Rise of Nations hits the Windows Store with Steam cross-play and a huge discount

RTS classic Rise of Nations is now available on the Windows Store (opens in new tab), and it's up for grabs at a huge discount. To mark its launch, the game is available for $4.99 through the end of the month, a discount from its standard $19.99 price tag.

One of the big draws of the Windows Store version of Rise of Nations is that it supports cross-play with the Steam release. That's a pretty big deal, as it circumvents a pretty big barrier that had previously been present, separating player bases between the same game depending on choice of storefront. Anyone who bought Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at launch will be familiar with the annoyances caused by a lack of cross-play.

Thankfully, as Microsoft has confirmed the Rise of Nations team worked directly with teams from Steam and Xbox Live to get cross-play working. This could portend a brighter future for cross-play with other games as well.

In any case, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition on the Windows Store includes the game's full lineup of 24 nations out of the gate. Once you've chosen a nation, you can conquer 6,000 years of history through turn-based strategy gameplay throughout a single-player campaign or with up to eight players online. The Extended Edition also builds on the 2003 original with improved visuals, and it includes the Thrones and Patriots expansion for free.

If you're into RTS games and want to dive into a classic, you can pick up Rise of Nations on the Windows Store now.

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  • 75% off is not a "HUGE" discount for such an old game, especially considering everyone who wanted it already got it on Steam; and it was for $3.99 on Steam before, so its not even a historical low; If Microsoft wanted to use this famous title to attract people to their WinStore they should have done what GOG has done with countless games and offer the game for Free for all owners of the Steam version, that way you start to build peoples libraries in WinStore and they will start to care more about your store; huge missed opportunity by MS, as they just don't seem to understand the PC gaming market at all, unlike GOG who have succesfully found a place in Steams monopoly that will just grow.    
  • My friend bought it but keeps getting a message when he tries connecting to online servers that he does not have permission to use online services
  • He should have bought it on Steam, and would have no problems with the broken Windows Store; same price on Steam currently; If he can't resolve it he should ask for refund and buy on Steam;      
  • Anyone have an idea on how this can be remedied
  • parental/child controls on Xbox Live preventing online access?
  • He checked this and everything looked right
  • Run as administrator
  • How? the game is installed via Windows Market, not a regular download+setup.exe+choosing install path..
  • FYI, if you are in the Windows Insider Program and have the Xbox Insider Hub app, you got this game for free as one of the quests in the Insider Hub.
  • how?
  • Which quest?
  • How, I am in the fast ring and didn't get it!
  • The Steam Crossplay is the best part. I hope this is the feature of the Windows Store. Especially when mouse and keyboard support is coming to Xbox. 
  • Same price on Steam as well. So, you know... look before you leap.
  • I bought it yesterday and played through all of the tutorials. It seems like the game holds up pretty well after all these years, for the most part. My only gripe is that the controls are pretty clunky. But all in all it's well worth the $5. Looking forward to playing through the campaign.
  • so is this like Age of Empires? It looks similar