Review: WordPop! for WM Professional

WordPop! by Astraware, available at the WMExperts store for $14.95 here, is a fun game combining strategy, word knowledge and creation, puzzle-solving, and addictive fun!

Sometimes it's nice to squeeze in a little game-time when I'm waiting for an appointment or just have a little time to kill, and WordPop! is one of those intuitive games where you can jump right in for instant fun.

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Installation of WordPop! is simple. I just installed the .cab file and started playing. The main menu lets you pick from three skill levels of play and a "How To Play" section to learn the basics and some nuances of the game.

I started with Easy -- I'm not ashamed to start with the training wheels and work my way up to the big leagues. The objective in the game is to form words using the randomly generated letters by selecting letters going up, down, across, diagonally, and even a combination of all of these. Each letter has a numerical value in the lower right corner of the number tile. The longer the word and your ability to incorporate higher-value letters will increase your score. The need for strategy and planning ahead is imperative in this game.

As you work your way through forming words, the tiles disappear and your score increases. You have to be careful, though, because in order to complete a round and continue your game, you have to use ALL the letter tiles -- let's just say this is a "green" game because nothing goes to waste!

WordPop! will also track your Best Words. If you manage to form a truly extraordinary word with a high score value, your effort will be immortalized in the Best Words section. Also, the folks at Astraware aren't going to leave you hanging in the wind -- bonus tiles are available during the game, some being particular letters and others acting as "wild cards" that can be used as any letter you wish. The game is smart enough to recognize the appropriate letter when you tap on a "wild card" tile.

In keeping with the intuitive and user-friendly interface, WordPop! will indicate whether or not a word is acceptable as you tap the tiles. Also, as the tiles become fewer and your ability to form words with the remaining tiles becomes more difficult, you can tap the curved "arrow" button to shift the remaining letters into an order that may reveal new word possibilities.

The ability to form words by tapping on tiles up, down, across, and diagonally make the game very fun and interesting. Also, each round and each game is different based on the endless possibilities of words. Well, almost endless -- the word list within the game contains over 80,000 words. You can't help but increase your vocabulary and spelling skills and have a lot of fun doing it.

WordPop! ($14.95) is a fun and addicting game. It's simple enough to sit down and immediately enjoy yet complex enough to provide a different game every time and hours of entertainment. Download WordPop! from Astraware today and start poppin' some words!

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Ratings (out of 5)Ease of Use: 5/5Navigation: 5/5Graphics: 5/5Entertainment Value: 5/5Overall: ProsEntertainment value - different game every timeEase of use, good graphicsConsMay be highly addictive ;)
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