Review - Incipio NGP Impact Resistant case for Lumia 1520

Sure, the beloved Lumia 1520 phablet may have been discontinued in Microsoft and AT&T stores, but it's still currently one of the best Windows phones out there.

And despite its lack of availability, those of us who have one still want to keep it safe, hopefully without adding much more bulk to its already large chassis. Incipio's NGP impact resistant case for the Lumia 1520 is at the top of the list of contenders.

NGP stands for "next generation polymer," and it more or less feels like a cross between a soft silicone cover and a hard polycarbonate shell. The result is a thin, light slip-on skin that resists tears but has enough bounce to it to absorb impact.

The Incipio NGP case slips on around the Lumia 1520, completely covering it the back and sides, including the buttons. Of course, there are the expected cutouts for the USB port, audio jack, cameras, speakers, and mics.


There is so much that I really like about this case. From an aesthetic point of view, its svelte design coupled with the matte black finish gives it a very unassuming look, almost as if the phone has no cover on it at all. In fact, my black Lumia 1520 doesn't look much different with the case on it than it does without it.

However, from an in-hand perspective, Incipio's NGP material makes huge difference, making it much less slippery than the stock phone. But because the case is so thin, there is no added bulk, so the phone is just as easy to wrap your hand around. And even though there is added grip, the phone still glides in and out of pocket and is resistant to collection dust and fuzz.

The Incipio NGP case offers many layers of protection for your phablet. Its full wrap-around design helps keep lint and liquid away from all of the nooks and crannies of the Lumia 1520. The corners are clearly padded to guard against drops, and the slightly raised lip around the screen bezel looks to be enough to help prevent a full-on faceplant.


If there is one thing that I am not crazy about (and believe me when I tell you that I had to rack my brain to come up with something), it is the how the button covers affect using the volume and camera controls. While I love how the covers protect the buttons from collecting dirt or getting wet, they make using the volume and camera a little clunky.

For instance, if I spontaneously want to take a picture of something and try to wake my phone by activating the camera, it occasionally takes a couple of attempts. Similarly, raising or lowering the volume sometimes takes a couple of tries.

For some reason, the power button doesn't seem to suffer from the same issue though it could be that I am more deliberate about pressing the power than I am with the other controls.

At any rate, the button covers are nowhere near being a deal breaker for this case.

Some may argue that the $24.99 retail price is a knock against this cover, but I disagree. While you can certainly find similar cases for less money, I believe that they are likely to fall short of the quality and performance that Incipio has achieved with the NGP cover.

I have no reservations about recommending it, even with the $20+ price tag. The Incipio NGP case comes in four colors: solid black (shown), and translucent pink, turquoise, or mercury.

You can save yourself a couple of bucks off the retail price by getting it at the Windows Central Store{.nofollow} for $22.95.

  • Ahhhh, the 1520.... A wonderfully sized device... In some opinions the perfect size, in some too big, in some leaves dreams of an even larger screen....
    I fall into the last category, hoping that MS is planning to bring us even more size options, especially a 6.2" "1540".... That would be just peachy. Keep the faith up high, 1520, Phablet, and open minded fans... The struggle is real.
  • I have the yellow 1520 (RM-937) for more than a year now, and even though I really LOVE this awesome device - I must admit that even though I have big hands, its size is a bit too big. I think the sweet spot is more around the 5.7" screen - when I hold the device in one hand, it's really hard for me to, say, click on buttons which are on the far end of the screen. The worst part of all, is that the device seems to not be durable over time - mine has developed a small crack between the headphone jack and the screen, and on its other end - a small crack between the USB port and the screen, as if the device was bended backwards (which is possibly what happened, as I put it on the front pocket of my pants most of the time), and now the screen behaves strange sometimes - becomes not responsive until I lock and unlock it, minimizes windows, clicks on the search button and click on random applications rapidly until I lock it again....
  • I glad to say that I don't have any if the issues you have... The size is great, and the keyboard "issue" is pretty much solved in W10.... My first device did crap out, but I found that a can of compressed air in the USB port would've fixed it.
    Nevertheless, I hope MS decides to make size options to fit everyone's needs.
  • My 1520 is already impact resistant... Hence why I have no case. I dropped it on a wood floor once... Dented the floor, no marks on the phone.
  • Lol!
  • Mine dropped on wooden floor camera bump first, shattered my whole screen... So I'll wondering, does this case offer any protection for that bump?
  • So, you had no case on it❓ Because, most 1520 cases have some kinda lip around the camera lens.
  • I have 2 cases and 1 leather pocket case but....I really like the phone as it came to this world! It's some big risk involved using the phone naked but I keep trying to use the different rubber cases, a black and transparent ones, and the pocket case, but for now I will keep using the phone as my 2520 tablet, NAKED! Greetings from Portugal.
  • Welll, I hope you get a new "2540" tablet.
  • That's was my best windows phone which I sincerely miss. I loved "The Hulk" as I called it. It was perfect and if the would make a candy bar surface phone using that slim design and similar size at a price point cheaper than the Duos, Indefinitly buy it!
  • Now, if it weren't for the useless hole for the wireless charging back cover...
  • You guys really need to test Imak's cases, based in Hong Kong and make high quality products. I used their cases for my 8X and now my 1520.
  • I have this 1 year ago.
  • Can I buy this in UK?
  • Now if only your parent company will carry their qc2.0 chargers
  • I want that lock screen.
  • I want that image as q background.
  • There you go:
  • That's a small hand there! My tumb reaches the top of the phone following the way you hold. Maybe im just big lol
  • I've had this case for close to 18months. It's very good and doesn't add much in terms of bulk.
  • Very similar to the Amzer pudding, iv got the amzer for my 1520 and the button work perfectly!!
  • I have both white and black Amzer pudding since I got the phone 14 months ago. Great case, excellent fit, hasn't caused any scratching, button extensions not too hard to push.
  • Gameloft Battle Odyssey for Windows 8 is out BTW.
  • I want one....but shipping cost to Italy would be as much as the price tag!
  • I got this. amazing case.
  • But, I love my red phone...translucent pink..maybe...had a clear case once, phone held moisture between case and phone...made phone look like shit
  • Own both, the phone and the case, for ~15 month now; love them!
  • I got mine on sale here at Windows Central to slap onto my 1520 a few weeks ago.  I have to say I have no cons to speak of. Buttons work fine, the speaker hole is placed correctly, it doesn't add bulk and it makes my 1520 look really suave. It fits like a glove. I like it.
  • I love the case and have had it for a long time. The turquoise looks awesome on both the yellow and black phone. Be careful though, I cracked the screen on my yellow one pulling off the corner and I guess flexing the screen too much. Hence why I have a black one now.
  • Just bought a 1520 this weekend b/c I don't like juggling between phone, tablet, and laptop.  Hoping the L1520 will serve as both tablet and phone when I don't need the full computer. While I like the looks of this case, I don't like the buttons covered.  Bought the Incipio Feather Case instead, which feels and looks great for a minimalist case even if it won't provide near the protection as this NGP probably does. Unfortunately, even the Feather case (and therefore this NGP, I would assume as well) doesn't fit into the new Kenu Airframe+ vent mount I just bought.  (Well, it kinda fits if I jam it in there so tightly that the airframe arms bend visibily out of shape). Any good (and streamlined) car mounts that accomodate these Incipio cases?
  • I don't know what a "streamlined" car mount is but I use a choetech wireless vent charger which can be found on Amazon. It charges through both my NGP and rigid Nilkin case.
  • Well, I don't know exactly what a streamlined mount is either, until I see it.  Some car mounts and cradles have so many parts, necks, bases, clamps, suction cups, etc. that they almost have more mass than the phone itself.  The Kenu Airframe + was absolutely perfect for the L830, holding it perfectly in place, snug against the dashboard, not blocking any other controls on the dash. Unfortunately, it is about 2mm too small to safely hold an L1520 in even the thinnest of cases. Thanks for the suggestion/recommendation. I'll take a look as I keep searching.
  • That one looks nice but I have the 1520 from AT&T and it doesn't support Qi charging.
  • Problem with that though is that it doesn't protect the camera hump. Look for Imak 1520 on eBay, really great case.
  • Looks good - basically like what I have with accessible buttons, minimal bulk, but with the camera lip as you said.  Just ordered one.  $7.50 is much better than what I paid for the Incipio, which will make do until this Imak arrives.  Thank you!
  • Awesome, glad to help. I really like the plastic they use, it's hard but flexible at the same time. If you squeeze the empty case it'll actually bend. Nillkin makes a similar one but I think it's a little thicker and has a textured plastic instead of the rubber coating on the Imak. I also had the same case on my 8X, I dropped it once onto asphalt and the corner actually bent, it didn't crack.
  • The problems I have with case are two. First, the covered buttons hamper daily usage. Second, it is too flexible. I had the exhaustively documented ghost touch screen issue on my white 1520.3. This issue was resolved once I used a rigid white Nilkin case. I haven't used my NGP case since.
  • Performance from a case? Lol I just chuckled at that statement.
  • You never just might seem faster with a case on.
  • Performance would be how it performs the functions that it is designed for. In this case, it would mean how it protects your phone from debris and from getting damaged. It totally seems faster, though. :)
  • Does anyone have a good recommendation for a wallet-style case? Preferably one which isn't too bulky but still has room for a couple of cards. Do they make photography annoying?
  • I wouldn't say this is any more impact resistant than any other skin case but it has served me surprisingly well with my 1520.3. I have dropped it a few times more than half expecting the screen to be shattered (former iphone owner in me) and it came away unscathed. It has fallen from both the face down and up and the camera lens glass is still scratch free from the lip it provides and the screen is mostly unscratched except for a few micrcracks from daily use. One thing to note, it does squeek which is interesting from a plastic case. It also does leave a residue on the back of the matte finish on the 1520 which isn't something to be desired, but hey it's a phone right?
  • That is interesting. I have not experienced the squeaking at all.