Review: Krusell Orbit Flex Multidapt Leather Case for AT&T Tilt 2

Making the decision of which case to purchase for your phone is based on your own personality and lifestyle as the phone itself. Windows Phones that have a sliding keyboard like AT&T’s Tilt 2 tend to be a little more difficult for case manufacturers to design to the features of the specific hardware.

Krusell has been making cases for Windows Phones for a long time. Many Krusell cases feature their Multidapt modular clip system, which allows you to use the case with a number of different clips and holders. The Orbit Flex case for the Tilt 2 is versatile enough that it can be used a number of different ways depending on your needs. The full review is after the break.


The Orbit Flex case is designed so that the keyboard portion slides into the case underneath a thin layer of clear plastic. When the phone slides closed the screen slides over the top of the plastic. This case is designed for the phone to be used without being removed.

Krusell includes a flap for the Flex case that folds up from the bottom to cover the screen of the device. A magnetic snap at the top holds the flap in place. A credit card/ID slot is included as well as storage for flash memory cards. The front flap is optional, as there is a plastic slide at the bottom of the case which allows the flap to be removed.

The back of the case features a single cutout for the camera, speaker and mute button. All of the buttons and ports on the side of the Tilt 2 are accessible while the case is in use.

The Orbit Flex comes with Krusell’s Ratchet Swivel Kit, which is a fairly standard ratcheting belt clip. The cool part about having a Multidapt compatible case is that you can use the case with any number of holders and clips to make it a very flexible system. I was able to test the Krusell Arm Strap, which snaps directly onto the back of the Flex case and enables you to carry your phone directly on your arm, making it very handy for use at the gym. Other Multidapt options include a shoulder strap clip, car holders and various belt clips. Many of the Multidapt options may be things that you would never use, but having so many options available is a major plus.


The design and build quality of the Orbit Flex is impressive. Being able to design a case this flexible for a piece of hardware with as many moving pieces as the Tilt 2 is a feat. My only real complaint is that the keyboard is under a layer of plastic, losing the tactile feel of the Tilt 2 keyboard; but because of the size of the keyboard buttons and the overall quality of the keys, this is really a minor issue.


The Krusell Orbit Flex case has a lot of things going for it. Between the array of choices that Multidapt gives you and the ability to use the front flap or not; this is one of the more flexible case options on the market. At $34.95, this is definitely one of the more expensive cases you will come across. Head on over to the WMExperts store to get the Orbit Flex case or to browse the various Multidapt accessories (including the Krusell Arm Strap) that are available.

George Ponder

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