Review: MOBO Wallet Organizer Case

When it comes to cases for your cell phone, there is no one form factor that is perfect for everyone. The perfect case for you depends entirely on your needs. This concept makes it imperative for manufacturers to make a variety of shapes, sizes and designs in order to accommodate the variety of people that buy their products.

Cases that double as a wallet have come and go over the years and no one manufacturer can seem to get a design that really takes off. The idea that you can have your wallet and cell phone in one compact package is particularly appealing to those of us who walk around with what could easily be mistaken for Batman’s utility belt.  Mobo makes this attempt with their Wallet Organizer Case.

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MOBO’s Wallet Case features a slot for your phone, with a flap that folds over the top in order to secure your device. The flap features a magnetic closure, and uses an off-center design in order to support a phone with a protruding antenna.

The wallet portion of this case has four spaces for credit cards and ID. This space is between the main compartment of the case and the belt clip. A Velcro strap fastens the wallet closed. The belt clip rotates a full 360, in 45 degree increments.


Honestly, the level of quality isn’t what it should be. While the case is leather, it just doesn’t feel luxurious like it should. The Velcro on the wallet strap feels cheap and the belt clip flexes too much for me to feel comfortable.


Undeniably there are some advantages to having this style case. Some people just love the swiss army knife philosophy of having everything in one package. The fact is, that’s one thing that many of us love about our Windows Mobile devices. But unless you have a deep seeded desire to have a combination Wallet/Case; I’d have to say you should pass on this one. There are problematic areas with the design, like the decision to use Velcro to hold the wallet closed. Also, four slots for cards aren’t going to be much use to me.

If I haven’t already talked you out of it, head on over to the WMExperts store. $29.95 is the going rate for your very own Wallet Organizer Case by MOBO.

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Ratings (out of 5)Design: 3.5Quality: 2.5Overall: 3.5/5 ProsSpace for phone and credit cards/IDConsIsn't the most well-built case I've ever seen.Wallet is very limited
George Ponder

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