RunKeeper released for WP7

RunKeeper is an extremely successful (more than 5 million downloads on iPhone/Android) exercise tracking application. As of today, Windows Phone 7 devices have a RunKeeper app of their own. RunKeeper will use your phone’s GPS to record your path and speed, and will even allow you to share your statistics on Facebook and Twitter.

RunKeeper is a free download from the Zune Marketplace.

Tim Ferrill
  • Awesome. My friend uses this on their iPhone and loves it. I've gotten used to Endomondo on WP7 so I don't know if I'm going to make the switch.
  • Speak of the devil, I was just searching to see if this app was available yesterday, I tried it on the iPhone and it was fantastic. I love them for bringing it to WP7! Now all we need is the pro version.
  • I use the Workout Tracker on my Optimus 7. It's a free download for the LG users.
  • Just what I've been waiting for. I've already downloaded about 6 different Fitness Tracking apps to see which one I liked best. This one will probably will probably be one of my faves.