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Rogers' Venue Pro pricing leaked

As you may have heard, Rogers mobile will be offering the Dell Venue Pro in March.  According to a tipster, pricing on the vertical slider will be $149.99 with a 3-year contract commitment or $599.99 with no contract.  While non-contract pricing for phones usually hovers between the $400-$600 mark, $149.99 seems to be a bit steep for a three year commitment.  There may be some other pricing available down the road, but as of now, this is all we know about.

Source: MobileSyrup; Thanks, Steve, for letting us know!

  • If Dell ships this thing in its current non-working state they are only going to generate more bad press for WP7. Until the crashes are confirmed to be fixed its insanity to contemplate buying this device with all the issues that have been reported. And yes, I do own one and cant use it for more than 1 minute with wifi on before it hard locks.
  • Very true. I'm on my third Venue Pro, and while the crashing isn't happening as's still an issue. Further, all three of the phones have had other issues (slider doesn't line up, light bleeding issues, etc.). Too bad, otherwise it's a great phone.
  • As a DVP owner (also on my third), I'm really puzzled by the apologists. "It's an awesome phone, except that it crashes all the time, has questionable quality control, and Dell provides absolutely zero support for it beyond vague speculations about nonexistent updates." It's getting right up there with "He beats me because he loves me! You just don't understand."
  • Only the 16GB model crashes. It'll be OK as long as they are launching the 8GB model ;)