Review - Nokia DC-50 Portable Wireless Charging Plate

One of the primary attributes that I look for when shopping for just about any device is versatility. If I am spending my hard-earned cash, I want to get the most bang for the buck. So I am always happy to find a product that can fill multiple needs.

Enter the Nokia DC-50 portable wireless charging plate.

The Nokia DC-50 is a Qi Wireless-enabled charging pad that doubles as a portable power pack for your phone. When home, you can plug the DC-50 into the wall with the included wall-to-USB cable and use it as your primary phone charger. In that sense, it will be just like its non-portable sibling, the Nokia DT-900.

However, when you're ready to head out to the coffee shop to do some work, you can unplug the DC-50 and take it with you for some extra juice. That's because the 2400 mAh battery inside will help you keep charged up wherever you go.


I really dig the idea of the DC-50. It is an all-in-one charging solution for any Qi-enabled phone. It is sizable enough for any smartphone to rest on comfortably, yet petite enough to fit in a pocket or bag.

There are also some thoughtful details in the design, like a quad-LED on the back near the USB port that acts as a battery level indicator. There is also a single LED on the front to confirm that it is charging your device.

The DC-50 can also be charged by another wireless charger, just by placing it on top of the charging pad, like you would your phone.


There isn't much to the DC-50, so there isn't much to dislike. That being said it doesn't pack a whole lot of "wow-factor" either. The versatility of charging at home and on the go is certainly helpful, though the fact that you can charge your phone on the go without an extra cable is not overly impressive.

The biggest turnoff about the DC-50 is its $99.00 price tag, which is sure to be prohibitive for some. Portable power packs are relatively common these days, at very reasonable prices, so in many cases it would be cheaper to buy a wireless charger for home and a battery pack for the road.

Still, there is a novelty factor to the DC-50, not to mention that you can get one that will likely match your Lumia phone.

The DC-50 wireless charging pad comes in four colors: cyan, yellow, red, and white (pictured). You can pick one up at the Microsoft Store for $99.00 (opens in new tab).

  • What about efficiency? Will those 2400mah make it to the phone or just 30%?
  • It makes it to the phone, but Qi is slower to re-charge than direct USB. Considering most Lumias have a 2200 mAh or larger battery (at least the higher end ones with Qi), 2400 mAh is not much. This is more of a quick pick me up charge on the go, then anything significant.
  • Daniel, this may be off subject, but will this, and similar Nokia accessories, be under the MS name in the near future❓
  • Then it really is a terrible buy at that price. I mean, I don't even have Qi on my 1520, but I'm sure there are other alternatives for this price. Too bad, too. Great looker.
  • This was a nice bit of kit to get free with my Lumia 830 in UK, but wouldn't bother buying it myself. Works as standard wireless charger, but not as effective as normal wireless charger.
  • My Lumia 1520 has Qi.... You got the AT&T Version don't you
  • It charges only 70 to 75% of my Lumia 930
  • I have this charger and I usually get a 60% charge on my Lumia 928
  • Pretty sure power is naturally lost from the battery discharge and wireless aspects. And with the phone using juice while its on... All in all... It's a rip off and a sad one at that. Get a 10,400mAh Lumsing Harmonica power bank. Bought two and they couldn't be any more perfect
  • Can you charge your phone on top while it is charging?
  • Yes
  • I prefer the DC-21 portable charger... 6000mah of battery charging goodness, and half the price.
  • Me too. Let my sister use it with her iPhone 6. She didn't wanna give it back.
  • ...but without Qi wireless charging right? I got a portable Qi wireless charger off of Amazon, I dont remember the price but it was less than $99 for sure. It also has 10,000 mah and two USB ports for charging non-Qi devices.
  • Name of the device please? :D
  • I wish someone would make a rugged case with qi-charging for the 1020...
  • Agreed. Why they haven't is anyone's guess.
  • You can't even get the qi backs for the 1020 anymore in the us, unless you wanna spend like $75+ lol
  • Or you just make your own. Otterbox has a 1020 case, combine with Qi case and voila Qi rugged case :) made one a year ago. I use it every day, works perfectly.
  • Awesome. I'll get one right now Update: Can't find it
  • Looks cool. If I was certain about the future of Qi I would get one (on sale, of course).
  • This device is overpriced and under powered in my opinion, but I think the future of Qi is fine since the next generation of devices can support both Qi & PMA.
  • I have a 11000, 5600 and 5000 mah charger, 2400 is to little.
  • This.
  • Me like a lot. Five please
  • Got 3 of them! Love them!
  • Crazy price for such a small capacity.
    The novelty of QI charging doesn't make this a good product.
  • I disagree that its a novelty, and its not Qi that makes the high price - it's the name brand. For instance, as stated in another post, I bought a 10,000 mah Qi enabled charger w/ 2 USB ports and I paid less than what this one costs.
  • The same 'brand' sells a 6,500mah battery for half the price....
    The QI tech may be cheap to fit, but it is being used to justify the ridiculous price.
  • Which battery is this? Do you mean Nokia make big batteries or portable charger?
  • The price and battery capacity ruin the appeal. It either needs to exceed 10,000 mAh, or drop to $50 and have 5,000 mAh, in my opinion. By the way, what happened to the second-generation plate with BT 4.0 and such inside?
  • do you mean the one with pulsing led lights? it's already on sale I think
  • It was supposed to be, but I've not seen it happen, nor have I seen a review on this site.
  • I can't find it for sale either.
  • About the closest thing I found for a decent price. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • for around $50 or $40 I'd pick one up. maybe one day from Amazon..
  • Got one free with my 930 and it's a great little bit of kit, handy for slipping next to the phone in my bag to charge. My only improvement would be the option to charge via a wire as Qi can be a little slow.
  • Is that the free one we all got in the bundle??
  • Looks like it
  • $99! Are they smoking crack? Well at least it's not "coming soon"
  • I got one with my ambassador pack and bought another just because they are so cool
  • The newer smart pad is pretty awesome aswell with breathe and Bluetooth 4le
  • I have this and I never use it. It charges far too slow compared to just plugging in my Lumia 1520 directly. I also have a problem where power leaks out of this device. Example: The plate is full charged and plugged in and I plop my phone on top. My phone charges to 100% and then I grab my phone and the plate only to find the plate's battery is nearly dead. Which makes it kind of useless for my use-case.
  • The 1520's battery capacity exceeds that of this battery charger....
    That is why the battery is out of juice when you're done charging your phone!
  • That makes no sense to me. if the plate's battery is fully topped up any power my lumia needs should be fed through the plate from the mains..I have other battery packs and they all do this - unless I am missing something?
  • I didn't realise you had your plate plugged into the mains. Your comment read as if you charged the plate, then used the battery power to charge the phone...(hence why I thought I could explain why your charge plate was running out of battery)
  • I'm guessing you don't have a US-version of the 1520?
  • Hong Kong Variant
  • God I miss Qi. Just had to crack my 920 and get 1520 insurance replacement. My car qi charger is now a pricy holder.
  • Get the 1520.3
  • Don't do this. I had three of the .3's. All had horrible double-phantom-tapping issues. My green AT&T 1520, RIP Qi, has ZERO double-tap issues. Zero. It's glorious. The .3's I had were infuriating.
  • I get the same issues. Usually I just lock the phone and unlock it and its gone. Happens a couple times a week which is sad really. This is an awesome phone. But locking and unlocking it is extremely fast so it doesn't bother me.
  • I have a cyan dc-50, I had issues with the first one it only charged about 40%, whereas my dc-19s charge over 100% and my dc-16 charges 80%, they replaced it but still I can't get more than 50% charge. I'm ready to sell mine as its not what I was hoping for... Offers ?
  • Do more video reviews, honestly I'm to lazy to read.
  • Don't worry, you wont last long in this world.
  • So why did they created a YouTube channel if not for reviews?
  • YouTube is for cat videos, not reviews.
  • WC, more cat videos please!
  • Ade333, Hahaha, nice one !!!
  • My biggest beef with the previous flat charger (DT-900) is that you have to have the phone nearly perfectly placed for it to maintain a stable connection. How does the accuracy fare on this newer version?
  • Seems like it should have clips, like a car mount so you could clip it on, know that it's on right, and put it in your bag
  • I was a big fan of the palm touchstone chargers, except for the twice a night dingding
  • Hey..a lot of guys would kill for some dingding twice a night. Wait...what are we talking about here?
  • A piece of technology way before its time. RIP Palm and the Pre line.
  • I have started using the Goal Zero Guide 10 which can be recharged via solar or USB. It is a little bulkier, but more versatile. I agree with most, if the DC-50 wre half the cost, I would pick one up.
  • And you can throw in any set of AA batteries from a shop, if no mains or solar available.
  • Shouldn't this have the Microsoft name instead of Nokia?
  • It's in markets since a while, before the MS thing
  • The best wireless battery
  • Is it compatible with a Nokia Lumia 925? Or does it need an extra accessory?
  • You need the wireless charging shell for the 925.
  • For Qi portable wireless charger i prefer the Mugenizer N11, got the led indicators and power button but 4800mAh instead for $69 !!!
  • Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So glad that I read this. I've had this for ages and I didn't even know it had a battery. Brilliant. Haha.
  • You might have the old one. The old one doesn't have a battery.
  • I do feel it's overpriced but it is a seriously nice piece of kit. Bear in mind, Lumias have decent battery capacity and performance any way so my 1020 lasts all day most days but the fact I can pull a bright yellow slab out of a pocket and top it up on heavy use days is brilliant. And the fact I can drop them as a pair on my DC900 and they both charge is priceless, then when the phone rings, just pick it up and walk to the quite spot to take the call, all the benefits of wireless charging and them some. And you can afford a decent, rugged, yellow DC50 if you haven't wasted so much cash on an iphone
  • Rather wait for the new charger that will come with the new Microsoft Lumia Phone whenever they announce/release for USA market. Already have enough chargers as it is.
  • Pricey. Bump the juice up to 3600 and add a full-size USB port for charging the wife's iPhone and then we'll talk.
  • I like it, I just need to buy the 830 :)
  • You found one?
  • I stopped ready after I read about the $99 price tag ☹
  • I stopped reading your comment at the word ready.
  • D:
  • I gather from the branding that this business stayed with Nokia? Correct, or is it Microsoft now?
  • Got one for free with my 930, as said it's good for a few top ups but a full charge wipes out a lot of it's power.
  • Seriously, wouldn't you prefer wired charging from a battery when you're on the go? Seems impractical trying to hold the phone and the battery together when using the phone, even with clips, besides the longer charging time. Wired should at least be an option. It's down at $28 here in Sweden, a bit more reasonable.
  • ^^This!
  • I got one from china at $ 34 with 7000 good almost a year now and its light weight compare to others I used (non qi).
  • I wonder why these Qi plates (no battery) are so expensive? Inside is chip worth of 50 cents or so wrapped in plastic and the cost is ~ 50€ here in Nokia home turf.
  • You can pickup non brand qi chargers from newegg amazon or eBay for under $9. I got one of the puck ones and it works great.
  • I have one of these and my Lumia 1520 dwarfs it. Because of the size difference, aligning the coils properly is somewhat a hit and miss. In my experience, the USB connector of the 1520 must be right on top of the charging indicator of the DC-50 for the best charging efficiency. Also, I noticed that it discharges when metal objects are placed on top of it so it's best to avoid packing it with bundles of cables or anything metallic facing the charging side. If Nokia added a power switch that wouldn't have been a problem. Having a larger battery and a USB port would have made this the perfect power bank but I guess we can't have them all...
  • Mugenizer N11 : - Power switch
    - QI Charging
    - USB charging (not when connected to AC tho)
    - 4800 mAh
    - $70
  • Oh man.... actually charging on the go without a cable is a pretty nice thing.  I've been caught without a cable at times and needed a charge.  BUT, that $99 price tag is just too damn high!  Gonna be a "nope" for me.
  • I got mine with my 830!
  • Con.......Too expensive
  • What I would like to know, Daniel and crew, is what ever happened to the DT-903 you previewed back in September. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of them and there has been zero availability anywhere I look. Any clues?
  • The brand does not justify the price. Even the DT-900 is still ungodly overpriced compared to other qi chargers. No thank you.
  • But then it doesn't charge my phone fast and it runs out when phones 50%. So I don't use it much but its alright if you're carrying around
  • The DT-903 looks great to me. Is listed at Microsoft mobile.
  • I found a 6000mAh portable wireless charger made by LuguLake on Amazon for $30. Works great, though obviously not as compact as this one.
  • I'd rather have the DT-903 but it's not available to purchase yet.
  • Wish I could plug a USB cable into the DT-900. Would make it much more versatile.
  • I dont need it. I have a 1520.
  • Not a fan of this product at all. It gives my 1520 a boost of maybe 20% before it runs out of juice. I was told to connect it to a computer USB and it would give the charger a fuller charge, but I haven't seen a noticeable difference. It's now been relegated to a normal wireless charger (connected to an outlet) which is fine, but for $99...
  • For $100, I can plug in the micro USB. 
  • Price too large and capacity too small for today's flagship devices without including the Qi compatibility issue. Power transfer efficiency will be low, so will have to charge the charger battery often. Better off taking Qi charger with you.
  • Got my wireless charger free when bought my 1020. Never used it. Was looking for the wireless charging plate for 1020 back then until gave up. It never came to shops near my place ... Wonder why? Now that I love my camera grip there is no way I will use the charging plate cover ... Anyway, with camera grip my Lumia 1020 has a built in stand.
  • I'm good with my dc-18 & 19. I have enough juice for my Lumia 830, all I need now is a replacement battery as a backup and won't have to worry about charging it, just a simple swap.
  • I'm guessing that one year later, Microsoft has no plans to offer an attractive wireless charging solution to Lumia 1520 users, *sigh*.
  • Because it already exists, the Nokia DT-910 wireless charging stand I use every day to charge my 1520.3
  • Great for you, I'm sure the 1520.3 is not one of the slaughtered AT&T models? I believe there's only one case that enables PMA on the AT&T 1520 and it has horrible reviews.
  • Don't bother with this as its useless. I've got 2 of these ( both free bundle offers ) & using it in portable mode it struggles to get a Lumia 930 ( only at low battery warning ) over 60% charge. Go for a portable power pack & use a usb lead to charge the phone instead while your out & about.
  • Not powerful enough. I got two of these free with Nokia Bluetooth speakers when i bought my 930's. Low power, but slim enough to go into pocket for a quick boost - if out and about for a whole day. Would I buy one, absolutely not - plenty of better QI battery packs around.
  • Got two free with phones never used them
  • I bought a brand new Nokia charging cover for £2.99 and a QI charging plate for £6.99 on ebay. Works a treat.
  • I got one of these bundled with my Lumia 930 and it's a nice, neat idea... But in practice it's actually more convienient to have a wired extra battery pack. At least you can use your phone fully with one of those... Also, it won't fully charge my 930 without running out of juice itself.  Amusing that it too can be charged by a wireless charger. Infinite charging loop!
  • Qi would have been nice to have on my 1520, but it really that big a deal to just plug it in to charge? To me, not really..... It's more of an aggravation STILL not having the DENIM update than not having some good ole Qi capabilities..............
  • The Sony portable wireless charger with a 5000mAh battery sold at Verizon is a better deal in my opinion for $59.99... Just saying... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Phenomenal idea. Needs more capacity and 2 USB outs... Too expensive...
  • Worth the investment. Got mine for 80% off — 578 THB or roughly 17.5 USD, quite a bang for my bucks, you see. Not too pricey if you bought it before the holiday season in Thailand.