Dialed back Saints Row reboot announced at Gamescom 2021

Saints Row Car Pursuit
Saints Row Car Pursuit (Image credit: Deep Silver)

What you need to know

  • Deep Silver Volition announced that the next mainline Saints Row game will be a reboot.
  • The announcement was teased late last week on Twitter.
  • The reboot is targeting a Feb. 25, 2022 release date.

While it was already teased last week, we finally have more information about the coming Saints Row game, which will be a reboot, thanks to Gamescom 2021.

The cinematic trailer showed off the game's main four, Gen Z-esque characters — Eli, Nina, Kevin, and the Boss — as they take on a rival gang to get money for their start-up, which in Saints Row terms is their criminal empire.

The game is a more toned down version of the franchise, at least compared to Saints Row 3 and 4. Bryce Charles, one of the actors that plays the Boss (they're the player character and can be customized), was on hand to give us information about the game. It's about building yourself from the ground-up in the fictional city of Santo Ileso, which is described as one of the biggest sandboxes in the series to date. You're tasked with also taking on the three established gangs already in power in the city. Santo Ileso looks to be full of different areas, including one that looks like Las Vegas and another desert area that looks more barren.

It looks to be going back to the series roots, but still injecting some of the over-the-top charm that the series is known for, including extended car chases, a lot of vibrant colors, and gunplay.

Windows Central got an extended look at the new game ahead of Gamescom, so be on the lookout for more details soon.

Saints Row is now available for preorder over on the official website. It'll be released on PS5, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and on PC through the Epic Games Store.

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