Rumor – AT&T to launch the Nokia Lumia 920 on October 21st

Coming to the US on October 21st? Not likely.

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File this under wishful thinking and maybe true but BGR’s Geller personally posted that they’ve confirmed through sources the AT&T launch date for the Nokia Lumia 920. On Tracour, only has a 52% average rating on rumor accuracy, so take this rumor with some skepticism. 

The flagship Windows Phone from Nokia is reportedly going to launch on October 21st—a traditional Sunday launch for the company. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note II will launch the same day. That contradicts earlier rumors from the Verge and TechRadar who suggested November 2nd--the last day of Microsoft's Build '12.

That date, if accurate, is certainly earlier than the November time frame that many have come to expect. If AT&T and Nokia can pull it off, it will surely be a huge win for the OS and the Finnish company as uncertainty about the release has plagued them ever since the September 5th announcement.


AT&T has not even officially announced that they are getting the Lumia 920, though it has long been speculated seeing as they are the “premier” Windows Phone partner in the US. What’s more, to our knowledge, Windows Phone 8 OS has not been finalized or released-to-manufactures (RTM) which makes this early date slightly suspect. We should also mention there is no finalized, official SDK yet either. That does not bode well for the idea that this phone is coming out so early.

Then again, with all the pressure Microsoft and Nokia are under, perhaps some late night struggling and corner cutting have been implemented to get this out the door sooner than later.

Or perhaps we are seeing a pre-order day and not one for an actual launch.

No price was announced though we’re going to guess that $199 on contract seems to be a fair pricing point for the flagship phone. Will Nokia undercut that and go for $150? Too early to tell.

Edit: Due to some personal communications with others in the tech field since we first published, we've downgraded this to a 4 on the rum'o'meter from a 6.

Source: BGR

Daniel Rubino

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  • Any projections on the unlocked price?
  • ATT doesn't sell unlocked phones, you have to get a plan and it still isn't unlocked.  Microsoft stores prolly won't be carrying them till next year.
  • $600 sounds about right.
  • Digitec of Switzerland have it up for pre-order at 749CHF - direct conversion comes to US$800, but if you consider 749CHF is about 7-8 new release Xbox games and compare that to US prices, it's closer to US$420-480.
  • I'm not really counting on this pricing to be accurate, but if it comes out at sub-$500, that will be awesome!
  • Be lucky they even told us about this rumor, but I would guess about $600 for an unlocked phone.
  • Well, the Lumia 900 was $549 unlocked, and the Lumia 800 had a MSRP of $899 at launch.
    Given the tech Nokia has included in the lumia 920, as well as the 32GB of storage and Nokia's pricing history of their other devices/flagships (i.e. $679 for the E7!), I wouldn't be surprised if the unlocked price comes in at a range of  $650-$700.
  • If the phone is $199 on contract, then either $549 or $599. My guess is $599.
  • BGR has a 52% Tracour thanks....they found a bobblehead within ATT when is just feeding them the Note II release date.
  • =D fingers crossed!!!
  • +1
  • let me pre order please!!! lol ms take my money :-)
  • Nokia, just tell us already!!!  I do think (or is it just mostly hope that turned to thought) that the phone will not be the typical $199, and come in at $149.
  • it has too.  They know the 5's pricing now.  They have to make people think "i'd have to be a complete idiot to buy a 32Gb iPhone when this does more"
  • Plus, $199 only gets you the 16GB iPhone 5. You have to pay $299 for a 32GB iPhone 5.
  • And that's why i don't think they can bring the price below 199.
    That screen or that camera contruction can't be cheap, not cheaper than iPhone at least.
  • The iPhone is not expensive to make, month in and month out they are the cell phone with the highest profit margin.  They could easily drop that $199 tag but they don't have to in order to get sales, so they don't.
    Say one commercial costs you $200k...that is the equivalent to 4000 people recieving a $50 discount.  You think every commercial gets 4000 people out to buy a phone?  In any case, they will not make money on the 920.  The goal needs to be a break even/stop the bleeding and setting themselves up for the 930 and 940 to make them millions.  In the end though, we can come up with these ideas very easily playing with house money.
  • Agree tissotti.  I think $199 subsidized is VERY generous especially with all of the tech in the Lumia 920 and the 32GB of storage; with that said, I would not be surprised at all if ATT offered the device at $249 - still worth it considering what one gets for that price.
  • I don't think it matters on the cost of construction. 
    The fact of the matter is, Nokia is going to have to eat margin, in order to move units at retail.  I'll say it now: $99 on contract.
    If it's priced higher than $149, this thing isn't going to sell.  Doesn't matter that there are expensive optics or 32 GBs on board.  A consumer will look back and forth between it, the new iPhone, SGS3 and the Note 2 and make a decision.
    In order to win, the Lumia has to come significantly under all of the above.
  • STOP devalued Nokia, they deserve better because they are better! If you keep comparing them to iPhone, then just get the boring iPhone! I want Nokia920 to be a high endphone, therefore, to be priced base on the value.
  • Consumers will be doing it in stores, comparing each of the phones, so both you and Nokia better get used to it.   Quickly.
    I think we all know, and likely Nokia does as well,  that if the 920 is priced above the $149-199 range, on contract, it's dead in the water. 
  • Agreed, even with all the 'extras' the "normal" consumer is most swayed by price over all else.
    If Nokia wants these to catch on and sell well, they will price them below the competition (less than 16GB iPhone). That should apply to both on and off contract prices. A good example would be the 900, just not to that big of an extent considering the compelling hardware in the 920.
  • Cant wait
  • Maybe iPhone's release date forced them to move to October? Let's hope so.
  • I wouldn't want Nokia or Microsoft to rush anything.
  • +1
  • +2
  • I didn't like reading "corner cutting" but then again this is Microsoft we're talking about, here.
    Number 06 on the Rumometer sounds about right. October 21st is just too early. Even before the rumored October 29 WP8 release date.
    Whenever it's released, I hope the 920 is $199 or less.
  • You didn't hear corner cutting from MS or Nokia. Maybe they were waiting to hear what apple was offering feature wise to see if they needed to push release back in order to add features to counter act special features had Apple added any. Now they've seen Apples offering and feel confident what they're bringing to the table is solid.
  • Wasn't bgr a little off on the original 900 release?
    Whether the phone comes in at 199 or not, keep in mind, black friday is coming up shortly after the likely 920 release date.  Early to mid November, i would suspect the phone would be discounted by 50% or more on blackfridy exclusively online like last year when they sold all windows phones for a penny
    just my guess, so wait until black friday!
  • I bet they are going to rush the Lumia 920, they have to. They took too much time on the 900.
  • Damn(in a good way :D)
    I only wished that Straight Talk included LTE in their plan.
    That plan + This = Pure(view) Perfection.
  • Tmobile is going to lose 2 customers next month to straighttalk
  • Have fun losing unlimited data and slightly slower speeds.
  • Well, you can always just put the phone on T-Mobile.
    But you'll have to use EDGE in most cities.
    You can also hope that HSPA gets roll out in your area.
    But that doesn't have a timeline(official or non-official) when it will arrive to an market. Also including the fact that I'm in NYC, in which T-Mobile doesn't have must 1900MHz to mess with on the first place, cities with more 1900(PCS) spectrum would probably be deployed first. Also, one can always wait for T-Mobile to deploy LTE(which this phone & the AT&T iPhone 5 will be compatible with). However, the only timeline we have is "next year". Plus, it could be months(even over a year from now) til LTE comes to NYC.
    Overall, if your in the market for a Lumia 920, live and play in a market with <20MHz of PCS, and don't want to wait for LTE to be deployed by T-Mobile, Straight Talk(AT&T) is probably your best bet.
  • Correction.. 3 customers
  • I wish straight talk had LTE but ill live with the hspa+ since LTE is not worth the two years and $50 more a month
  • Or Pure-fection. :)
  • If it launches at $149, I'd add a line for it and skip waiting lol
  • Wouldn't it end up costing more this way? I always see people saying they will add a line for it, but isn't it cheaper to just buy it outright? Maybe I'm missing something?
  • By far cost more. Say it's 150 plus the 35-40 monthly fee. For only one year one will be over 400 plus the 150. definitely more but perhaps some prefer to pay less upfront?
  • Don't rush it this time Nokia/MS. I want the phone badly, but not a phone with problems.
  • I like that. I like the phone bad, but not a bad phone.
  • Well, considering the fail that was the Lumia 900 launch prediction where BGR is concerned, I'll not hold my breath.
  • Agreed, I'd much rather wait a few more days for a premium device that's bugs free.
  • As long as they can get the core components in the OS finalized. They can easily add more features over the air in the weeks after. October 21st could be possible.
  • When has any WP update ever been easy? Rumors that MS may be "cutting corners" to get WP8 and the 920/820 released sooner should have everyone's alarm klaxons ringing on full volume.
  • When Nokia said so
  • If updates are carrier independant, it shouldn't be a hassle.
  • But we already know that updates aren't carrier independent, so.....
  • I like this date however doesn't usually the company (At&T) and/or Nokia usually have an event to announce pricing/colors/release dates to consumers before launch for flagship devices?
  • Fuuny that nobody mentioned how badly Apple screwed up. The iPhone 5 is not compatible with European 4G standards. iPhone 5 user's will get about 1.8 G in most European countries. To add insult to injury Samsung owns huge portions of the 4G patents and they sued Apple before release... WHY IS THERE NO NEWS OUTSIDE THE STOCK MARKETS ON THESE TOPICS?
  • BECAUSE THEY (news, media, ifans) don't want that out in the public eye; it might affect sales
  • I'm asking the same question too! Maybe the media doesn't want people to know.
  • I really hope they undercut the iPhone on price. At this point they need marketshare more than profit margin.
    They shouldn't be trying to take the iPhone out as much as they should be trying to take out the Galaxy 3 and HTC One X. 
    $99 - would be an aggresive and put them on the way to be a game changer
  • They need profits more than marketshare.
    They dominated the marketshare and still sell second most phones out there. it's cash they need more.
    $99 will be way too low. Nokia wont produce it in same scale as Apple, more expensive.
    199 is just for 16GB iPhone model, Nokia is 32GB.
    That Lumia 920 screen and camera construction must be expensive to produce.
  • The tricky subject with price is that in the buyers' eyes a low price can mean a perception of low quality. I think $149 is the sweet spot. Undercut competitors, but use a "premium" price.
  • Would like to see some loyalty program here especially for the 900 buyers.
  • +1....I'm not holding my breath though. Anyone want to buy a "like new" 900? Only $400. Lol.
  • In the age of smartphones, has there been any loyalty program?  i can't recall of one. 
  • For what?  And what about Titan I/II and Samsung Focus S/Flash/Focus S 4G owners - loyalty program for them too?
    Not gonna happen, and shouldn't.
  • I hope $149 my guess is $199 and 10/21 seems to be a bit of a stretch
  • There's not even a final SDK out to developers for wp8. There's just no way. Maybe Oct 21st is the date they will announce its launch date.
  • I reckon it will be the 26th October at the earliest, I feel pretty confident that MS will officially luanch WP8 and Windows 8 together
  • Has anyone noticed a trend with Microsoft over the last 2 years .... "wait" that's all we ever do wait for the improvement, wait for the SDK, wait for the product which can't come any sooner, only to discover its incomplete and you have to wait for the next version.... :D
  • Does anyone know if the 920 is compatible with T Mobile U.S networks?
  • if it is on ATT, it will be compatabile with an unlock. 
    Just an FYI as people always get this confused.  Buying a phone with no contract at full retail does not mean it is unlocked if you buy from ATT or any carrier.  You just bought the phone without a committment, but the phone is not unlocked, you will need a code from ATT to unlock the phone.  Once you do, you can use on tmobile, but for now, i think on edge speeds. 
    At some point you can probably buy an unlocked 920, but not at att. 
  • Daniel, why must you play with my emotions!?
  • Hey, it's my emotions too! lol Kind of hate "reporting" this stuff, but I'd rather weigh in on it and call it "unlikely" than just have it floating around--as we'll get 1,000 tips treating it like a fact :-P
  • Nokia and Microsoft are screwing up here... A lot of undecided people will be pre ordering (or are already pre ordered) the iPhone just because it is available.
    If at least there was some information, but right now some people will be thinking "iPhone for $199 in a week... Or Lumia 920 for who knows how much and who knows when".
    For most of us here it doesn't matter since we will wait. I am talking about the undecided that they (Ms/Nokia) could be bringing over to WP.
  • If they want ANY part of Apple sales, they need to announce a launch date before September 21.  This stop the bleeding over to the lower spec iPhone 5.
  • Love to see that but completely unlikely.
  • I this rumor is true, but Nokia and Microsoft, please be on your A game. Do it right!! Price, advertising, quality, and shipments..
  • Even if they had ab awesome commercial show features, etc....ending with a, "Coming xx/xx/xxxx.....if people see its awesomeness, they might wait
  • I've been playing with a proto 920 at work and it has absolutely won be over, and this is coming from someone deep engrained within the Apple ecosystem. My upgrade is in October, and I am getting 920 instead of the iPhone 5.
  • Are you a developer or MS employee? How about charging me a rental fee and letting me get a hands on demo
  • I'll be waiting to see if there is a black friday special anyway.
  • Just announce the carriers and models then set up pre order at least.
  • Making me crazy
  • It needs to be release on Friday the 19th instead of a Sunday..
  • No chance in hell it releases before October 26th. Or even the 29th for that matter.
  • Someone feed me a false rumor that TMobile is getting this also, so I don't have to get stomache cramps thinking about switching to AT&T
  • I could be wrong but doesn't AT&T set the price of their phones on contract? I recall a friend of mine that works for AT&T saying they lose a crap ton of money on phones because they pay for the device at wholesale price and then sell it for cheap to get you to sign that contract which is where they make their billions. There could be influence or money exchanges between AT&T and Nokia/Microsoft I suppose depending on the price AT&T has to pay for it but I'm thinking they will launch the phone at the usual $199.. $149 would be great and would certainly get more 920's through the door. I'm thinking the 920 launches at $199 and the 820 at $149. Hopefully they prove me wrong and tell us soon!
  • $149 for the 820? doesn't sound reasonable considering the 900 started at $99.  The 820 is not that significantly better than the 900 other than new software and casing, right?
  • Well I guess it depends on what you think is significant. I'd say the 820 will probably take better pictures than the 900. Plus it has a micro sd slot, and it works with the wireless chargers. Not to mention being dual-core, super sensitive touch screen, NFC, and other goodies only available on a WP8 device. I'd say that's worth an extra $50 over the 900.
  • Roll the dice baby!
  • Well if this is true then Nokia just wished me a happy birthday, since my birthday is the 21 of October, but I'm not holding my breath on it. Would be nice though.
  • I think if Nokia releases their phone after Apples iPhone 5 it should steal some of Apples market share, and here's why. Everyone was disappointed with the iPhone 5 and how it's playing catch up with the rest of the companies, once everyone sees how bad the phone is most will switch, leaving only Windows Phone and Android the only options left, I think it's a Win situation for Nokia, but I'm not saying that it will happen, just saying it could happen.
  • Lol!  Perhaps you've not seen the reports - many who pre-ordered the iPhone today will have a 2 to 3 week wait before receiving their device.
    Disappointment aside, the iPhone 5 is selling, and will continue to sell, truckloads!
    Releasing the Lumia 920 in late October, early November will allow for the iPhone 5 hype to die down a little, and allow the Lumia to get the spotlight (moreso than they would if they were to release it now).
  • Actually I think the lunch will be in November since in mid November is my birthday :D
  • Here is what I would do if I was Microsoft/Nokia/Att. In order to capitalize on 4th quarter holiday profits, I would advertise the Oct or Nov date as the Black Friday Comes Early Event. Where you sell the lumia 920 for $150 with 2-year contract and off contract for $500 and the 820 for $100 on 2-year and $400 off. BUT, this deal ends on December 31st. Also, to appease 900 early adopters, they would be offered a new 2-year on either Lumia of their choice with an additional $50 dollars off the 2-year price or off-contract price making a 920 $100 on contract or $450 off and so on and so forth.
  • I really dont get the early adopter part, anybody that got a 900 on contract are stuck through next year or even longer, how would they enter into a new 2 year contract?  Makes no sense, perhaps you can clarify. 
    Also, for the off contract, you will need to bump up each by $49, att sells their phone in 349, 449, 549 increments.  NO way they sell 820 for 449 as it is equivalent to the 900.  So 449 for 820 and 549 for 920. 
  • To clarify, I'm saying ATT/Nokia would basically void current contracts for anyone with a Lumia 900 and offer them a brand new 2-year (plus an additional $50 off) with the purchase of a 920 or 820. It would be an olive branch/peace offering for those that feel slighted by not being able to upgrade to 8.
    Ok, so then they offer them at 449 and 559. Remember, my idea is only temporary, lasting only till the end of the year. You say the 900 is going for $449 already? Ok, fine you make that $349 as temporary price. All prices revert back to normal on January 1st. I think that would move units. Probably at a big loss, but only for a 2-month window and in the meantime, they'd probably sell way more than they would have otherwise.
  • It's been said somewhere this in not a race, it's a marathon it takes time and in time people will come, just wait it out. They will release them around the same time Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Surface. And to do that don't you think they all should not be rushed. They'll be here when they're ready. Not like the iPhone 5 is any better.
  • Someone who I work with (two people now) who own an iPhone know about the windows phone (Lumia) so it's working slowly. But it will happen in time. Remember if you build it, they will come. Well Nokia built it and now they will come. (very slowly)
  • BGR got the original Lumia 900 launch date wrong repeatedly so I'm not putting any stock at all in this rumor.
  • Doubt it. Not sure why Microsoft would want to mix the Windows 8 launch with Windows Phone 8. Keep 'em close but not that close.
  • WIndows 8
    Windows 8 tablet
    Windows phone 8,
    why wouldn't they want a simaltaneous release?  That is their plan with surface and win8, only makes sense to do a windows phone 8 same time or around same time
  • Wow! Need it now.
  • Yawn, when is it coming to Verizon?
  • No rush. I can wait. My contract ends in January.
  • I am guessing 499 off contract
  • its my lumia and i need it now!
  • So.... Nothing is ready to be released? Not to OEM, developers or carriers? But yet we THINK it might be ready for a November release ? I don't know guys, what if we see the same thing that happened with WP7? Release an uncompleted product jst and make us suffer with a bunch of updates. I hope not, this would defenetly hurt us WP users and them.
  • As someone who is switching from an iPhone 4s to the new 920, I've gotta say that it's nice to see people excited about the possible launch date.
    This is a good sign that Nokia / Microsoft really have a great product coming soon; people can JUST TELL when a product will be good and not disappoint. 
    iPhone fans frequently are called "sheep" for loving their iPhones, when they are loyal to a phone/OS/ecosystem that works well for them. Year after year, they can count on a positive customer experience, and hey, that's what every company should be striving for. Nokia, especially, needs to get everything right on this flagship phone, and not sacrifice quality for timliness to market.. The market share will take care of itself when people see what a great phone the Lumia is. That's when they start to see the possibilities available to them if they switch to WP.
    If Nokia / MS just get the ball rolling prior to Black Friday, I think their gonna have a hit on their hands this holiday season. Damn, I want one! Baaaa!
  • O yeah... What about the surface???
  • I hope AT&T offers incentives for those of us that are stuck with a Lumia 900. I spoke to somebody on the phone from AT&T's social media team and they said they dont know if there will be any incentives. I asked Nokia at the Lumia NYC event if there would be incentives for Lumia 900 owners to get a 920 and they said I should ask AT&T about any incentives...
  • My God I am getting so freaking antsy for my Lumia 920!! :O
  • And maybe they'll clear out  the 900's for a penny.
  • Nokia please get it right before release, even though I do hope for an early release. I'm still enjoying my l900, I just really want yall to succeed...
  • please?!?!?!?!!? This is just one rumor I wish was true.
  • As long as the 920 is out by the Holiday shopping season Nokia should be fine. They just can't   miss Christmas like RIM will with their new BB 10 OS.