be found in a briefcase as it could in a backpack. It is a versatile sleeve that offers an alternative to the everyday laptop sleeve.

You can pick one up at Amazon for $16.99 (opens in new tab), which is 56% off the regular retail price of $38.99.

What do you think? Be sure to chime in below in the comments and check out our other Surface Pro 3 case reviews!

  • Looks hideous. But maybe feels nice and soft.
  • I wanna know how the Surface 2 inside of that would hold up.
  • You're crazy. This is one of the best looking Surface Pro 3 cases I've seen.
  • Where did you get that wood look on your Surface??
  • See the link at the end for more Surface Pro 3 case reviews.
  • Sweet, thanks!
  • Thanks! Amazing look, just got one!
  • I feel sad when you cover your Surface with a piece of wood, or something looks like wood. Do you think it looks better than the Surface vapor-mag?
  • Yes, I think it does
  • Would this sleeve stand the test of time? Or is it last a few months kind of build quality?
  • It's hard to say for sure, but I think you could get some good life out of it. It does not feel like it will fall apart easily.
  • Thanks :)
  • Looks nice indeed. All I need myself is Surface :/
  • same here!!
  • I've got the Maroo Leather Folio (It's a sleeve) for free with my surface purchase...a bit higher quality (fake leather though) but no additional pockets.  (it does have a loop inside for pen storage though which is nice) I kind of like the simple felt look of this one. That wood skin though,'s just...why?  You could also have bedazzled the back of the thing with glitter and unicorns while you were out destroying industrial engineering.  But that doesn't make it right. To each his own I guess...
  • I think sleeves are the most appropriate for a Surface device. My principle is: let the Surface shine naked when you are using it, put it in a bag (sleeve) when you are on the go. I don't think people should cover the surface of the Surface with anything at all. That said, my favorite Surface solution is the one called "MySurface" on amazon. It is subjective, but I just don't think any cases/sleeves/folios looks better than the Surface itself. I have said this many times, but want to know if people agree or disagree.
  • Agree. The Maroo case prevents the Surface from using its lovely hinge. I like the look of this:  
  • I think your thinking of a different case than the one I referenced...even though it says folio, it's litterally just a sleeve with a loop on the interior for pen storage.  Good quality it seems (so far). Although...I have an arc mouse and no where to store that, an extra pocket would be nice.
  • Totally agree...and depending on the individual's may be impacting thermal performance with these wood stickers and other cases.
  • Are the out pockets large enough to hold an iPhone 6 Plus?
  • I can't tell you for sure because I don't have a 6+. The phone I used in the outside pocket was a Lumia 1020 and there was a little bit of room left. A 6+ might fit.
  • I need one for mine... But it won't be this! Lol
  • Nice find. Ordered with the link!  :D
  • $40 for a flap of felt and wool.
  • $17, not $40.
  • That's the Amazon sale price.
  • This is great stuff!
  • There is a special offer on their Amazon page, Save $2.00 with code WOCWHRFW at checkout.  Ordered one at $14.99, saved me a few bucks. :)
  • I find it horrible! On the other hand, I've got a leather sleeve from Issentiel Paris and it is absolutely gorgeous and top quality. Of course, it doesn't come at the same price... And for my French-speaking fellows:
  • LOL!!! At that price, I'd rather buy the Surface Dock!
  • When you buy a product for $1500, paying 8-10% more to protect it with a stylish, high-quality sleeve doesn't seem like unreasonable even if I have also Microsoft Complete Care for that matter. Beside, it will certainly last (much) longer than a cheap one and will most probably be reusable with the next one I'll get as it is compatible with any 13" ultrabook... Oh and I also have the Surface docking station. :p
  • That looks nasty and ugly as hell. I wouldn't be caught dead stuffing my Surface in one of those.