Rogers also offering Lumia 900 customers $100 on their bill for their troubles

Good news for those with Lumia 900s on Canadian carrier Rogers as an employee has confirmed that affected customers will see $100 credit on their bill, much like what AT&T is currently offering. The Lumia 900 has been troubled with a "memory management issue was discovered that could, in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity", which has affected a number of owners.

AT&T and Nokia are allowing customers to exchange their affected 900 for a new one with the upcoming firmware update already installed, or you can sit tight for April 16th when the update is expected to be pushed out. There's certainly a win-win here with purchasing a Lumia 900 before April 21st, as you'll have a high-end LTE Windows Phone as well as $100 credit. So, really you're being paid to own one.

Those who are on Rogers, you have the exact same deal. You'll be given $100 credit on your bill should you purchase a Lumia 900 before April 21st, and if you're already affected you can either exchange your device for a new one with the firmware installed or sit it out until Monday when the update will hit Zune / Mac Connector.

Source: CBC NewsMalik Meghani, via: WMPU

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  • If I buy the 900 at Walmart for $50, will I still get $100 for my troubles?
  • Don't think so but you might want to ask Nokia
  • My understanding that it doesn't matter the cost that you pay, as long as it ends up attached to a rogers contract.
  • FFFFF i wish i could upgrade now!
  • Even though their non-LTE coverage is not as good outside the city, I wish I was on Rogers now.
  • Is it just store credit?
  • Nope, credit on your bill
  • Does Rogers carry the cyan model?
  • No just black. telus has all 3
  • TELUS only has the 800...
  • Telus has the 800.
  • not to ruin anyways parade I also work for rogers in the wireless department (at a corporate office not a store) we have no notice or information that we are doing the 100 credit I talked to a few higher ups which the never heard of us doing it, Contacted our nokia rep he is checking in on it but thinks its  a us only promotion
    Also We are running a promotion were if you activate 2 new lines *must be new non hardware upgrades* you get a free 360 with a kinect and the promotion even mentions that the lumia 900 is the best phone with a 360 not to shabby :P
    EDIT: Yea it is confirmed that we are giving 100 dollar credit nokia rep stated it but rogers has no information so if you ask the answer is no
  • then just spread the word and let the stores know...good way to get the word out if corporate isn't going to do it.