Review: Jabra BT8010

Read on for a full review of the new Jabra BT8010, including a hands-on video. Despite some nasty PPC compatibility issues, the BT8010 just might be the best Bluetooth headset available today.

Video Demo

(Directly download the video here)


The Jabra BT8010 is far and away the most feature-laden headset available today. The BT8010 sports a large, readable display, full Bluetooth Stereo, redial, redial by the last 15 callers, importing of phone lists, vibrating ring, multipoint, and will likely give you a foot massage if you ask it to.

In addition to a gigantic pack of features, the BT8010 sports an innovative design - the sort of design that makes you smack your head and say "why wasn't this invented 5 years ago?" The BT8010 normally looks like any other Bluetooth headset (albeit slightly larger than the latest and greatest tiny headsets), but it comes with a "mini-me" version of itself attached to a short cable which you can plug into the back of the headset for stereo sound.

The mini-me portion of the headset plugs into the charging port of the BT8010, and is powered by the main headset's battery - which is a simple and elegant solution. Not so simple or elegant is Jabra didn't find a way to make this connector compatible with standard mini-usb, but instead uses a proprietary connection.

In the near future, Jabra will be releasing a desktop application (The "BT8010 Control Center")for the BT8010 that will allow you to sync up a list of phone numbers and even change the "skin" of the headset's built-in display. Jabra isn't technically distributing the Jabra BT8010 in the United States just yet (though it's available in several places, including the WMExperts store), which explains the "delay" in the desktop app.


The Jabra BT8010 is a great looking headset. Though slightly bulkier than most other modern headsets, the extra size is more than offset by the extra features of the device.

Looking at it from the side, the most prominent feature is the large, easy-to-use scroll wheel, which has a satisfying "clickyness" to it when you turn in. Within the scroll wheel is the main function button, which answer and hangs up calls and acts as a play, pause, or next song button (when double-pressed).

Jabra wasn't shy with the buttons - in addition to the side buttons there's buttons on the top as well: an On/Off/Pairing switch, a "music toggle" button (which doesn't seem to work a damn with Windows Mobile), and a menu/back button

Actually, the most prominent feature on the side is probably the display, which is large and easy to read. The display turns itself off to save battery power relatively quickly, however. I really enjoy having a display on a Bluetooth headset, as odd as that sounds. Some find a display on a headset rather odd, as they headset is often (or usually) on the ear. However, being able to see battery life at a glance is worth the price of admission alone, in my opinion. And given the advanced feature-set of the BT8010, trying to operate it without a display would be a nightmare.

The "mini-me" looks identical to the main headset, but has no functional buttons.

Comfort and Usability

The BT8010 is a comfortable headset. It stays on the ear without any problems (and can be adjusted to fit in either ear). I have no problem wearing the headset for extended periods of time.

The speaker on both the main and mini-me headsets protrudes into the ear "just enough" to provide sufficient volume without become uncomfortable. I actually find it to be a nice compromise between "ear-gel" style headsets and more traditional "blast the sound into your ear" headsets. Your mileage may vary, however, depending on your ear size - for me, it's great.

The BT8010 charges very quickly, it will go from stone-cold dead to a full charge in less than two hours. With that full charge, Jabra specs the battery life at 10 hours talk/music time or 13 days standby time. In my usage this seems pretty accurate. I've listened to about 3 hours of music and spend a half hour on the phone just today and the battery is sitting pretty at 2 out of four bars.

Sound Quality

Sound quality on phone calls is very good on the Jabra BT8010 - plenty loud for most any situations. One "quirk" which I actually like a lot is the volume adjustment on the headset applies only to he headset - it doesn't adjust the phones volume as I've experience with other Bluetooth headsets paired to a WM device. Another nice bit - when you have the mini-me plugged in the BT8010 gives you the audio in both ears.

Range on the BT8010 is superb, which is a very (VERY) pleasant surprise on a Bluetooth headset. I was able to have clear sound on both ends at 15 feet (with line-of-sight) and just the slightest static at 20 feet with a couple of walls in between. I suspect that the larger size not only accommodates the large screen and extra board-space for all the features of the BT8010, but also perhaps a larger Bluetooth antenna.

Sound quality for music was also good. It's still Bluetooth, mind you, but is on par with other A2DP headsets. You'll want to check on your device to make sure it supports actual Bluetooth stereo if that's what you're looking for, though - T-Mobile Dash, I'm looking at you.


Unfortunately, the various Bluetooth "standards" are anything but standard. Such is the case with the Jabra BT8010's compatibility with the various Windows Mobile devices I tested it with. Now, for phone calls, the BT8010 is a champ - it performs exactly as you'd expect it to. The difficulty comes in with the BT8010's "Wireless stereo" settings.

On both the T-Mobile MDA and the Palm Treo 750v, I experienced an unsettling bug. If you set the BT8010 as your Bluetooth "Wireless Stereo", then both of these PPC devices routed ALL of their audio through the Bluetooth headset - including button-click sounds and - get this: ringtones. Absolutely not cool. Getting the sound back required either turning off the BT8010 (which is thankfully easy given that it has an off-switch) or disabling the headset as a wireless stereo device manually via the Bluetooth settings. In some cases the BT8010 still ended up hijacking all system sound anyway. On the bright side, Play, Pause, and Next all worked fine when controlling it from the BT8010.

On the T-Mobile Dash I had a much better experience. The Dash was able to better determine where ringtones should come from (the phone's own speaker) and where other audio ought to go (the Bluetooth headset). Of course, the Dash has its own issues - when it detects a paired Bluetooth headset it won't let you switch out of the "headset" profile. This particular bug is not unique to the Jabra BT8010, though. It's just an incredible hassle to not be able to quickly silence the ringer on a phone just because I happen to have a Bluetooth headset on and in range.

Here's the nub of it - every phone has a slightly different Bluetooth implementation. On top of that, the A2DP and AVRCP are not all supported in the same way on every phone. I don't know whether I should be directing my ire at Microsoft for not properly supporting the standards or at Jabra for hijacking audio even when I supposedly turn off A2DP mode by hitting the music button. Right now I've pretty much settled on blaming everybody.


The BT8010 is great headset in design, sound quality, and in the fact that it innovatively combines a nice phone headset with a nice set of stereo headsets. I wholeheartedly recommend the BT8010 to WM5 Smartphone users, but for PPC-edition users it is more of a mixed bag. I am still using it with my Treo 750v; its buggy nature with the Pocket PCs I've tested is more than offset by the quality and feature-set of the device. If you have a low tolerance for bugs, wait until there's either a firmware update or somebody figures out a bugfix.

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Ratings (out of 5)Design: 5Comfort: 5Compatibility: 4 (2 for PPC-Edition)Cost/Benefit: 4Overall:
5 for Smartphone Edition
3 for PPC-Edition
ProsInnovative "dual-use" designNice displayGood sound quality and rangeEasy to operateConsHijacks all sound on some PPC DevicesMay be too bulky for some
WC Staff
  • Thanks for your awesome review on this headset. Would you be able to tell me if it works well on a Samsung D900??
  • Thanks, Sammy.
    I don't see any reason why it wouldn't, it looks like the D900 supports BT 2.0 just fine. FWIW, the WMExperts store has a very good return policy within 30 days - no restock fee - so you could try it out.
  • hello I just received the Jabra Bt8010 & it will not pair with my Tmobile Dash. both Jabra & the company I bought it from stated compatibilty problems with Dash. How did you get them to work together?
  • Hi,
    I wanna buy a HTC X7500 Advantage. The BT8010 would go perfectly with that (presumibly).
    My question is if the display also shows you what tracs are playing when it is in music mode?
  • Do you know if this compatible with the Sidekick 3?
  • the newest firmware, 1.33, makes most of the bugs with certain phones, etc. go away.
    this is THE best headset/earpiece Ive ever owned and Ive tried or own just about all of them.
    the review you did for it was the final straw. I HAD to get one and am glad I did. thanks
  • Mark -
    You've just sent me on a massive Google Hunt for the latest firmware. I still haven't been able to register the jabra or get the control center. A link would be most welcome!
  • Will all features for this work for the palm treo 650?
  • Hello. I have the LG fusic, it says "A2DP profie" in the menue. do you think the JABRA 8010 will perform ok with my LG. thanks
  • yes the BT8010 works flawlessly with a samsung D900.
    Just got mine today and it is awesome.
  • I love this set, worked awesome on my LG VX9400. But with my Verizon Q ... thats another story. I cant seem to get this paired correctly. It works sometimes but I keep losing any connectivity after I power the set down and try to reconnect. Any help on this would be GREAT!!
  • Great review. I am using the 8010 with my Mogul with no real problems (once in a while I get someone who says I am choppy which could be expected with any BT). The BT Stereo is wonderful.
    My first 8010 did not work well with my Mogul. I exchanged my headset and it worked. My second one had a different SW version of 1-33-0 which now works great with my Mogul (PPC-6800).
  • Great review. I am using the 8010 with my Mogul with no real problems (once in a while I get someone who says I am choppy which could be expected with any BT). The BT Stereo is wonderful.
    My first 8010 did not work well with my Mogul. I exchanged my headset and it worked. My second one had a different SW version of 1-33-0 which now works great with my Mogul (PPC-6800).
    I bet the new software / desktop tools are available now. I should look into doing a followup. Hm.
  • Actually the official firmware update that is available via the Jabra website / desktop tool, is older than the firmware version that my headset came with. I just tried to check the firmware they have posted online, but their login site is down right now.
  • Actually the official firmware update that is available via the Jabra website / desktop tool, is older than the firmware version that my headset came with. I just tried to check the firmware they have posted online, but their login site is down right now.
    I'm not surprised - I remember having the worst time trying to get a login to work in the first place - there was some manual futzing with the URL to get everything right. I think Jabra is still having issues after their acquisition from that IP phone company. Plus I think their US / International divisions aren't talking to each other as well as they ought.
  • I have to admit that I really like the idea of all the system sounds going through the BT headset and have found this to be advantageous for me and list it as Pro for me. For example I use GPS a lot with a lot of rental cars. There are some out there (i.e. sports cars or convertibles) that offer a lot of road noise. Now the guidance turn by turn voice prompts come right through the headset, which I like.
    Also the other night I wanted to play some games on my Mogul, while my wife was trying to go sleep. I just put on the 8010 and I could everything and she couldn't.
  • Hi
    I have Nokia N 73 Music Edition with latest software which says it supports A2DP. Will it be a good choice to go for 8010 Jabra
  • I think the 8010 is great in terms of clarity and perfomance. The earloop just hurts like all hell. I wear glasses and I dont see any way to put maybe a Jabra earjel on it so I can get rid of the loop.
  • I've been looking around to get a headset for my Insignia mp3 player. It has bluetooth and supports AD2P stereo headsets. I need a headset that will only be in one ear. Does the bt8010 allow ad2p music to be played with the single mono headset?
  • I have a Palm Centro. Is the bt8010 compatable with it. If so, will it have the "quirks" you mentioned with your Treo 750? Thanks
  • The Palm Centro will only work with the standard call-features. To get it to work with bluetooth stereo, you'll need an add-on program called Softick Audio Gateway ( $19.95).
    With that setup, no, you won't have all those weird issues at all!
  • Can you tell me if the "Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth" will be able to play the music when using the "SideKick 2008?" I tried the "Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth" once before with the "Sidekick III" and I wasn't able to listen to music through it.
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  • Does anyone know if the BT8010 will work with an HTC PPC-6700 (sprint model)? I just bought the headset online because the description said it was compatible with all bluetooth enabled phones, then AFTER I ordered it, I decided to do some web-browsing and accidentally came across this saying there may be some problems with PPC models. Is this a big OOPS or will it work?
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  • Where in the "heck" can I find the stereo attachment for the Jabra BT8010, I am soo frustrated looking for this. I just received my headset:mono only! Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanx; Micheal
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