Design and logo teased for upcoming unofficial Instagram app, 6gram

Rudy Huyn is a busy bee and has been working hard throughout the weekend to build the foundations for an unofficial Instagram app for Windows Phone. We covered the good news yesterday. This app, now referred to as 6gram, will enable consumers on Microsoft's mobile platform to interact with and manage their Instagram accounts. Today we can relay a screenshot and tile logos that have been brought to our attention, not to mention the new name for the project.

If you're a fan of apps made by the established developer, the name may sound familiar, and that it should. Huyn's unofficial Vine app is branded 6Sec, so we're certainly keeping in line with the "6" family of apps. Though the name could be altered before released. Unfortunately, there's still not much to go on while we wait for Huyn to get to a point where beta testing can commence and the submission process isn't far off. For now, we can at least tease you all with the below screen:

First thoughts: it looks gorgeous. Huyn has revealed some details on Twitter about how functionality will be added through in-app purchases. Much like 6Sec, $1.49 will enable unlimited uploads and $1.29 to remove in-app advertising. Sounds more than reasonable to us. It has also been confirmed that step 3 has been accomplished, which involves adding all 6gram features utilising the Instagram API.

But what about older hardware or Microsoft's Windows desktop OS? According to Huyn's Twitter account, we'll be seeing 6gram and 6Sec arrive on Windows Phone 7, as well as Windows 8 in the future. That's definitely some welcomed news for consumers still rocking older hardware or Windows 8 tablets and would like to remain up-to-date with the latest postings on Instagram, and add their own while out and about.

Thanks, einztrigger, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Quite an attractive design. Unique.
  • Looks good
  • I want to know if this will have toast notifications. Love the good work rudy...i hope i can beta test ^_^ ohh and i LOVE the logo
  • Should call it 15gram....get it
  • No could you please explain it to me. Jk I got it lol..
  • I feel dumb, I honestly don't get it :-/
  • Instagram video is 15 seconds instead of vines 6 seconds.
  • BINGO!!!!
  • Just as I taught before!
  • I think he is referring to 15 is "IS"
  • Nice logo
  • NICE!
  • excellent logo design
  • Worst name one can come up with.
  • Yeah I don't get it. Insta6ram would be perfect.
  • Insta6gram is too riscky to use because the Instagram copyrigths. Rudy want uses "6" in the name of their apps to create a identity, something that identifies that theses apps are from Rudy. Maybe in the future you can see more Rudy 6apps... We already have 6sec, 6gram and maybe 6gag. :)
  • Yeah I get the 6... Didn't think Insta6ram would be too risky though. But maybe you are right.
  • If they had a problem with "Itsdagram" (now "Instance"), they'd very likely have a problem with "Insta6ram," no? :/
  • I can't say it often enough, this guy's a genius. His apps look gorgeous, are always fast and fluent and I've never experienced a single crash or any other occasional hiccups. Keep it up, Rudy. :)
  • Dont forget that the design's are not made by him. He hires someone else to do it. But his programming skills are the real deal.
  • If that's the case then the genius comment fits even better. He knows his skills and very importantly he knows to get help in areas where he needs it.
  • +1
  • In fact, it's not really true, I made the design of 6Sec first and somebody send me some cool tips to improve the UI.
    The global UI is mine ;)
    (for my other apps, I'm alone)
  • I would like to participate in the beta testing. How do I go about being included in that process?
  • What other apps does he make?? Other than the Vine app??
  • Just go to the store and type in Rudy Huyn. His Wikipedia app for example is outstanding. Or his 9gag app.
  • Fuse.
    Its an RSS reader, looks and works fantastic and has been around since early WP7.
  • TV Show and Wikipedia are top notch...
  • TV Show is awesome.
  • +2
    I love both of those.
  • Sorry his app 6sec lags noticeably when scrolling. I'm guessing this app will too. Just not fluent enough yet.
  • Perfectly smooth on my Lumia 920.
  • Instagram has less video and more image, so more performant ;)
  • Is there a limitation on performance with apps in general? I wonder when WP apps will have smoothness scrolls like the OS.
  • He's doing such a fine job, MSFT should hire him!
  • Actually one should point out that "6gram" is NOT the definitive name of the App. It can be but Rudy as also asked on Twitter for suggestions and among the most "voted" ones are also "6tagram" and "6stagram" (with a superfluous "s"...) while other have expressed the wish to remove the 6 completely. He'll later decide on the name (no ideia if it will pass through a public vote like Daniel Gary's "Instance")
  • I liked 6stagram, but 6tagram seems to make more sense. I'm voting the latter now.
  • Really? Are we still talking about unofficial apps? I don't even use Instagram but this is ridiculous.
  • I think it's awesome. 
  • Why?
  • Ridiculous that Rudy's talents are wasred on yet another Instagram client? I agree, but the decision has been made.
  • But with Rudy making it, it will actually work, & be full featured. Unlike all the others.
  • Rudy you are an asset to the WP platform and community, keep up the good work
  • I love the "6" thing!!!
    We already have SEConds, GRAMs etc... How knows the next will be 6cent (CENTimeters) or 6mili (MILIters). :P Guys, 6 is the new black. :P
  • I hope the profile on 6gram looks good. Unlike Instance. It's horrible.
  • FOTOGRAM, INSTAPHY, PICTAGRAM, INTERGRAM and INSTANTLY are my suggestions. Instance is sufficient so far so Rudy needs to bring something new to the table and whatever its called please use instagrams logo so the tile looks official
  • Call in 6ram
  • why is he like number 6 ?? :|
  • His Vine client is called 6sec because each Vine video is 6 seconds long. He has just carried over the 6 as a preliminary name for his instagram client.
  • Great logo, terrible name.
  • I take suggestions for the name (remember than I'm not english :D)
  • Sharegram ;)
  • Rudy, some recommended yesterday 6degrees ..and it makes a lot of sense and keeps with the 6 theme. Otherwise, it's not clever or intuitive to use 6. In this case, its ingenious:
  • How about #inyourfaceinstawithlove... ;)
  • How about Winstagram, since it is going to be for wp8, wp7, and windows 8...
  • What would be the difference btw his app and a official one can someone please explain...
  • The difference is that there is no official app for WP.
  • It does not have the official stamp.
  • What about a 6chat app for SnapChat?
  • Yes, please! Please consider this Rudy!
  • Rudy Huyn is a hero and a boss! His portfolio of Windows Phone apps is top notch. I think it's safe to say that Rudy is one of the top WP developers out there. Very interested to test this new project as well! Keep it up Rudy!
  • That's really good news! I'm very satisfied with Instance, though it crashes from time to time. Just waiting for the release now
  • Awesome work Rudy! I installed 6Sec on a friends Windows Phone to try it out and it was really solid. I am looking forward to making the jump to WP with developers like you on board. 
  • Ah man I can't wait. I got faith Rudy can't compete with Instance and Instagram. Good Job!
  • So it will have instagram video support?
  • Also wondering this
  • The article says all the features from the instagram API are there
  • One question: will it allow us to view and upload videos
  • Yes it will ;)
  • Love Rudy's work. 6sec is fantastic so I hope this instagram client will be on par. I also like that 6sec even has functionality that the official app doesn't. Instance has been fine but things have gone quiet on it since release. The filters are also really horrible.
  • There is an update in the works for instance.
  • Suggestion.. "Gramma"
  • Instance will still be the best because it is free!!but i always support rudys apps....hope he changes his mind n makes it fres like instance with ads...
  • it will be free :) just video upload with in-app
  • Instance seemed promising at first, but now its kind of abandoned. Its riddled with bugs. Hopefully that isn't the case with this one..
  • we'll be seeing 6gram and 6Sec arrive on Windows Phone 7 << woooww Rudy u're da best ..
  • A precision about prices !
    Upload pictures will be totally free, only video upload needs an in-app purchase to support my servers ;) 
  • Oh, now that make sense!
  • rudy,please support share to sina weibo, none of existing third instagram app has this feature !
  • i soo love you now rudy, no homo. awesome as always! love your apps. i prefer the left logo. looks better.
  • "Much like 6Sec, $1.49 will enable unlimited uploads and $1.29 to remove in-app advertising." Mmm okay.
  • Great! I can't imagine my Windows Phone without Rudy's apps. Can't wait to have 6gram
  • I really like Daniel's instance interface compared to rudy's. I know he is busy and all, but Rudy has more features in his app in two days than Daniel does. He really needs to do that update
  • Precisely. I'm also not too keen on spending more money for another faux instagram.
  • 我去年买了个表
  • Feels awesome having my logo featured in WPcentral!
    You guys should add a little credit for the rest of the team contributing to the app:
  • nice work ;)
  • I've already paid for Instance, I'm not paying for another instagram client. Even if it will have more features.
    I'll wait for either Instance to be updated or for an official app.
  • just for the price of a coca cola glass you will be able to upload videos, shre automatically contents, etc...
  • Looks good Rudy! Hope I can help with the beta when its ready. Had fun with the 6sec beta.
  • Sure, but I've already paid for an app (instance) that has promised the same ability.
    I at least have to give it a little more time.
  • BTW, I just realized 6sec was live in the store. Downloaded, looks great.
  • 煞笔
  • Looks fantastic, how can I get in on the beta testing?
  • To much expensive. 
  • You mean that the price of a coca cola is too much ? How can I pay my servers and my food ?
  • 我去年买了个表
  • 還等什麼?
  • Tell you what man, if you think this is too expensive, make one yourself and offer it for free
  • I like how he's creating a continuity across his apps. In terms of design and branding!
  • if anyone complains about 1.49, they shouldn't have a smart phone...
  • Looks good, but whenever I see 6gram I can't help but think "Sexgram".
  • I hope Rudy eventually decides to stop using the top bar. It is against the Microsoft Design Language and doesn't fit on Windows Phone.
  • Because Microsoft Design Language™ has to be followed to a complete degree all the time. FYI, not even MS limits itself to their design language principles, just look at the new Facebook app.  
  • Are there notifications? Andd whens the release Date..?
  • 15gram will be better.
  • The logo of the app is beautiful, can't wait to see the finished UI.
  • The logo appropriately signals a 'finger' to the Instagram CEO who is foot dragging the release of the official Instagram app for WP.  :)
  • I like the name 6gram. If you are considering other names, I suggest GramALot.
    @Fndlumia suggested the name Instaphy which is also very nice.
  • I wonder if Instance will get video support before this app releases
  • Hello Mr Huyn, first a thank you for all the effort you have put on WP7 and WP8, second, I have a question: what filters will 6gram use? custom ones or the Instagram ones?
  • I hope custom and instagram filters or at least filters really similar to the instagram filters
  • exactly what I want
  • It's the square and blue pokéball!
  • Now i just need a TwitchTv App! :)
  • RU...DY! RU...DY! RU...DY! One person is better than a company.
  • If you can delete pictures, for win7.8 and do all that's been talked about I am sold. Lol I'm stuck on 7.8 for another year yet.