Rumor – AT&T to launch the Nokia Lumia 920 on October 21st

Coming to the US on October 21st? Not likely.

Rum: 4

File this under wishful thinking and maybe true but BGR’s Geller personally posted that they’ve confirmed through sources the AT&T launch date for the Nokia Lumia 920. On Tracour, only has a 52% average rating on rumor accuracy, so take this rumor with some skepticism. 

The flagship Windows Phone from Nokia is reportedly going to launch on October 21st—a traditional Sunday launch for the company. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note II will launch the same day. That contradicts earlier rumors from the Verge and TechRadar who suggested November 2nd--the last day of Microsoft's Build '12.

That date, if accurate, is certainly earlier than the November time frame that many have come to expect. If AT&T and Nokia can pull it off, it will surely be a huge win for the OS and the Finnish company as uncertainty about the release has plagued them ever since the September 5th announcement.


AT&T has not even officially announced that they are getting the Lumia 920, though it has long been speculated seeing as they are the “premier” Windows Phone partner in the US. What’s more, to our knowledge, Windows Phone 8 OS has not been finalized or released-to-manufactures (RTM) which makes this early date slightly suspect. We should also mention there is no finalized, official SDK yet either. That does not bode well for the idea that this phone is coming out so early.

Then again, with all the pressure Microsoft and Nokia are under, perhaps some late night struggling and corner cutting have been implemented to get this out the door sooner than later.

Or perhaps we are seeing a pre-order day and not one for an actual launch.

No price was announced though we’re going to guess that $199 on contract seems to be a fair pricing point for the flagship phone. Will Nokia undercut that and go for $150? Too early to tell.

Edit: Due to some personal communications with others in the tech field since we first published, we've downgraded this to a 4 on the rum'o'meter from a 6.

Source: BGR

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