Royal Revolt 2 adds some new scrolls and more in latest update

Royal Revolt 2, the recently released fantasy action-strategy game sequel from developer Flare Games, has received a new content update for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 that adds some new scrolls to use, among other things.

Here is the new change log for the game:

  • Invoke powerful new scrolls - Time Warp, Portal & Armageddon
  • Have fun with three new hero item color sets
  • Marvel at the shiny and sculpted hero items for newer devices
  • Listen to new music themes
  • Enjoy the various improvements, polishing and bug fixes.

While both versions of Royal Revolt 2 are free to download and play, they do offer in-app purchases. Do you like the new content that's been added to the game with this update? Thanks to the many folks who tipped us!


QR: Royal Revolt 2

John Callaham
  • No Xbox... ;P
  • So what :D
  • Go to sleep and dream it.
  • What's the mobile casings in the pic
  • Trying to compete with Microsoft..
  • What food you said...?
  • Royal Revolt . AoE . Cloud Raiders. Confused between these three. Which of these I should make my prime game
  • AoE and RR are great..
  • I'm gonna go with AoE because it's from Microsoft, meaning constant support for it. Plus I've played all of the old Age of Empries games on PC.
  • the battle system of royal revolt its way better to my taste
  • If i update all my progress goes or remain.. Pls help
  • It remains
  • Thanks for help
  • Updates Updates.....
  • Sometimes you lose your progress cuz of these updates and also you can't move it to your SD card. These two reasons are why I wont bother with RR2. AoE Ftw!
  • and fun  
  • It used to crash after the previous update in my Lumia 720..hope this time its fixed.
  • Trying to compete with AoE :-)
  • Royalt revolt is the best
  • I think this update is particularly to fix the crashes (force close while playing...)
    AeE is more challenging especially with Xbox live support.
  • Anybody knows what is the mobile casing in the pic??
  • Am getting an error message, when i click on Dungeon. The message is  Dungeon not fully loaded. Try again later.    Anybody has a solution?
  • I last play this game its not cloud suport i always lost my save game
  • It always crashes after attacking 2/3 times after the latest update in my Lumia 720. I'm hoping it will be fixed soon with a new update.