Verizon's Samsung ATIV Odyssey finally launches tomorrow. Priced against Nokia's Lumia.

Samsung has confirmed the ATIV Odyssey will be launching on January 24th, and will be available both online and in stores starting tomorrow. @evleaks recently published a tweet detailing the rumoured date, which has turned out to be spot on. So what will you be looking to pay should you wish to pick up the Odyssey on Verizon?

Pricing for the Windows Phone 8 device is $49.99 after a $50 main-in rebate and two-year agreement. To recap on the specifications, we're looking at a 4" S-AMOLED display (WVGA 800x480), 1.5GHz dual-core chip, 5MP rear shooter with 1080p recording (with 1.2MP FFC), 8GB storage with MicroSD card support, and a 2100mAh battery. Not bad at all.

You can also check out our brief hands-on action with the Windows Phone at CES 2013. Samsung will have both the flagship ATIV S and now the Odyssey for consumers to choose from, should other OEM partners not be of any interest.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • No way..
  • way!
    Who wants this over an 822?
  • Wait, same price (or higher), and lower specs (except for the battery)? Why?
  • Cause Samsung fan boy? Personally don't see how this beats out other mid to low range WP8 handsets but more devices and choice is good.
  • Wow, that looks exactly like my original Focus.
  • It does look like the old focus but nothin' beats the beauty of the original pinstripe back and perfect shape of the first focus my first windows phone back in April 2011
  • its not really my type of device but for those looking for htc nokia alternatives and want to budget why not.
  • Wouldn't be a bad device if that 800x480 display was full res and not pentile. I had the original focus and remember those checkerboard live tile edges (unless they were green).
  • I agree at 800X480 you definitely want RGB stripe. That's why I love the display on my Lumia 810. Doesn't look like 800X480 at all.
  • Oh yes it does, even after looking at the HD screen on the 8X it is noticeable
  • I really do not see the appeal to Samsung products. On the android side there are far more better looking devices from Sony, HTC and even Motorola of all ppl. And here on windows phone side, Nokia and HTC are better looking in my opinion. But at least this is yet another choice for customers who are interest in WP.
  • Logic has all but been forgotten in this world. It's turned into a follow the leader regardless of logic world.
  • Maybe if it was the ATIV S, I might have interest in it...but, this is a lower end model to compete at a lower price point. Where is the high end Verizon WP8 phone ???
  • Its the 8X
  • Verizon and Nokia will have something to show you at MWC i bet.  I'm hoping for the Aluminum cased 920 variant. 
  • Id love to see that. Remember this is Verizon... We will take all your cool concepts an make them suck! :)
  • The only thing good about this is the SD card support.
  • I agree. And I don't really care for that. 8gb internal is crazy and with all the issues I read about problems with the SD addon.... I'd rather have a device with more on board memory line 32 or 64 ... And then have the addin slot
  • Off topic guys, I'm due for a upgrade. I'm on T mobile and what's better the 8X or Lumia 810?
  • 8X is high-end, 810 is mid-range
  • 8X is only high-end when it comes to price. 16gb with no sd-slot? Really? 2013? And no gyroscope. Honestly, I would wait what MWC brings. Really hoping some TRUE high-end phones from all OEMS; 64gb/32gb + sd phones with some nice tech. HTC 8X is a nice phone, but doesn't carry much tech in it.
  • Well, no, not just on price. It has better resolution and specs putting it on par with the 920 & ATIV. I completely agree re: microSD - HTC & Nokia completely dropped the ball by only offering it on their low and midrange devices. Only the monster (borderline phablet) ATIV has it. Lack of microSD is the single reason I'm not upgrading to WP8 - I'm suffering for lack of storage with 16GB... I'm not going to go to WP8 & have the same issue needing to upgrade soon after. I won't consider the low/midrange phones as they have a laughable 8GB onboard (seriously wtf?), lower res & other specs
  • 8X is better phone spec wise but Nokia has better (IMO) software offerings and support.
  • Depends on what you are looking for in your next device.  You may want to visit the store and test drive each device, and look at specs (i.e. storage, etc.) and make your decision from there.  If you are going to have it on contract for two years, all the more reason for you to research thoroughly before making your final decision.
  • I have the 8x and I love it! I would go with the 8x, the screen on it is amazing!
  • The 8X by far... But you don't get the Nokia support, and apps. If you can live without that then get the 8X! But, compare specs and go get a feel for the devices yourself. See which one suits you best.
  • If your contract is up, no better time to switch to AT&T for the 920.
  • The 8X is far superior. But then again I molest children, so what do I know?
  • Too little.  Too late.  VZW drops the ball again.  The situation seems to directly correlate with the report of Carriers doing what they can to sifle Samsung.
  • Not sure why you feel they have. "dropped the ball" ...WP8 just came out not too long ago so they really aren't that far behind. At least they are trying still! WP FTW!
  • This +64gb sdhc
  • Yeah, except you only get 8 GB of apps, so you'll be constantly juggling the onboard space.
  • I would rather take this:
  • True dat! If you're going for a mid-range device, might as well take the 822 over the Odyssey.
  • would be nice to see the ativ s on a u.s. carrier. i remember people in the ativ s forum talking about the odyssey was going to be the u.s. version of the ativ s with the same specs as the ativ s. guess that was wrong.
  • Why would anyone take the Ativ Odyssey over the 822 on Verizon? Honest question not trying to bash on Samsung. Nokia has the better exclusive apps, support, wireless charging option, 8mpxl camera, etc.
  • Preference if I had to guess. People prefer different build quality, different designs, honestly I would not get this over the 8x 920 820 810 822 or 8s but for someone who is looking for a basic phone or is a loyal Samsung customer be a pretty good deal
  • Samsung products have always been buggy for me.
  • Main in rebate ? Mail in rebate I presume.
  • Samsung phones are toys.... Too cheaply made and lacking the premium feel.
  • I agree with you 100%, you're a gentleman and a scholar.
  • While I don't agree that they are cheap, I do agree that they lack a premium feel.
  • With all respect sir, by cheap i meant was the plastic feel you get holding a Samsung phone while paying a premium feels cheap.
  • Im sorry you felt so...but i never mentioned the word Nokia.....
  • He is a daily troll, hates Nokia loves Microsoft.
  • No thank you. I'll wait for Verizon's Lumia 920
  • Wouldn't get just because of the big, bright and ugly Verizon logo at the top of the phone.  I'll stick with my 822.
  • Ain't that the focus 2 but black and another core.
  • Not my type of a device but some may like it. Just don't see why the ATIVs isn't in the US.....
  • Not interested. No thanks.  I am waiting for someone to make a WP8 phablet (6+ " please).  I am hoping for Nokia but I will settle on whoever is first and will run on Verizon.  I may be able to switch to ATT in 4 months when 2 of our 5 contracts expire but for now I am being held hostage by them and their family share plan :(