Review: Nite Ize Leather Cargo Case

Nite Ize cases typically are moderately sized, multipocket, non-leather cases capable of carrying just about everything from credit cards to cash to the Windows phone itself. Breaking new ground lately, Nite Ize is offering a slim, leather series of cases.

We tested the Nite Ize Leather Cargo "Sideways" Clip Case with the HTC Touch Pro 2. Join us after the break to see how well Nite Ize succeeded with its leather cases.

Case Design

The Leather Cargo Case is constructed of brown, "genuine" leather that has a distressed look about it. Personally, I like the look of brown leather over the conservative black leather cases. The sides of the Nite Ize case is made of elastic material that helps the case accommodate various sizes of phones.

A large flap secures the phone in place with Velcro. While Velcro has it's place in life, I would have rather seen magnets used to secure the flap. The Velcro does give you a little wiggle room to close the flap tighter around smaller phones but you've got that distinct crackling sound when you open the case. The silence of magnets has it's merit and Velcro does wear out with use. 

The interior of the case is lined with a soft suede type material. Stitching throughout the case appeared solid with no loose or frayed seems present.

To the back of the case you have a large plastic belt hook. It does hold the case securely on the belt but because the hook loops under your belt, removing the case can be a challenge in that you have to make sure the "hook" of the belt hook clears the belt.  With practice, removing the case becomes easier but there is a learning curve with this case compared to other cases.

It's customary for Nite Ize to design their cases with a few pockets for accessories and the Leather Cargo Case doesn't break tradition. There is an elastic strip in the interior of the case that creates an inner pocket suitable for holding items such as a credit card or cash. I could have lived without the elastic strip and while the material isn't abrasive, I would have preferred having the lining completely around the phone.

Fit and Feel

The Touch Pro 2 fits really well in the Nite Ize Cargo Case. There was just enough room to place and remove the phone with ease. The flap holds things in place really well and the clip locks onto your belt nice and secure. I had no issues with how the Cargo Case rode on my belt. There was a little wiggle when worn with narrower belts but I never felt as if the case would fall off. The looped belt hook on the case would have prevented that.

While having an interior pocket is a convenience, it was difficult to remove anything from the pocket while the phone was in the case. I had to take the phone out and then pull the contents out of the pocket. The more I used the Nite Ize Cargo Case, the less I liked the interior pocket.

Overall Impression

I really wanted to like the Nite Ize Cargo Case but the more I used the case, it never grew on me. I liked the look the brown leather gives the case but I don't think velcro is the best option to fasten the case's flap with. The hook design keeps the case on your belt securely but takes some effort to remove it. 

The inner pocket is more trouble than worth as designed. While I doubt the material used would scratch your phone, I would have rather seen a softer fabric used or the divider made from the material used to lined the case.

As is, the Nite Ize Cargo "Sideways" Case is a middle of the road case. I like the looks of the case but the features may not be for everyone.

Phil Nickinson

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