comes to Windows Phone, brings the best rock music

Digitally Imported is one of the biggest (and oldest) names in streaming Internet radio. While Digitally Imported focused purely on all the genres within electronic dance music, they have websites for other genres like jazz, rock and general listening. Those sister channels are,, SKY.FM and Fresca Radio. A few of those have apps in the Windows Phone Store, but today we’re looking at the newest –!

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find apps for Digitally Imported,, and SKY.FM Radio. We can now add to that list. If you’re a fan of rock music then this is a must have app for Windows Phone.

Like its sister channels, ( is notable for focusing on a specific music genre and offering curated playlists. You get free access to 40 curated channels of the best rock music. Every channel is hand-programmed by rock music enthusiasts. Genres you can look forward to include Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Death Metal, Indie Rock, Hair Bands, Grunge, Industrial, 80s rock and so much more.

Here’s all you get with for Windows Phone:

  • Listen to 40+ hand-programmed rock music channels
  • Not sure which channel to pick? The list of styles is easy to use
  • Pin a channel to your home screen for quick access later on
  • Stream music from the open app or in the background while you do other things
  • Control audio and view track titles from the lock screen
  • Save your favorite channels for quick and easy access later
  • Use the Sleep Timer feature to fall asleep to music without draining your data plan
  • Set data streaming preferences for when using a Cellular vs. WiFi network
  • Share your favorite tracks and channels on Facebook, Twitter, or by email
  • Optional buffer bar with data display helps you keep track of your data usage

We are big fans of Digitally Imported, and SKY.FM Radio, so we’re very happy to see them offer up for the Windows Phone community. We’ll let you know when you Fresca Radio joins the mix, that way you can get your favorite Latin, Hispanic and Caribbean music in one app.

Want to rock out with on Windows Phone? The app is free and available in the Windows Phone Store.

Note: You can become a premium member for $4.99/month (or $49/year) and get no ads and higher quality streams for ALL of the apps listed above.

Thanks for the tip Abhimany T!

  • Amazing!
  • It would be even more amazing if my premium account that i just signed in with actually gave me my premium access... (^_^;)
  • Their website says, "Windows Phone 7 app coming soon". I cannot believe how companies like this cannot even manage their app download page properly. Seems like that page hasn't been updated in over a year.
  • No thanks, I prefer Trance ;)
  • I like a bit of trance but metals always been my fave each to there own
  • Hip-hop/Rap for the win!
  • Hip hop is like scissors, rock always beats it.
  • Lol +1020 Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • RHCP!
  • 1+ to RHCP!!!!!
  • #1 on my 'to see' list. Its embarrasing that I have not seen them yet considering the number of bands I have seen live.
  • To bad there isn't any scrobbler in it.
  • Does it have metal?
  • Yup. It has.. Black Metal, Classic Metal, Death Metal, Djent Metal, Heavy Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Metal, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Rap Metal, Symphonic Metal and Thrash Metal.    It has a lot of metal. 
  • Awesome!
  • No Blackened Symphonic Crust-Prog? Count me out.
  • You missed out industrial metal that's my favourite
  • Awesome! As a lifelong metalhead, that sells it for me. Downloading it ASAP. \m/
  • It even has iron, copper, lead, and - get this- mercury.
  • I was about to make a chemical joke but screw that.
  • Thanks Sam!! You rock! XD
  • No non-ferrous metal?
  • Non-ferrous? Genuinely curious what that is..
  • It's the chemical joke I couldn't resist making. Sorry. :/ :P BTW, non-ferrous metallurgy refers to the processes that are used in the extraction of non-Iron metals from their respective ores, e.g. Aluminium from Bauxite. :)
  • Is there a Moon/Entwistle channel?
  • This. Fucking centrillion times. I also need an exclusive channel for Jimi and Jimmy.
  • Let's Rock!!!!!!
  • Nope.
  • Just got this & there seems to be no control over the volume?! Anyone else have this problem??
  • Doesn't everyone use the built-in hardware volume controls?
  • Aww, man... I only need accuradio.
  • I love all the streaming music options, but what I really want from all of them is OFFLINE listening like Nokia! Why oh why is this not a more popular feature? Music chews through my data plan like crazy! Offline downloading on WiFi solves all my problems.
  • These are internet streaming radio apps. "Radio!"
  • Spotify has that option, on premium
  • Spotify isn't radio... It is like mix radio in that it is curated playlists of music... it's a completely different business model. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Radio is still a 'curated playlists of music' :) Traditionally it's done by a human instead of an algorithm. In Spotify you can click "Start Radio" on any artist to play music from the same artist and other artists you might also like. You can add, Soundrop etc to the desktop app too.
  • Pretty amazing collection of radio apps I've got, plus Nokia mix radio, plus a couple of music download apps (for free). Life is good for music on WP :)
  • Wow, never heard of rockradio. It's awesome! Great :-)
  • Nice! I much prefer music apps to the radio. The CRTC mandates 40% Canadian content on the airwaves. One can only take so much Nickelback... Now, I gotta see what they have for Punk! Id like a station that basically just played NOFX, Bad Religion., Lagwagon, Hot Water Music, D4, Bouncing Souls and that brand of punk, id be extremely happy. Some of you can nerd talk about tech all day...I can do the same for music.
  • I can do both. xP But I doubt you like thrash metal.
  • I can do a little bit of tech talk but since I cant and dont really know what goes into developing, my tech opinions are strictly from the user point of view. So, im not huge into thrash metal however, but that doesnt mean that I dont appreciate some of it. I have seen (according to an article on Loudwire, they are considered #1 & 2 best thrash bands), Metallica (Godsmack opened) and Slayer (with Marilyn Manson) live. I can say with absolute certainty - Slayer was the loudest band I have ever seen live, I still cant get over the smoke rings from the (32) Marshall stacks on stage. I got a band for you to check out, your profile says youre from the US so im not sure if this band (which does happen to be Canadian and from not too far from me) is really known around your parts - Protest The Hero. Their newest album 'Volition' is unreal. I will PM you a couple links to my fav tracks from the album. I will be seeing them in a couple monthes.
  • Where do I go to get premium? Couldn't find it anywhere in the app.
  • I had seen nobex technologies inc. Had published a bunch of dedicated streaming apps. Not as high quality as their Android/ios offerings & missing a few features but gets the job done since one of the sites hdrn 80s metal dropped tunein support for this
  • TuneIn is still the best
  • Awesome..thank you Satya! Metal up your ass\m/
  • So this is how one feels, when his tip is reported in this awesome website!!!!!!!
  • Jeeee!