Review: SPE Side Pouch Case for BlackJack, BlackJack II

One of the most dominant questions asked from someone who has just bought a new phone is, “What’s a good case?”. If the side pouch style fits your fancy, then Smartphone Expert’s Side Pouch ($24.95) is a good answer for such a question.

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Product Overview

Out of the plastic wrapper, there’s really not much to the case. Offered in five color patterns (Black, Cocoa Brandy, Red Brandy, Brown Brandy, and Cream Brandy) the case is well built with a leather shell and padded felt interior. Stitching appeared tight and secure. The flap cover has a magnetic closure as opposed to snaps or Velcro. The stationary clip is lined in leather and is firm.


I’m using the Smartphone Experts Side Pouch for the Samsung BlackJack II and out of the wrapper; the phone fits tight in the case. At first, I thought the case was undercut and too short for the phone. It was a little difficult to get the phone in and out of the case. I was also concerned that the tight fit might activate a call or other feature.

However, being leather, it took about a day of use for the leather to stretch allowing the phone to be placed in and removed without difficulty. The leather didn’t stretch to the point of being too loose but just enough to make the case more useable.

The clip fits snugly and securely on your belt. Some cases feel as they are hanging two feet from your hip and I often become apprehensive that it will get hung up on something and pop off my belt. This is not the case with the SPE Case. I did bump the case getting in the car and fearing that it would “pop” off my belt, but the clip held firm and I was glad to see it only moved slightly. The case rides comfortably, close to your body. It doesn’t add much weight to the phone and at times, I would forget I was wearing it.

As mentioned, the interior of the case is padded and lined. I have had some cases with linings that would shed on the phone. You would pull the phone out of the case and find a dusting of lint covering the phone. Except for the initial use, the lining on the Smartphone case does not shed.

Overall Impression

Cell phone cases can be as expensive as you’d like but not always functional and reliable. The Smartphone Expert’s Side Pouch ($24.95) is a well built, reliable side pouch case that may very well be the biggest bang for your buck.

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Ratings (out of 5)Construction: 5Durability: 5Comfort: 5Value: 5Overall: ProsLeather ConstructionFirm ClipStrong magnetic flapConsA little tight fit to begin with but wears in quickly
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