Round Robin: The iPhone blog on the HTC Fuze


WC Staff
  • My mellow was only slightly harshened, but the WMExperts forum has helped restore -- in not my childlike -- then my adolescent power-tweaking sense of mechanical wonder :)
    Thanks Phil!
  • in this picture, it seems that Rene is used to a bigger handset and this one is small for him , hes cramming his fingers cuz hes used to using two of them for the iphone...\]
  • LOL! Even though he didn't care for it that was a funny review done in the proper spirit.
    What was up with that Fuze though? It seemed to be running like a dog compared to the few Touch Pros I've got to tinker with.
  • i just saw his review and i left him a big comment ( i dont think it was a fair review!)
    here is what i said...
    i am sorry i had to comment
    You dont have to push hard, thatg is why its not working, you just flick very softly and it works
    opera wont work cuz ur on Rogers, not AT&T
    u dont have to touch when ur using the keyboard, u can use the arrows to navigate
    i would;ve shown the copy, paste and how the phone tells the diffrence when ur trying to scroll or just highlighting text so you can copy it...
    also this phone has TV-OUT
    when u plug in usb, you can select to make it show as a mass storage device,.
    "lets steal the weather app" :)
    and did anyone mention VGA res screen
    yes its a brick cuz it has a keyboard, if u are like Rene and want a virtual keyboard, check out the diamond, you can install 3d party keyboards and there is like a ton of them
    it also has a PTT button, and a back button
    also you can use videoshare calling, its like 1 way video call
    i am sorry Rene, that wasnt fair.. net time read the manual or some forums!?!@#>
  • I dunno if I want to get into the subject of "fairness", since this entire round-robin seems a bit light-hearted and fun, but I agree that it is obvious from the video that Rene decided to spend his time making sound effects and star wars animations rather than read the manual. Not that I mind all that much - I did like the opening sequence where the Fuze was the star destroyer - but cmon, man. Let's try to use the device as intended and see how you like it, instead of just showing everyone how it is different from the iphone. I don't think anyone is surprised that gestures that work on he iPhone do not work on the Fuze.
  • Not to say that I agree with all of Rene's points, but it's definitely refreshing to see a different perspective on the Touch Pro.
  • I commented as well. Having now used the Fuze, I think TouchFlo works fairly well actually. I'm also tired of complaints about resistive vs. capacitive. Each has advantages, yet nobody in these reviews bothers to explore the ways that resistive screens work better. You cannot simply pick up a Fuze and treat it like an iPhone, you need to explore its stregnths and yes, weaknesses.
  • I completely agree with the fact that TF3D is just an overlay to an outdated Mobile OS. I am really hoping to see what 6.5 will bring. And I expect WM7 to be a decent competitor to the 'iPhone experience'.
  • i cant stand the way this guy is fat fingering the phone and complaining about it not doing what he wants. I know he knows its not a captive screen. Im sure he knows its supposed to be used with a stylus. but instead....he does not use the stylus and pokes fun at everything he does. what a poor job at reviewing a product. im not even sure why i expected something different from an apple user.
  • That is a crime. He should give it a chance.
  • Horrible preview(?) He didn't give it a chance or even focus on anything other than bashing it.
  • I din't think it was possible, but Rene makes Walt Mossberg's reviews of any non-iPhone device seem fair and balanced.
  • So does this comment-thread also qualify for the smart-phone round robin giveaways? Or only if you comment on the actual review/preview in the phone different blog?
  • Seems kinda biased to me.
    Not saying that Fuze isnt sexy.
  • I felt it was a strongly biased article but no phone is perfect and there is some truth to the complaints.
  • I agree with KLutes--some bias, though some quite-valid points and some effort to move beyond them.
    So I'm mixed on it.
    Oh, and given the Star Wars motif... Darth Vader is toast! [URL="">[COLOR="Blue">No, really![/COLOR][/URL]
  • Rene expressed every frustration I have ever had with any windows mobile device, bias..maybe, but really he didn't like the device. Using it is giving it a chance and WinMob blew it in this case.
  • im guessing that hes never gonna own a fuze lol
  • meh.
  • i would;ve shown the copy, paste and how the phone tells the diffrence when ur trying to scroll or just highlighting text so you can copy it...