Review: Motorola H780 Bluetooth Headset

Motorola has been maligned on this and other blogs due to some of their odd business choices over the last couple of years, in particular in regards to their Windows Mobile handhelds such as the Q series and the ever-unpopular Motosurf. Despite the apparent downturn of the Motorola monster, their other business aspects appear to be churning along nicely.

Motorola’s H780 Bluetooth Headset is one in a long and diverse line of Bluetooth headsets coming from Motorola. We’ve reviewed everything from the diminutive Mini H9 to the stylistically aggressive RAZRWIRE; and for the most part, we’ve been fairly happy with what we’ve found.

For the full review of the H780, you’ve come to the right place.


The H780 is a little more bulky than many of the headsets on the market today, but not enough that it is uncomfortable or awkward to wear. The headset comes with three different sizes of rubber covers for the earpiece to allow you to customize the fit to the size of your ear.

As a departure from many of the headsets these days that present you with the minimal amount of buttons, the H780 includes an assortment. The standard oversized call button and volume controls are included on the side and top respectively. Joining these are a power switch that allows you to ensure that, yes, you actually did turn the thing off; and a noise cancellation button, which allows you to enable or disable the noise cancellation functionality.

Sound Quality

The H780 uses Motorola’s “CrystalTalk for Headsets”, which uses dual microphones and some fancy software to handle noise and echo cancellation. I found the H780 to handle noise at least as well as any other headset that I have used in a variety of situations. Also, the volume produced from the headset seems to be significantly better than any other headset that I have used. Some clipping did occur when the headset volume was at high levels.


The true assessment for me when I am testing a headset is whether or not I forget to go back to the headset that I normally use. By that standard, Motorola did an amazing job with the H780. The sound quality and volume make it perfect for use while driving or while talking in a busy room. For what I would consider a mid-range price tag ($69.95), Motorola delivers some high-end features.

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Ratings (out of 5)Design: 4Sound Quality: 5Overall: ProsExceptional sound qualityConsNot the most compact designNoise reduction button seems pointless
  • The Noise reduction button isn't pointless if turning the feature off actually gives you more talk time. I have the PURE H12 and battery life is somewhat pathetic because of its alleged noise reduction. Also, if the H780's noise reduction is as good as that on the H12, you might want to turn it off so people can actually hear YOU and not some robot speaking to them.
  • I can see what you mean. I personally don't have my headset glued to my ear constantly as some people's jobs require, but I haven't noticed any issues with battery life or call quality.
  • I hear the improvement in call quality, but it's far from being perfect...what has been done to really deal with all the background noise and echo...when will they incoporate smart noise reduction solutions like Solicall?
  • Can anyone explain why, when I use this headset, the person I am speaking with hears their own voice echo back into their ear? I am hoping to find a quick-fix for this problem so I don't have to return it to the store. Thanks.
  • good review , I like the bluetooth headset very much! I have bought mine at Tradestead , there are many kinds of such good things , I like it very much!
  • It will not stay in touch for more than 10 minutes at a time. And I know that the bluetooth on my iPhone is not the problem, it works well with other Bluetooth devices.