Review: Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are getting thinner, smaller and lighter and Motorola has done a good job keeping pace with this trend in the Motorola H790. Measuring in at 2 inches long by 0.8 inches wide and 0.3 inches high, the H790 weighs a paltry 0.34 ounces. 

But looks aren't everything.  Follow the break to see if the H790 is just another pretty face amongst the many Bluetooth headset or if its performance compliments the sleek design of this Bluetooth headset.


The Motorola H790 is small, thin and lightweight. The brushed silver finish looks really good and the overall feel of the headset is solid.

Kudos to Motorola for placing a dedicated power button on the side H790. I prefer the dedicated power button over integrating the on/off function into the multi-function button. The power button lightens the load on the multi-function button and give you a positive indication/confirmation on the headsets power status.

The volume buttons rest on the opposite side of the H790. They are thin, small but functional. A tone confirms the change in volume and samples the volume level.  The H790 has three LED lights on the face of the headset to confirm features and indicate battery levels as well as charging status.

To the top of the headset you will find a micro-USB port for charging and just above the USB port is the headsets multi-function button (Motorola refers to this as the Call Button). It might have been more convenient to users to have moved it to the face of the headset. As is, it took a little time to get used to but it performs well.

The H790 comes packaged with a ear hook, an assorted size of ear buds (small and large), wall charger and multi-language owners manual. I do wish Motorola would have included additional sized ear buds.


Motorola incorporates its CrystalTalk technology to give the H790 very good call quality. Calls came in loud and clear with no static or interference experienced. The microphone on the H790 was able to pick up my voice clearly when using normal tones and volumes. Background noise was filtered out nicely as well.

The H790 isn't loaded with features but does have the essential headset functionality most will need. Asides from the standard answer/end calls, reject calls, redial last number, and voice commands (phone dependent) you also have the ability to answer or reject a second incoming call.

The only issue experienced with call features on the H790 was with redialing and initiating voice commands. To redial a number you press and hold the Call Button until you hear a tone. To initiate voice commands, you press the Call Button and wait for a tone. Once the tone sounds you can say your command.

The delay between pressing the Call Button and hearing the tone takes a little getting used to and at first you'll doubt that you pressed the Call Button long enough. When you try to initiate voice commands by pressing the button longer, you end up redialing. I would have much preferred these commands to be opposite.


While the performance of the H790 is very good, it won't be of any good if the headset isn't comfortable to wear. The H790 has two carry options. You have a "one size fits all" ear hook or ear buds with loops to use without the ear hook.

Both styles of wear are comfortable and it's simply a matter of personal taste as to which is better. I wear glasses and ear hooks can be a little uncomfortable so I prefer the ear buds. The ear hook method is more secure but without the hook, I never felt the H790 was going to fall off my ear.

Overall Impressions

The more I used the Motorola H790, the more I liked it. The thin, lightweight form factor helped the comfort level of the H790 and call quality was very good.

Motorola reports battery life to be approximately 5 hours of talk time and up to 168 hours of standby time. Based on the H790's performance during the review, I won't argue with Motorola's claims.

I like the dedicated power button and while the Call Button might have been more convenient on the face of the headset, it did take a little time to get used to. I do wish the button sequence for redialing and voice commands were more distinguishable.

If you need a quality built Bluetooth headset with a good feature set and very good call quality the Motorola H790 is worth a look at. Get it for $69.95 in the WMExperts Store.

Phil Nickinson

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